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Not good!

Bought two trucks here both turned out to be junk a ram 1500 with 40000 miles shouldn't need a new motor already have had a rental car that's horrible and junk like rent me a vehicle like what I'm paying for not a junk car I have nothing good to really say other than Craig the sales guy there is awesome became friends with him very nice guy!


Find another dealer!

I have been extremely disappointed with this dealership on many levels! A vehicle I purchased from them included free state inspections but when I actually took it to the service department and had it inspected they billed me for the inspection (stating that they no longer honor that!?!) The same vehicle was involved in a two-year delay in waiting for a replacement part for a factory recall. Ford Motor Company repeatedly offered to provide a rental vehicle (with stipulations) and Fairway repeatedly refused to provide the replacement vehicle. Finally, after having to drive an unsafe vehicle for two years, I asked to speak with the General Manager (request denied) and was assured that the General Manager would be informed of my concern (not sure that happened in a timely fashion). Well, if he was informed apparently he was not concerned enough to contact me about it! After Fairway Ford "kicked the can down the road" numerous times (assuring me that the recall parts would arrive soon) and repeatedly contradicted information offered to me by Ford Motor Company, I became extremely frustrated and sold the vehicle. This former loyal Ford customer will be extremely hesitant to purchase another Ford vehicle and I will DEFINITELY never purchase another vehicle from Fairway Ford of Bradford. I would suggest other consumers purchase from another that will communicate truthfully and show some concern for their customers. I have purchased vehicles from many dealers over the years and after this debacle I would rank Bradford Fairway Ford at the rock bottom of the list!


i guess i don't know what this mean

I had an occasion recently to need service. I had a very good experience. Their service dept. was friendly and accommodating. I also saved a few bucks by using Fairway.


Dont recommend

They sold a vehicle right out from underneath me for not sending them my personal information over the phone


Very Unprofessional

I put my ford truck for sale on the internet in hopes of selling it to buy a new one. After having the truck posted for a few days I got a call from a salesman from fairway wanting to bring my truck down, so I agreed to. About 20 mins latter I receive another phone call from a different salesman from fairway wanting me to bring my truck down. The next day I took my truck down and sat down with the first salesman I spoke with, and explained to him that I would like a new truck, but wasn't going to buy one if the difference between my truck and a new truck was alot of money. One of the first things they tried to get me to do was fill out a credit application, I explained that I was just there for prices. The young salesman was very understanding, but the sales manager Mike was not as understanding. He told me the price was on the truck, while ford was having a sale. After Mike being rude, he went back to his office and finally came back with numbers. I went home and another salesman called me from fairway and I explained to him I was just down at fairway. The next day a forth salesman called me and told me to come down and they would give me a great deal. The following day I went and the first thing they gave me was a credit application to fill out, but still would not give me numbers and I left shortly after that. The salesman text me that night and I explained to him I wanted numbers, and I would not be back until they gave me numbers. The next morning he text me agian and I once agian told him I would not be back down until they gave me numbers. After this text he called me with a very poor attitude telling me that they are professionals and this and that, I hung up. After I hung up he text me, I ended up having to block there numbers. They are very unprofessional, pushy, and annoying. It's all I wanted was a number for the difference between trucks and they would not give it to me, but would continue to contact me.


Good Dealership

We were broken down in the area and they kept a mechanic late to evaluate our van. Needless to say, the vans transmission was slipping and needed replaced. They actually offered us a loaner car to continue our trip if we wanted to repair the transmission, however, we looked on the lot and ended up buying a new minivan. The sales manager bought us dinner and they completed our transaction well after hours. we appreciated them staying late and really liked the small town feel of this dealership. We are from the city and used to being treated as just a number. If you are ever in the small town of Bradford PA and are in need of a vehicle, we highly recommend giving them a try.


Horrible Business

All they want is your money. Obviously but they ripped me off worse than someone they are trying to take advantage of. I was new to the whole car buying experience and would NEVER in my life recommend dealing with this dealership. They rob you and don't care. Im young and would have liked to had a place to go back to and trust but i can tell you by experience this place is NOT one to trust, and i will NEVER return there again. Take my advice and do NOT go there unless you don't care how much the rip you off!

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