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(373 reviews)

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Came to see a used 2015 Ford Focus hatchback 5 Speed Manual today. Called over the phone as I lived an hour away and was told the car was in great condition. Upon arriving I was greeted with friendly smiles and a lot of the smooth salesman convos a lot of people might be familiar with. The salesman kept insisting how good the car was and how they had barely received the car and how through the inspections are with the used vehicles here. So I took the car for a spin and I immediately noticed the car kept grinding when placing it into 3rd gear. Having owned several manual cars I know it’s a bad synchro. As soon as I mentioned this the salesman stayed quiet the whole time. Once arriving back to the dealership, I was pretty upset and said I was no longer interested. The salesman told me to wait, bringing out what I assume was the manager. He soon tried to persuade me on how they can fix it and it’s probably not a big problem, etc, etc. How can the service department/salesman not notice the grind when shifting into 3rd gear. Either someone didn’t do their job when servicing it or I was being lied to the whole time to purchase a car that was clearly defective. Waste of an hour drive, gas and time! Stay away from here!

Dealer response

We will work hard to improve moving forward. Thank you for your feedback.


Amazing team

Amazing team thank You for making memories with my family a memory and experience that we will never forget!

Dealer response

Thank you, Jan!


just so so

We came to this dealer today. We saw the discount online and checked in store they even don’t know that the car is on sale.The first dealer is very good.A young guy named Austin .He is helpful and awesome . But ,when you want to talk more he will introduce you to another dealer which is not helpful .We saw a car that has damage report he said it doesn’t matter ! When you in the parking lot you have been crash another car that will have a damage report.Interesting. Very interesting. We asked him that our budget is 17000 there any other cars that we can choose? He might that we don’t have money so he show us 7000dollars cars🙂which makes me feel awful. We have money and we want to buy a car. We go to the store we want to enjoy the service and we do not want to waste time and let you judge us. Actually , If we want we can buy a 50k dollars car.But the dealer really makes me feel terrible. 😀We do a research and go to there want to try a car he said total is around 18000.We showed him kbb, the trade in price is 13000😀.Also another car we tried is around 25000,kbb trade in price is 21000.He showed us kbb typical price is 30000.Let me ask a question,will the dealer sell cars not earn any money?This is a business ,ok? we are both adults ,Please show the customer your honesty .Thank you. Do some research and come here to ask😃


Excellent Service!!!

Downtown Ford Sacramento made purchasing my SUV easy and effortless. They really went the extra mile to make my car buying experience comfortable. Given the pandemic, they allowed the entire process to be virtual. They even sent videos of the suv and dropped it off at my house for the test drive. My car salesman was Jose. Jose is outstanding, curious and responsive. Jose was so helpful in getting questions answered and coordinated everything so well. After purchasing the vehicle, I noticed a couple of small issues and this dealership not only took care of those issues but dropped off a loaner car for me to drive while I had my car worked on. In addition to Jose, I also coordinated with Kayla, Nicole and Allen who were all wonderful. This dealership has integrity and really stands by what they sell. I will be recommending them to all my friends and family.

Dealer response

Thank you very much for the kind words and recommendation, Pamela!


Thank you, Downtown Ford.

I would like to thank your Sales Manager Moises, Jose, and Kayla for making my experience a great one. My family and I were working with another Ford Dealer in Fremont by where we live, however, my experience with them was not the same. I appreciate you guys listening to me and understanding what I was looking for and not just trying to sell me something I didn't want. Your transparency is well appreciated by me and my family. Ultimately, what I am trying to say is thank you and we "LOVE OUR NEW CAR".

Dealer response

Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback, Julian!


First new car in 4 years

William and Bill were so wonderful! They made this process super easy and painless. Thanks guys!


Subaru Impreza

Bill and Austin were awesome if and when I?m ready for another car I?ll definitely buy from them at Downtown Ford.



Everything was good until the sales manager got involved (Bill) with the price negotiation. We were asking just under the sales price something that I felt was reasonable and equivalent to what other dealers were offering. We informed him that we found a similar vehicle with similar miles, equipment, condition, etc. He did not even address this at all and kept spouting about how they have the lowest-pricing which is untrue and can be easily fact-checked by going online. Unfortunately, Bill was not having any of this and wanted to sell the car at full sales price. His professionalism and friendliness towards customer-service was non-existent. He was also abrasive and dismissive to any of my questions. He brought up the fact (that is untrue), that they have haggle-free or one-pricing on used cars. I looked on their website, checked other comments about this dealer, and there is nothing about that. I have been to one-price dealerships before, they have notices on their websites and banners in their showrooms in regards to this. He is a liar and I would not trust him with any financial decisions. On top of all this, after we asked for a discount, instead they came back and actually raised the price of the car by adding about 6,000 dollars of extended warranties, maintenance plans, etc. We were told that if we were to buy these programs they MIGHT discount the car. If I was the boss, I would have fired this individual on the spot. Other than that, the sales person Austin was friendly and understanding. I will not do business here because of Bill. As a share-holder of Ford, I expected better. Thank you Bill for turning me off to this dealership and to the Ford motor company.


Great sales experience

Great experience, there was no pressure to buy. They gave me a fair trade in price for my car. Best experience ever. Thank you.


Good buying experience

Matt was great. Not a lot of pressure and we were in and out soon.