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Always. Pleasure dealing with the people at Morristown Subaru. Would recommend them to friends am family.


My fiancé and I recently leased a Forester Sport from

My fiancé and I recently leased a Forester Sport from Subaru of Morristown and had a wonderful experience working with Phil, Jen, and the team! Phil walked us through the process and was so easy to work with - and Jen went above and beyond to show us all the features of our new car! Overall we had a wonderful experience and were very impressed with the vehicles and service at Subaru of Morristown.


Excellent Service Manager Sharday Hill.

Excellent Service Manager Sharday Hill. The best. Lovely sales dept. Just purchase a new Forrester


BAIT AND SWITCH - HORRIBLE - they refused to honor their

BAIT AND SWITCH - HORRIBLE - they refused to honor their advertised price. If they are going to advertise a price, they should sell at that price.


The two male staff in this store were extremely rude and

The two male staff in this store were extremely rude and non-professional with the intention to humiliate customers. They forced the customer to give a price for the trade-in car and then teased/humiliated the customer. I have been a loyal customer for Subaru for decades and have never experienced this in any other Subaru stores in the past. I feel so bad for the owner of this store and feel ashamed of Subaru Brand. With this terrible and humiliating experience, I will never ever recommend anyone to this store. I can not believe they can do business this way!!!!! God blessed!


An awful experience!

An awful experience! I am in the market for a car for my son. We looked at various vehicles. Stopped by in this Subaru of Morristown to look at Subarus, as these vehicles are known for their safety and reliability. My son really liked the new WRX. He wants a sedan and we looked at the Civic, Mazda 3, and VW. He liked the WRX the best. We had to come there 3 times. The first time we came 15 minutes before their closing time. Came back the next day. They had a vehicle on the floor. We sat in it, checked out the space in the back, trunk space, etc. Everybody was very polite and friendly. Our salesperson did a great job helping us out with a choice of colors and trims. The second time we came we agreed on the trim and price. They also told us what the waiting time will be as the trim and color combination we wanted had to be factory ordered. Albeit, they had a vehicle on the floor we could not test drive it, as it was already under contract. Fair enough. A couple of weeks later I called the dealer on a Thursday night and asked whether they had any new WRX in stock. I spoke to the sales manager there, The guy told me that they had 4 in various colors and that I could come and test drive any one of these vehicles. They also asked us to schedule for a Friday night, because they expected to be very busy on Saturday with deliveries. So that Friday I drove from work to my house, picked up my son and we ran to the dealer. When we came, there were people ahead of us as they were short-staffed, and everybody's schedule had to be adjusted. To cut a long story short, we waited for another hour and they eventually would not let us test drive a vehicle under some lame excuse that the people who buy these "performance" vehicles do not want to have extra miles on the odometer. Besides, the "representative" I spoke with (by the way, he did not introduce himself, which was a huge contrast to the other "sales" personnel, who were traditionally super polite, voiced his concern that I might burn the clutch and they will not be able to sell that vehicle. Well, how good quality is the clutch if you can burn it on a test drive? The only options we were presented with were: 1) we place an order and pay a deposit for a new vehicle, and 2) test drive a used vehicle. The arguments that a test drive is called a "test" drive so that customers can check how the vehicle drives and feels before they can make their final decision and that the WRX we were interested in was a new vehicle and much different from the previous years' ones in chassis, size, engine and transmission tuning did not work. It is amazing that the dealer invited us to test drive a car and when we got there they started pushing us to order a car and leave a deposit. This ruined my Friday. The next morning I called two different dealers and both said that we could come and test drive without any deposits and/or sales orders. And we did. Will not come to this place again and will advise my friends and family to stay away from that place.


Thanks, Victoria Lafrenz at the Service Center; you

Thanks, Victoria Lafrenz at the Service Center; you consistently demonstrate accountability, trust, and excellent communication to achieve a smooth service to maintain our vehicle. Great team.


Subaru of Morristown has been the best car dealer in our

Subaru of Morristown has been the best car dealer in our 40 years of buying and leasing a new vehicle, our fourth vehicle in this dealer and our third CROOSTREK PREMIUM AWD 4D. The sales team clearly understands that you have to be satisfied with your car, caring for delivering every single item that you asked for in your vehicle. Sam Tahhan (manager) has an incredible team of client advisors, especially Bob Parkes, a charismatic, fantastic salesman. The Pinilla Family


Marc Fenelus is super unprofessional.

Marc Fenelus is super unprofessional. I took over 9 photos of my car and filled out all the information on my car and Mark couldn’t give me an estimated price on my car. He straight out refused. Than when I said I wouldn’t buy a car from him he cried like a little baby and continued to call and email and straight out harass me. I wouldn’t buy a car from here if you paid me. Below is a quote from the website that all you have to do is simply provide the information and in no time a quote….. LIARS!!! “If you're interested in parting ways with your current ride, you can fill out the secure online form above and a friendly member from our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Simply provide us with the make and model of your vehicle, the year, the mileage, and your contact information and you will be hearing back from us in no time with a quote!”


I want to complement the service Manager , Sharday Hill.

I want to complement the service Manager , Sharday Hill. She handled an issue I had with the transmission on my 2016 Forester. She went the extra mile to get me assistance with the cost of the repair and proved to me that Subaru backs their cars 100%. Ms. Hill was professional and it was a pleasure to work with her.

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