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When you visit Nissan Kia of Middletown you will experience world class service and meet a knowledgeable staff. We have the best inventory and prices to get you into your dream car today. We also offer professional Nissan and Kia service and car repair. At Nissan Kia of Middletown you can choose from all of the popular Nissan and Kia models such as the new 2016 Maxima Altima Rogue Versa Sentra 350Z GT-R Quest Frontier Titan Pathfinder Murano Murano CrossCabriolet Xterra Armada Rio Spectra Sportage Sedona Sorrento as well as certified pre-owned vehicles. Call and set up a test drive today!
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(184 reviews)

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Love Kia in Middletown

I had an excellent experience at Kia of Middletown. They were friendly they showed respect they were caring. They had the knowledge that I needed on my vehicle. They took care of everything, clean my vehicle from the inside out I would recommend them highly.


Lies, lies, and more lies.

Lies, lies, and more lies. I have called every Kia dealership in my area, looking for a certain Sportage. I contact Kia of Middletown and speak on the phone with Joe Fadden a sales associate there. I ask Joe on the phone about this sportage and he says they have it in stock. I inform him I will be there shortly. Before hanging up I asked about them selling the car at MSRP. He let me know that they can do it but would much rather discuss it in person. I arrive at the dealership and I see the car that I came to purchase. The sticker price was the same as the price online and so far so good. Next to the MSRP sticker is another sticker that says Market adjustment $4000. I reminded Joe of our phone conversation and he said he would work it out with the manager. So already I'm not sure how this is going to go. He writes the deal up and writes it up for the wrong price. $2000 over already. I correct him and the number, we go back outside to verify it and you guessed it here comes the fake market adjustment. "Well my manager came down $2000 off of the wrong price which would be equal to adding $2000 to the right price so it's pretty much the same". I quickly explained that I was willing to make a deal for this car at the sticker price. I do have a trade, it's 10 years old so I'm not being unreasonable and asking for a bunch of money for it. He goes to the manager again and i can hear the manager yelling "hes crazy if he thinks hes not going to pay market adjustment", Joe comes back thanking me for my time. And just like that no deal no car. I believe these are extremely poor representations of Kia's core principles, when it comes to selling cars. It is a stain on KIA and their pristine reputation. The manager's name is Andrew Rodriguez. I believe Joe wanted to sell the car but Andrew and his greed prevented that, and in doing so may have lost a KIA customer. I will try again at another dealership, and hopefully this is not the KIA business model when it comes to selling cars. Do BETTET Kia!


Avoid Kia of Middletown!

Avoid Kia of Middletown! I had a nightmare experience dealing with their service department. Their are many excellent car dealerships in the area but this is not one of them. There are many better places to purchase or service your car.


Avoid Kia of Middletown! I had a nightmare experience...

Avoid Kia of Middletown! I had a nightmare experience dealing with the service department! There are many excellent car dealers in the area, but this is not one of them. Bring your business somewhere else. There are better places to purchase or service your car.


On 12/31/21, I attempted to purchase a new Kia Sportage...

On 12/31/21, I attempted to purchase a new Kia Sportage to replace my wife’s current Kia. I figured after being a repeat service customer since 1998 and purchasing close to 160k in new vehicles, I though I would get a fair deal on the new vehicle. Upon doing my research I found two other Hudson Valley dealers who had plenty of Sportage’s in their inventory but I figured I would purchase locally. Mind you the Sportage has the least cargo capacity and the worst gas mileage of all the S.U.V’s in its class and is going to be replaced by a total redesign in the first few months of this year. It fall’s mid-pack in its class. Upon speaking with the salesperson who was polite, I requested to see the cars window sticker. It is at this time I noticed that the dealership was asking 3k above the MSRP on the window sticker. I was quite surprised that the dealership was doing this on this specific model since there are plenty of them out there and it falls mid-pack in its class. After discussion with the salesperson I offered to buy the vehicle on the spot for the window sticker MSRP. but he refused the offer and wouldn’t even take it to his manager. I believe that the dealership would have made a fair profit at MSRP and continued service and maintenance of the vehicle. I feel that the dealership is taking advantage of the current situation and it’s customers. At this point I left the dealership and went next door to a Toyota dealership and purchased a new very nicely equipped incoming 2022 RAV4 XLE. I purchased this vehicle at MSRP in about an hour. I am strongly reconsidering my business relationship with Middletown Nissan Kia since they are not the only dealer in the county!


The service department is absolutely not trust worthy. I...

The service department is absolutely not trust worthy. I took my car in for oil change and tire rotation. Tires were never rotated and when I called to complain about it and ask for money back for the service that they never provided, I was promised that the manager will call me back which never happened. Bunch of liars work there.


Went to the dealership today with my sister today to sign...

Went to the dealership today with my sister today to sign and drive away with a car and the sales manager Andrew Rodriguez was literally yelling and CURSING at his employee on the sales floor in front of everyone including my daughter. When I politely asked him to not curse in front of my daughter or to speak to his employee that way he cursed at me and told me to go away and was extremely nasty. I honestly could not believe what had happened it was unreal. I am 6 months pregnant and he had me so upset I was shaking. I was literally just about to sign all the papers and needless to say I walked out. I felt bad because the sales person Matt that was helping us was super helpful and great and lost out on his commission because of his sales manager. I never write reviews but felt the need to because this man (Andrew) should not be in his position and I would never recommend ever shopping at this dealership. We left and went to the Nissan dealership in Newburgh and had such a wonderful experience there.


by far the worst experience.. no truth... no...

by far the worst experience.. no truth... no transparency... not very honest and they try to fast talk you... I should have known when I drove in the parking lot. Their location needs attention and a new staff. Their actions must come from the top..... if not... get to work


Stay Away from this Dealership!

I live in Orange County,NY and visited this dealership since it’s located in the County of my residence, however I was very displeased and disappointed with my visit in regards to customer service I received. I asked for assistance and was assigned an available sales consultant named Glen Nicosia so I can check out the 2021 Telluride. I got the impression from this sales consultant that he was not interested in selling this vehicle to me . It started with the lies (BS) of how I needed to make an appointment to test drive because the Vehicle needed to be disinfected due to COVID rules. Never mind that the two Telluride sitting there were still cover inside with the transport plastic on seating . When I said to him it made no sense that you can’t test drive a vehicle because he didn’t want to bother getting the car sprayed he changed his tune. The next statement (BS) was “ You can test drive any vehicle in this dealership, except the Telluride”, because it’s in such high demand. Basically don’t waste their time unless you are going to buy. When I made it clear to him that if they are in the business of selling cars that is a bad attitude to have, he changed his tune again. He then offered to have the car spray if I wanted to test drive it . That is what he should have done from the beginning. Obviously any one in their right mind wouldn’t want to even deal with this sales consultant or dealership. I didn’t bother complaining to Management because if this consultant had such an arrogant and unprofessional attitude towards sales it either is encouraged or nothing is done by management either. So if you live in Orange County,NY travel to another dealership if you want to be treated with dignity and respect. STAY AWAY!

Dealer response

Victor C, we truly appreciate your honest feedback. We would like to have a better understanding about your experience. Please reach out to us at (845) 374-6555 at your earliest convenience and we will do our best to resolve this with you.


Shop here to pay MORE

Went in wanting to purchase a car - offered to pay cash. Was told I would have to pay MORE than the sticker price (unless I financed). That was a first! Steve, the salesman, was impolite, rude and was unwilling to negotiate prices (another first!). Wouldn't offer any extras to make the full price worth it. Overall, unpleasant experience. Left without a car. Felt like I was being targeted as a young woman, to get swindled to pay full price.

Dealer response

Unimpressedconsumer, we work hard to provide a fantastic experience to everyone. It's discouraging to see that you had a negative experience.

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