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(416 reviews)

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This has been by far the worst experience with Uftring

This has been by far the worst experience with Uftring Ford Services that I've had since starting my relationship with them in 2005. At the end of May 2023, I called to have my AC checked on my 2005 Ford Focus as it was blowing out hot air. They didn't have an appointment available until July so I booked it and waited for July to get here. I dropped it off and was told by Uftring Ford Services that I needed a new evaporator, but they couldn't find one anywhere and said if I could find one then they would install it for me. I was easily able to find it on AutoZone.com and had it shipped to me. Again, I had to wait for another available appointment on August 1st. Shortly after dropping off my car and evaporator, I was called and told the HVAC housing needed replaced because it was brittle and couldn't be put back together. But guess what...they couldn't find that part either and I was welcome to try to locate one. At this point my dashboard has been taken apart and not drivable so Uftring Ford Services kept it while I looked for this housing unit. Around August 7th I returned to Uftring to discuss our options and the Parts Manager was contacted and would start looking at other Ford dealerships for this part. Thankfully, the next day one was found in Indiana and they agreed to sell to Uftring. I allowed time for shipping and installing and checked back with Uftring by visiting again on August 15th for an update since no phone calls were answered or returned after leaving voicemails. At this meeting we were told the other dealership reneged and that was our last option. We agreed to put my dashboard back together and I would just have to deal with no AC. On August 20, 2023, I returned to Uftring Ford Service to take my car home only to find out that the battery was dead (just bought 11/2022) and the dashboard was still not put back together. I was told I would be able to pick it up the next day. This did not happen and again there was no communication. When contacting and leaving voicemails that were never returned. Finally, on August 28th I was able to reach someone by phone and was told the shop is busy and they weren’t going to be able to get it in until Friday September 1st. September 2nd I again returned to Uftring Ford Services and inquired about my car. I was told that my car was taken over by the assistant manager and he was not there to provide updates but the advisor did know the battery would not take a charge and they were not sure about the dashboard status. I informed the Advisor that I had bought the battery from them in November 2022 and should still be under warranty. Surprisingly on September 7th I received an email that the services on my car were completed and it was ready for pick up. I arrived to pick it up and was told that I had a balance of $525.00 and that they did me a favor and cut the labor costs in half. I asked what the fees were for since no work had been completed and I asked to speak with the Manager. The manager was upset that we questioned the fees. He explained that he paid a service tech over $30/hr to take apart and put back together my dashboard and we needed to pay him for 7 hours of work. My husband and I asked why would we pay for services that were not rendered. The manager was not able to explain but did try to compare having our furnace worked on but not paying for repair. My husband stated that our furnace would have been fixed unlike my car so again what am I paying for, and can I charge you for keeping my car for 5.5 weeks? The manager was upset and said to sever the relationship and get rid of the bill to the Advisor and dismissed us. It’s disappointing and sad to have gone through this experience as we have bought multiple cars from Uftring and has been our preferred car sales and repair business for the last 18 years.


Great service

I had a great experience with Jeremy in service,resolved my problems in one day. I normally don't use dealerships for service. I will be back as needed repairs come up.

Dealer response

Thank you!


Customer beware

I bought my Ford edge new in 2014, I've always had the oil changed at a dealership every 5000 miles. I always get the works oil change which is tire rotation oil and filter and top off all fluids. This is the only dealership that did not Bother to check the fluids, and say anything about a dirty battery post. I have messaged the service manager multiple times explaining my displeasure with no reply from them whatsoever. I will never take my car to this dealership again and if you do you better double check that you've got what you paid for Customer beware


Generous Car Repair

Two days ago I was driving from Nebraska to Virginia. My Ford Focus began making horrifically loud noises as I crossed Iowa and drove through Illinois. I stopped at Uftring Ford hoping that they would be able to diagnose and fix the problem. I was incredibly stressed out and worried that I would be stuck in Peoria for days without a working car. I needed get to Virginia before law school started and was panicked that I wouldn't be able to make it in time. I had never been to Peoria, knew nobody within an 8-hour drive of the area, had no appointment with Uftring, and was desperate to get my car working ASAP. I relayed my personal crisis to the employees at Uftring. They immediately began evaluating my car. Several mechanics (Bruce, and a few others whose names I have forgotten) started working on it immediately (again, I had no appointment!). Everyone was incredibly kind. They quickly discovered what was wrong and got my car into working condition within an hour. I cannot tell you how relieved I was. I got back into my car, ready to get back on my way to Virginia, when I realized that I had not received a bill for their work. I went back inside and asked for the charges. The mechanics at Uftring said there was no bill! I was floored at the generosity of the Uftring employees. They heard my issue, started working on it immediately, resolved it quickly, and then charged nothing for quite literally saving me. As a broke law student, this meant everything. As a human, this was one of those experiences that gives you a more positive outlook on the world -- one of those "strangers helping strangers" stories. I have nothing but gratitude for everyone at Uftring, and if you find yourself with car troubles in Peoria, I cannot recommend them highly enough.


We went in to look at a truck and Red helped us.

We went in to look at a truck and Red helped us. It was the easiest vehicle purchase I have ever had. I am so happy, and Red was great he is the kind of salesman that wants repeat clients and he works to make you want to come back. It was a very great experience.


Lost $5500 trading in my vehicle on a new truck. Ford's...

Lost $5500 trading in my vehicle on a new truck. Ford's website, KBB and another on-line site confirmed this value. After waiting 6 mo's for the ordered truck dealer knew I'd go ahead with the deal anyway. Complained to Corporate Ford.


Do not trade in a vehicle here

Ordered and bought a new Ford Maverick. My trade was undervalued by $5500.00. Ford's own website and two others valued my trade at $5500.00 more. Currently my trade is for sale for $5500.00 more then I was given. Fell ripped off and do not recommend this dealership, have voiced my concers to Ford itself.


took my subaru in for oil changeafter picking up, i...

took my subaru in for oil change after picking up, i found that the tires had been rotated-i was speechless, since i had not asked for this work as a matter of fact, i had the tires rotated and balanced the day before, so this was kind of un-nerving i probably should have made an issue of it and contested the un-necessary service and charge, but i didn't need the stress so, your service advisor should ask before doing work

Dealer response

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any lack of communication and have passed this along to our service management team for review. We do appreciate your business and hope you will consider us in the future.


Terrible service

Very disappointed. I was interested in a certain car that had just come on to the lot and had been emailing one of the employees, Josh, for about 2 weeks in anticipation of it being ready to show. He emailed me Wednesday telling me it would be ready the next day and I made an appointment for that morning. The appointment was confirmed multiple times with John A. I made the 2 hour drive in rain and windstorms and arrived there early...I was told shortly after arriving that there was an offer already on the car, but it wasn’t finalized and they weren’t sure it was going to go through. We took the car out for a test drive and got back to wait for an update. After waiting for about 20 minutes, I was told “it went through but they haven’t decided.” Another 20 minutes later, John finally told us sorry, it’s gone - that was it. The bare minimum “sorry about that.” Didn’t offer to call around the Uftring empire to see if there was anything comparable or that they would be on the lookout for something similar and let me know. Nothing. Thanks, bye, we left. We had basically come there to buy that car. Disappointed beyond belief and angry that we had a 2 hour drive back home in horrible weather without a car. On top of that, about an hour later, John sent me an email saying “hey thanks for coming in, please see the below additional information on the car you just looked at.” Seriously? I have never had a worse experience at a car dealership than I did today, here.

Dealer response

Mary - we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and that you had to travel to our dealership from so far away. We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding customer experience every time, and in this case, we missed the mark. We have forwarded your feedback to our management team for review. It is our understanding that one of our sales managers has already spoken to you and hopefully we can make things right to the best of our ability. Thanks.


Took over month to fix warranty repair. Broke more than...

Took over month to fix warranty repair. Broke more than they fixed on transmission. Went in to fix typically synchros and gear problem in 2017 mustang. They couldn't get the fifth gear to 'fit right' and had to order another gear. New gear is in but they tell me they shipped the wrong gear and have to get another one. Now they get the correct gear and install. They were finished in three weeks had me come pick it up and clutch pedal drops to floor and check engine light is now on. I tell them that it's clearly not right. They take it back and confirm its not fixed. Days later they say they messed something up on install. A bearing on shaft for shifting mechanism. Fixed that. Realize they bent shaft that the bearing went on. Fixed that. Drove home and put it in garage for a month. Drove today first time since having it back and realize it's leaking transmission fluid...