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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(376 reviews)

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Brandon Belt was very courteous and knowledgable,

Brandon Belt was very courteous and knowledgable, answering all my questions and giving me all the information I needed to make my buying decision as simple and quick as possible. He is to be commended for his close attention to our needs, despite a busy, hectic day for him, and streamlined the paperwork process for us with great attention to detail. Watermark is lucky to have such a conscientious sales person!


2023 Nissan Frontier Pro4x

Jacob did an excellent job and was very friendly. Professional and was very knowledgeable in the truck i wanted. Definitely will go back for future vehicles.

Dealer response

We are so happy you're pleased with your purchase experience at Watermark Nissan of Madisonville. Enjoy that awesome Frontier!


I never thought I'd be writing a positive review for a

I never thought I'd be writing a positive review for a car dealership, let alone a glowing one. But purchasing from Watermark Nissan was a dream experience I never thought I'd ever experience with a car dealership. I'd spent 18 months on an almost national search for the exact Pathfinder build that proved especially challenging to find. I dealt with over 2 dozen dealerships across the southwest/midwest trying to unsuccessfully do a deal before finding Watermark. Most of the other dealers were absolute nightmares to deal with. Watermark, and in particular Brandon Belt, gave me a straightforward price and gave me a great deal...better than I thought would be possible. Even though I was out of state they could have tried jacking the price up on me, but they didn't and honored the original quote they gave me. On top of being the most reputable dealership I've encountered in my life, my Salesperson Brandon did a fantastic job communicating every step along the way as I had to coordinate traveling from Texas to KY to pickup the car when it arrived. Every salesperson I've ever talked to very quickly ends up having to hand me off to the Sales Manager to answer my questions and negotiate. The fact I don't even know the name of the Sales Manager for Watermark speaks volumes to Brandon's excellent job, and of the dealership management, that he was empowered to handle my deal from start to close. I just can't say enough good things about these guys, and never thought I'd be writing a review like this for a car dealership. If I needed to buy another car tomorrow, I'd drive the 1200 miles again in a heartbeat to deal with these guys instead of trying to deal with one of my local dealers in Austin. Thanks again Brandon!


I purchased a new 2014 nissan rouge seven years ago. I...

I purchased a new 2014 nissan rouge seven years ago. I received a lifetime warranty when I bought this vehicle. We live in Evansville In. and we let the dealership know we would be getting all of our service done in Evansville, which we had all of our sevice done!! Fast forward to 2021 we have a problem with the Power train and have a warranty. We were told today our warranty was not valid. We have had all of the service done at a dealership which is more expensive to have done there plus my husband could have done all the maintenance on the vehicle. So instead of $100, it's costing us $650 dollars. I don't understand the point of having a warranty and using the services for you to say that the warranty will not cover the the power train issue. Basically stating that the warranty means nothing and there is no reason I should have it. I think this is terrible customer service and a rip off of paying a warranty when you won't cover the vehicle that had been serviced correctly!!!

Dealer response

Hello, after reviewing your comments there are some items we would like to clarify. In order for our COMPLIMENTARY Warranty Forever to remain active, certain guidelines have to be followed. At the time of delivery, an agreement was signed that stated, if you decided not to complete your regular maintenance service with us, you would need to call for maintenance pre-authorization. Saying that you were going to have your vehicle serviced in Evansville, IN. does not absolve you of this requirement. This agreement also states that all services must be performed at a licensed repair facility. Below is a link to our website which provides all of the information regarding Warranty Forever. This also includes the dollar amount of paid claims at $33,857,597 and the total number of paid claims at 34,363. https://www.watermarknissanky.com/warranty-forever.htm Again, our Warranty Forever is COMPLIMENTARY…TOTALLY FREE - no customer pays for Warranty Forever. The only requirements are that you call for pre-authorization for maintenance if you aren’t able to bring it to any of our Watermark Auto Group locations. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please contact our Managing Partner, Craig Questelle, at (270) 821-4100

Consumer response

I’m sure you were not there 7 years ago when we had this agreement. When we purchased this vehicle we had a conversation with the salesman that we live in Evansville and we would be taking it to D-pat in Evansville for all the service which we did. We can not help what the dealer in Evansville didn't do. Thanks for your response, have a great day.


A New Altima

We were just browsing but a new 2020 Nissan Altima caught our eye. We have owned an Altima for several years and have had no problems with it. Mike Daniels was our sales representative. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. This is our second purchase from Watermark. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend their staff and service personnel.

Dealer response

The Jarvis', thank you for your kind review; we are happy to pass along your comments to the team here at Watermark Nissan Of Madisonville! Thanks again for taking the time to leave us this information about your recent visit. Take care!


Great Service

I came in yesterday and bought a Ford Escape. Tommy Prather helped me find a good vehicle for my price range and what I wanted out of a vehicle. He had great customer service. I would recommend anybody looking here to ask for him.

Dealer response

Thank you, Escape Guy, for this wonderful review regarding your experience with Tommy Prather at Watermark Ford Nissan of Madisonville. We appreciate your comments and your business very much. Please let us know if you have ANY questions, we're right here for you! Have a great day and enjoy that AWESOME Escape!


Top Notch!!

I bought a used truck today from Watermark in Madisonville, KY, and I couldn't be more pleased! I didn't buy anything fancy, but I was treated as if I was buying the most expensive vehicle they had. This is the only car lot I had been to, while shopping for a truck, that treated me like I mattered to them. I say that because being a woman, I was shunned or treated as if I didn't know what I was talking about by others, until I got to Watermark in Madisonville. As soon as I got there, Chad Hughes took me to what I was looking for, let me drive it around to check it out, told me everything I needed to know about the vehicle, and I could tell he was just an honest, good person, I definitely felt like I was in the right place. I then met Stephen Ruby, the sales manager, and he gave me a run down on where the truck came from and told me the history and what to expect from it, again nothing but genuine honesty. Neal Carver got me rolling with these two guys, while making sure me and my son were taken care of, by showing us seating areas and asking us if we wanted any water or coffee while we were there. Neal would periodically check in on us during wait times to make sure we were still doing ok and didn't need anything. I mean, this is customer service!! I knew after meeting everyone that I wanted to buy from them. I don't know where or what their criteria is for working there, but whatever it is, its working! They are the most honest, genuine "salesmen", more like customer service men, that I've ever had the honor to buy from. Even after buying the truck I wanted, they are still going above and beyond by coming to pick up the truck to make sure its oil is freshly changed and truck is serviced. They are going to tint the windows and freshen up the look of it as well. I will be recommending this place to all of my family and friends and I will definitely come back to buy from them again because you just don't find service and kindness like that anymore. Thank you to the Watermark team in Madisonville, KY for making this such a great experience.

Dealer response

Amber, thank you for your kind review; we are happy to pass along your comments to the team here at Watermark Nissan Of Madisonville! Our team strives to deliver an excellent experience, and are glad you found this to be the case during your visit. If you have further needs or questions, please reach out!


A rough day no less 😎

Last week my wife got hit by a truck. Had my rav4 taken to Watermark Ford pick it up last nite got home started looking at the car.. were they done body work on the hood they didn’t sand it down rite Left holes and places that looked liked it had a bad drywall sheetrock. Ridges Went back the manger told me it was my problem so i went up front seen the owner. Showed him too. Says the same thing after he found out the insurance company had already payed. Theres other things wrong too that wasn’t finished being fixed. I’m speechless. Not trying to being mean. But im a cancer patient on limited income . Just wanted my love of my life car fixed rited. Cant believe we got shafted by a local business But i do hope the best for them tho ( Watermark. Ford ). But I’ve been greatly blessed of God regardless of my little problems. Thank u Heavenly Father.


Dishonest pricing.

Do not buy from dealers that misleads the consumer with pricing. If the dealership cannot be honest about pricing and discount avoid at all costs.

Dealer response

Ev, we're disappointed to hear of the negative experience you had at our location. We have tried to locate you in our system and have no record of an EV. Can you give us some more information about yourself? You can also phone Stephanie at 270-821-4100. We would like to know more about what happened so we can help resolve the situation. We truthfully operate on a policy of complete transparency with our customers so we would like to know details of how you felt we were dishonest. Again, please call Stephanie at 270-821-4100. We apologize and hope you will reach out to us. Have a great day!


Is this not a Nissan dealership??

I purchased a Maxima here back in 2017. I had to take it back after only a month due to the windshield seal was leaking. It took over 2 weeks just to put a new windshield in, pretty sad!! They apologized and I got over it. Well now I am looking to trade vehicles so decided to go here first, big mistake!! I contacted them about a vehicle they had listed online but it was sold. No big deal because they said they can find me exactly what I’m looking for. 2 weeks have gone by and still nothing. They keep trying to push off other vehicles that I’m not even interested in. Ive had to remind them multiple times of the only vehicle I’m interested in. You wouldn’t think it would be hard for a Nissan dealership to find a low mileage Murano. Do not waste your time going to Watermark!! Oh by the way, someone from their Toyota store has been looking for me a Murano too. FOR 2 WEEKS!!! I wanted to get one for my wife for Christmas, too late now

Dealer response

Mr. McIntosh, We are very sorry that you are are disappointed with your experience at Watermark Ford Nissan. I understand that it can be frustrating when you are looking for a a specific year vehicle with low mileage under a certain amount of money. While we go out of our way to locate certain vehicles it can take time for that specific vehicle to become available and the sales person may try to suggest alternative vehicles to the customer that may be similar to try and shorten to waiting period for the customer. Again, we are sorry that you were unhappy with your experience.