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This seller has been on Cars.com since January 2021.
I would like to take a moment and thank you for the opportunity that you have offered to us in this community. We do not take this confidence that you have placed in us lightly. For many residents of Madison County we started taking care of your Great Grand Parents cars when Jack Burford began operations here in Richmond.
This followed through to their children and to the next generation. We find it an honor to exceed your expectation with each experience at our facility whether buying another vehicle or taking care of you in service.
Since 1964 SAME LOCATION Same Community Same Great Service

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Phone number (859) 972-0016

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(144 reviews)

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Worst customer service I've ever had!!!!!!. They treated...

Worst customer service I've ever had!!!!!!. They treated me awful. I took my truck back in June for the window not rolling down and it would display the door open and other displays. They charged me over $400 dollars and wasn't fixed. Took it back December 20 for the same issues, they had it 2 days, said it was fixed, charged me $225.00. When I went to pick it up they hadn't fixed anything. I even brought the service man out before I Ieft and showed him that it was still having the same issues as when I dropped it off. But they still kept my money and he told me to bring it back. Would not give me a refund or help in anyway. Dropped it back off December 26. They finally said it was done yesterday, January 19. Roughly 3 1/2 weeks. But while they had it those 3 1/2 weeks I had to repeatedly call to even get an update on my vehicle, they would not call me. I tried calling the service manager several times leaving messages and he never returned my phone calls. They charged me $880 dollars. After picking it up the radio screen is going out. I brought the service person out and showed him and his response was, we did not work around the radio area. This was working fine when I dropped it off I told him. He laughed and said it would cost $400 to $700 to fix radio, even though this happened while they were working on it, they tore it up. I would never go again and would tell everyone don't go there!!!! I also left a message for Mr. Burford to call me and I have not heard from anyone. Poor Poor way to run a business and treat people like this!!!!!


Inquired about a vehicle, received an email response....

Inquired about a vehicle, received an email response. Inquired about additional information from both the first person that responded and the Sales Manager but no follow up responses. Poor sales process and follow up.


I have bought 3 trucks from this dealership and have been...

I have bought 3 trucks from this dealership and have been pleased on every deal! Service department has been excellent also! I bought one from another dealer and never felt at home at the dealership.


I was thinking about buying a used Chevy Impala from a...

I was thinking about buying a used Chevy Impala from a co-worker and called Jack Burford's to schedule an inspection of the car. I had never been there before, never purchased anything and it was my first time calling them. I was planning on using them for service and maintenance if I bought the car. anyway, a male picked up after I was transferred to service dept, I said I wanted to get an inspection of a car I am thinking about buying. He said, We don't really do third party inspections, you would have to buy the car first and then we would inspect it. My jaw drops and even though he couldn't see it, I had a dumbfounded look on my face. What? are you saying? I should buy it first and THEN have it inspected? Doesn't that kind of defeat the whole purpose of an inspection! OK I thought, maybe some miscommunication or the phone reception going in and out or maybe I had a black-out, I don't know..something. So I explained that I wanted to make sure the car was WORTH buying. That it is in good mechanical condition. That the engine or transmission won't fall out in a hundred miles. silence, more silence and finally I said, can I ask why you don't do pre-buy inspections? He stammered, stuttered, mumbled and all I got out of it was "the customers get confused, we haven't done that in about 3-4 years". OMG THE CUSTOMERS GET CONFUSED. Yea, I bet it's the "customers" I mean really c'mon, what is this nonsense? Is it just me? Is this the norm? Wait a minute, maybe he was right. Because I feel confused. And I'm not even a customer. And never will be. I feel Thankful. Dumber for having had the conversation, but Thankful. Got lucky and dodged a bullet on that one.


Excellent Service

Awesome. Did a great job of accomplishing what I wanted in a timely manner. First class!


Thank you for the great deal and no hassle deal. I...

Thank you for the great deal and no hassle deal. I drove from Dayton, OH as they were awesome to deal with and offered a fair trade on my vehicle. Love my new truck. Thanks Devon.


Jack Burford Chevrolet had a used car listed on their...

Jack Burford Chevrolet had a used car listed on their website for $4,500 and I setup an appointment on Wednesday Morning at 8:30 AM. to look at it. I drove almost 4 hours to the dealership and got there early to look the car over. Everything seemed fine and I took it for a test drive. After that I was interested in purchasing the car. So I went inside to talk to the salesman and had him write up a contract for the car. I did ask him if the dealership would take any less for it. The salesman left his office to go talk to the finance manager. The salesman comes back with a contract and shows it to me. I looked at the numbers and wondered if we were all talking about the same car because the price for the car was listed at $6,500 plus $500 for fees and $500 for taxes. I told the salesman that the car was listed at $4,500 on their website just before I left Ohio to come look at the car. So he leaves his office for a couple more minutes and comes back to tell me that the price of the car went up $2,000 in one day. I told him that that was not right and that I would not pay $2,000 more for a car that was listed at $4,500 the day before. The salesman asked me what he could do to make this deal happen and I told him that he could sell the car for the price it was listed at, which was $4,500 instead of the $6,500 they increase it to just before my appointment with them. I would also pay for the fees and taxes. The salesman leaves his office again and comes back to tell me that the finance manager could only go down to $5,500 plus fees and taxes for a total of $6,500. I proceeded to tell the salesman that the price was still too high and that I was just not comfortable doing business with this dealership at that point. so I shook his hand, told him thank you for his time and walked out the door. As much as I liked the car, I was not going to be taken advantage of. What this dealership tried to do to me was not right at all and is not good business no matter how you slice it. I drove almost 4 hours each way in pouring down rain to go and look at the car and buy it and they decided to play this ridiculous con game with me by raising the price of the car by $2,000 overnight and without telling me so that I would not waste an entire day going to look at it. And yes I do realize that the prices of cars do change off and on, but this happened just before I left Ohio and they didnt say a word about it. Besides, I had already inquired about the car and setup the appointment well before the price changed, so the dealership should have honored the price that was listed on their website when I made the appointment. And if I didnt buy it, then they could have raised the price. The whole situation just felt like a classic bait and switch situation to me. I have politely and respectfully tried to contact Jack Burford, John Burford, the general manager and the dealership about this situation and so far all of my emails have been ignored. The rest of you can decide if you want to do business with this dealership or not, but I will just say that what this dealership tried to do with me is the exact reason why I dont trust car salesmen and dealerships at all. The 4.6 Google Rating that this dealership has is a mirage, so please do not trust it. I was smart enough not to allow myself to be conned by this dealership, but how many people have been taken advantage of and will be taken advantage of in the future? It is just very sad that supposedly reputable dealerships cant do business the right way anymore with just a little bit of decency, honesty and integrity.


No respect is shown and will fight you to fix a vehicle...

No respect is shown and will fight you to fix a vehicle under warranty and on recall? Says the recalled part has to fail before they will fix it? Now my breaks are acting up and I’m just going to use a different dealership. Torque Converter acted up first month owning my 22,000 miles truck, acted like that’s not under the power train, broke exhaust manifold acted like I had to pay for it? End up they finally fixed that but we still feel the vibration in my foot peddle at steady speeds.. they don’t care. Lied about my tried in said was not aloud to sell with exhaust leak engine was going to have to be pulled out and fixed and cost them 4K because it was so major. Said they was not aloud to sell with the cracked windshield. Next day it was online for sale with a small exhaust leak and cracked windshield? So they cheated me or the person they sold it to? Please be careful when using them. GM claims he will help but never responds to emails or calls


Had been negotiating on a Black Widow for 2 days. Finally...

Had been negotiating on a Black Widow for 2 days. Finally came to a price on both my trade and the new truck. Set an appointment to come test drive the vehicle after work. Even mentioned that I could take off early. When I arrived to test drive the truck I was told “sorry this guy beat you by 30 minutes and is doing the credit application right now” I had already planned the purchased and was highly disgusted to learn they sold the vehicle even after negotiating with me and setting an appointment time. I will look elsewhere. Had planned on buying that truck and a corvette.


the owner and manager of this place are idiots, you would...

the owner and manager of this place are idiots, you would think they know at least something about repairs but they are clueless, clueless about everything expect talking you into signing a paper. The parts people here huff or puff anytime you ask for anything or speak a word to them. However they have a good service write Ricky, he’s always on point and polite. Not sure how he had stayed around these uneducated jerks!! But thank you Ricky for always taking care of us!

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