Royal Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Hyundai

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(14 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(14 reviews)

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Successfully Resolved Issue

Recently I was contacted by the dealership owner, who offered an apology I felt was very sincere. I gladly accepted the offer to fully reimburse us for the total cost of tire replacement and was happy to have the situation personally addressed. My previous July 1st entry no longer reflects my experience, or opinion of, this business.


Completely Unprofessional

Our car was damaged during a test drive conducted by Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge, and the dealership has refused to take any responsibility in the matter. My wife and I drove our car to the Oneonta dealership seeking an estimate for sale and waited in the lobby while our car was test driven by an employee. When we returned to our car we were greeted with a "low front passenger side tire" alert upon starting the vehicle. The test drive conducted by Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge left the tire completely flat. When we informed the Sales Manager of the situation he immediately tried to dismiss us and the fact that our vehicle was damaged during their test drive. Despite the fact that all our tires were in fine condition when we arrived and that the low pressure indicator came on only after the car was test driven, they rudely informed us they would not reimburse us for the damage and offered no sympathy for our situation. I appealed to the General Sales Manager in writing and informed him that we would be filing a formal complaint with the State Attorney General, as well as make our grievances public, if Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge did not take responsibility. He never replied. Whether they were shockingly negligent during the test drive process and unaware of the damage that they caused, or knowingly damaged our tire but chose to let us leave the lot to avoid taking responsibility, the team was rude and completely unprofessional throughout the entire process. Since then we've talked with many community members who have had equally poor experiences with Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge and stress to avoid them at all costs.


Totally Poor

I did, unfortunately, purchase a Jeep Wrangler from this same inept sales manager. Promised repairs, discovered after purchase, were never repaired. Appointments to pick up the vehicle were missed without phone calls, to complete same repairs. Now emails and phone calls simply go unanswered. I work hard and enjoy spending my money. Mark Zimmerman and Royal have made the car buying experience awful and they should be avoided at any opportunity.


Failed the test

I visited this dealership about four different times and they never even had an Elantra on the lot that I could test drive or look at - and none that were for sale. After receiving a phone call from the sales manager and being assured that he would put me at the top of his list to contact when models arrived, I never heard from him again. This was a total bust as far as I'm concerned. I really wanted to purchase an Elantra but they made it impossible.

Dealer response

Dear Robert - "Failed the Test" I am very sorry we let you down. I was just reminded of your complaint and less than professional and personable service. What can I say, we dropped the ball. We get dozens and dozens of requests per week for new Hyundai's . . . and the biggest problem is that we can't get the product. We opened in the fall of 2004 with 50 units on the ground and with National sales of approximately 300,000 . . . now Hyundai sells a bit over 600,000 per year and has maxed out production wise - just went to a third shift in Alabama Plant and moved the Santa Fe SUV line to the Kia Sportage Plant down there. The bottom line is I can't get more than 18 to 20 vehicles at any given time . . . that is the real problem . . . and every dealer is in the same situation - their inventories are only 30 to 50% of what they use to be. Good for Hyundai and bad for Royal Hyundai! We failed to explain ourselves and our situation - which is no different today, nearly a year later - and you took it personally, as you should have. If I can personally, as the Dealer, make it up to you I will - your choice. Call me anytime. Steve :0)