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(46 reviews)

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Don’t buy from this dealership

Bought a new jeep grand Cherokee was told I could get it serviced there with no problems They can only service it at their convenience not when it’s convenient for me. Will not buy from them again. Rude service department they hung up on me


Couldn’t come together on our trade.

Saw a Chrysler Pacifica online for a great price. Went and drove it and loved it. We just couldn’t get together on the trade in price. Would have loved to trade.


Sold Me a Piece of Crap

I bought a car that I was assured was a great vehicle and within the year that I have had it, I have spent close to $1000 in repairs and it STILL has issues! Don't trust this dealership if you are looking for a used car!


My next car

They were very nice and not pushing when buying a new or used car... Even thou i ain't bought a car there yet but I will be even soon... Cheryl I think that her name she the best


Mister Bill

Went through the process of buying a new jeep. Told them I would bring guaranteed funds and I had to have the mso. They agreed. Got all the paperwork done and they tell me they will mail the mso in a few days. They still have the jeep. I would never recommend these guys.


Service after the sale stunk!!

I purchased a 2017 truck used so there were a few things we wanted fixed and they did early on. However there was one that they said would get at later date. I had to continually call to get it took care of. My salesman did apologize and all was good. Then when finally got in 6 months later my wife delivered truck and they took her to work with the understanding that they would call or even deliver the truck back. They did fix truck but never called and never delivered truck back. The dealership is less than 3 miles from where my wife works. How sad it is to know how important you are as a customer when you spend that kind of money at a place. My wife had to get a ride to dealership and cancel other appointments made prior to the service because no one cared enough to make sure she was called. You would think if it took you 6 months to fix a small problem you had agreed to fix you would try to make sure that experience went well but......... no. The service receipt said truck was completed at 9:41 am and again no one cared enough to make sure that she was contacted. Disappointed is not the word.


Great day

They were very helpful and accommodateing. Friendly and good to work with. No preaspre sell team was a great help no pressure on me. Good experience


Don't Waste Your Time

If you're looking for a flood car then this is your place. Nothing could make me consider spending my hard earned money here. Look elsewhere, you will thank yourself.


Character of dealership

Any dealership that charges customer for surveillance video is NOT for me! Enjoy the $100, you LOST a car sale and made social media as worst dealership around!


Potential customer lost due to Managers Greed.

My son was in a trerrible accident near this store. The manager at this location had video of exactly what happened. The Manager/Owner had a choice to turn over the video to the insurance company in order to help out a potential customer or to hold the video for ransom. He chose to hold the video until someone paid him money. My sons car was totaled! I would have bought a car from this dealership for helping me out, but because his decision to make a few bucks vs helping a customer solve this case, there is no way I would. I hope the $100 you forced out of my pocket out weighed what you could have made by selling me a new car. I would warn everyone of this mans greed with absolutely no regard for his potential customers.