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(293 reviews)

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From start to finish my experience working with salesman

From start to finish my experience working with salesman Dominick Scott and Brian Nugent in finance was fantastic! This is the second car I have bought from this dealer and highly recommended them!


We purchased our quite expensive vehicle from this

We purchased our quite expensive vehicle from this dealership in 2021. Sales department was fine, of course at that point in time there was no negotiating, so we paid full price, which we fully expected to do. We also paid for full, extended warranties for pretty much everything. We were told that as long as we had our service done there for the life of the warranty, we would recoup a large portion of what we paid for the warranty. We were all good with this. Well, it went downhill from the very first oil change. I dropped my car off the night before, was told the next day it was ready for pick up. I got dropped off, my ride left, and lo and behold my car had not yet even been touched. To their credit, they scrounged up a loaner car. This, for an OIL CHANGE. The second oil change, the same thing happened, but they could not give me a loaner, according to them it was unheard of to give loaners when you drop your car off for an oil change....totally ignoring the fact that it was their doing (or NOT doing I should say) that caused the need for one. The third time they did an oil change and tire rotation, and things went well. Mind you, at this point, we were already to go elsewhere, based on the previous 2 experiences, but, the warranty deal. The fourth time....we dropped the car off on a Friday morning, for oil change and tire rotation. We were leaving it over night to be picked up on Saturday so that they would have plenty of time for that work, and for the recall repairs that needed to be done. "Yes", they said, to everything. We called Saturday to confirm when to pick up and were told service dept wasn't even open, there was no paperwork to show the car was done. Lots of back and forth and holding on the phone with sales, and luckily they found the paperwork, the car was ready for pick up and luckily they were able to get the keys from the service dept. area. We picked the car up, thinking all of the work had been done, which included the recalls, because we were not told otherwise. About a week later, we get a call to tell us the recall parts were in. But we were told that the recalls were DONE when the oil change was done. They promise to straighten it out and call back. Well, about another week later, I get another call that the recalls actually were not done, but the parts were in and I can now make an appointment. Then, the service person puts me on hold, comes back and tells me, 'never mind' the recalls were just for police vehicles (WHAT THE HECK). I say ok, he apologizes for the confusion, my recalls HAD been done. I get a call BACK, he was WRONG, I DO need the recalls. OK. I am told they need a day and a half to complete the recall work; I am informed they are open on Saturdays one day a month, so we worked out that I would drop my car off on a Thursday evening so they could have it all day Friday and half a day Saturday. They call me back after speaking with the service manager to confirm which Saturday this month they were open, and we make the appointment. I drop my car off Thursday, tell them we will pick it up on Saturday. Saturday morning comes, we call in the morning to confirm pick up time and are told the car hasn't been touched yet. HASN'T BEEN TOUCHED YET, that their 'service technician did not come in'. What happened to it being worked on on Friday?! They said they would start on it as soon as possible and that I could probably pick it up on Monday. Needless to say we feel duped, fooled, lied to. Part of their 'story' of course, when you buy their cars is their fantastic service department. Our bad for not researching that part. If I could give LESS than 1 star, I would. As they took our money, they smiled at us and looked us in the eye when they sold us on why we should buy from them. I get no satisfaction from leaving these kinds of reviews, but this is just ridiculous and beyond comprehension that they can and do operate this way.


I called several times to check on my car.

I called several times to check on my car. the person who answered said they would find out and call me back but they never did. then when i get there to pick up my car the bill is high then quoted because there is a materials transportation fee which was about 8% of the bill. all i had was an oil change. Brian called to discuss but said I would have to talk to the parts department. I really wanted to use the dealer but not if they are that shady. Very disappointed in the communication and gouging.


We purchased a car through brewster Ford a couple weeks

We purchased a car through brewster Ford a couple weeks ago. If your looking for good customer service after your purchase save yourself the time and look elsewhere. You won’t find it here. A few hours after taking a vehicle home, we noticed one of the key fobs wasn’t working. I then put in a new battery but it still was not working. We called Brewster Ford and spoke to someone in service. They said we would have to bring the fob in to get reprogrammed to the car. However, they were going to charge us $200 to do it. We then called the manager Mike who sold us the car and let him know that the fob they gave us wasn’t working and we were instructed to get the fob reprogrammed. We told him that we were also told we had to pay $200. He then said well most used cars don’t come with 2 fobs anyway. We said well you sold us the car with 2 fobs, if one didn’t work then you should have only given us 1 fob and not sold it as 2. He then pulled up are deal agreement and told us because we got such a good deal, they can’t reprogram it for us and we would have to pay. I mean come on seriously? So we are being penalized for a sale they agreed to. We expressed our frustration and Mike informed us he would speak to the owner and get back to us. We never heard back. We called again the next day and left a voice mail. It’s been a couple weeks and never heard back and continued to call and leave a voice mail. Only thing that salvaged a star was our sales person Matthew was actually great, easy to contact, and straightforward. If you end up purchasing a car through here we hope they provide you with better service then that which was shown to us. We felt the need to share our experience.


I just purchased a 2018 Jeep Compass Limited from

I just purchased a 2018 Jeep Compass Limited from Brewster Ford. This past Friday 5/12/23 My salesman Matt Jakubowitz was absolutely fantastic!!! This is a first car for my daughter and the entire process was quick and easy. No high-pressure sales tactics whatsoever. Made an appointment to go in and test drive the Jeep it was cleaned and ready when i arrived. Due to end of year scheduling i was not able to go back with my daughter for over a week but we made it back so my daughter could take a test drive. I then completed the purchase 2 days later. I can not say enough great things about my experience with Brewster. Ford. I will be going back when i need a car for myself. Do not hesitate to give this dealership a try and if you do go see Matt you will be disappointed!


Refuses to give me my spare key because of review

I had an issue upon picking up the car I bought for my wife. We agreed upon a price and the dealership added something call LoJack without our approval and slipped it into the price. I asked them to remove it, but they claimed it could not be, so we split the cost. I was not pleased. The asked for a review, so I gave them one and because they did not like what I said, they refused to give me the spare key. I asked repeatedly and I finally text messaged the salesman Mike ad he told me the the manager asked to stop communicating with me. That is the last I heard from them. So now I only have one key even though I paid for 2.


Service issue

I was in search of replacement battery for my F-150. I was advised over the phone the online (come-on) battery was not available, but a higher priced battery was. I agreed and proceeded to the dealership. They replaced the battery, and then told me it would be an additional (roughly) $90 for installation. No mention of additional charge prior to the service. Disingenuous much?



We started our search on and searching the used car inventory was easy and straightforward. Once we decided on a car, scheduling the appointment was hassle-free. Tim, our sales person, was thorough and answered all of our questions about the car, trade-in and all purchase details. He set clear expectations and exceed them all. Overall, the team at Brewster Ford was helpful, timely and professional. I would recommend purchasing through their dealership.


Experience was very easy to buy the car.

Mike was very help full in explaining cars features and getting the car ready in time. I would definitely recommend him. I have been a customer since 1972 on and off.


Great service, great people

The staff was very helpful and patient as we looked for the perfect car. Shout out to Mike Veaz and Mike Muese for making the experience easy and enjoyable!