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Shady business

Dont do business with this shady stealership. just before thanksgiving I drove from 3 hours away and traded in an immaculate 2017 Grand Cherokee trailhawk fully loaded with 10k miles for a CPO 18 Durango srt. In dealing with this dealership I was told that everything on the durango was in excellent condition and it just came out of the service dept and everything checked out excellent. 45 minutes into my ride home I noticed a very bad shaking of the whole car between 60 and 75 mph. I called the dealership and talked with the owner Rob and told him the issue and the first words from his mouth were " I have never had that vehicle up to those speeds it must be a cupped tire or a thrown weight . Have the tires balanced and see if that fixes it and I will send you a check for what it costs, if that doesnt fix it we will go from there". After having the tires looked at later that day and having them road force balanced. It was brought to my attention that based on Robs first statement all along Rob knew exactly what was wrong with the tires because I was notified that at the cost of $490 a piece all 4 tires were damaged. 3 of them were severly cupped just like rob said and 1 had a major flat spot. After trying to reach rob multiples times he finally answered when he was at an auction a few days later and told me to pound sand and that $500 was all he would do to compensate me for the $2100 worth if damaged tires he knowingly sold me a car with. Steer clear of this dealership they very unethical with their business dealings. Still to this day Rob has yet to return multiple phone calls that I have made to him to resolve this issue because he knows that what he did was dirty business. I would be ashamed being FCA to allow this dealership to have my Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep name on their building.

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