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(118 reviews)

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Ali Salesman

Ali best salesman I've encounter . Very professional honest and all around good person. Make you feel good about buying car and i did because of him. THANKS Mine Friend. Keep up the great job. Best Ever. I will let it be known you are the man



Took my car in for 2 service and 1 recall. Everyone very friendly. Service good, then not so good, then good again. Car was NOT clean when I picked it up any of the 3 times. I don’t understand that lapse in detail. I highly recommend you amend your service policy to include returning a clean car- both inside and out. Especially when there is a Jax car wash across the street! I did not purchase my Panamera from this dealership but in turn you’d think they’d be happy to keep my service requests as pure profit. I’ll give them one more try.


Dealership Experience

I am repeat customer to this dealership. Very pleasant sales force and response service manager.


Shady Tactics to Make a Sale

It feels like I am not recommending the dealership because of the salesperson I dealt with because every other aspect of my car purchase was fine. From the start, Charlie almost made it feel like I was wasting his time. He seemed like he had other, more important clients to deal with, even though I was the only person in there. After he found out that I wasn’t just there to take an Audi for a fun test drive and that I was really interested in buying it, he seemed to care a bit more. The A4 I bought had a different MMI cable in the glovebox than my phone so I asked Charlie if he could replace that for me ( the one that was in the car was brand new, in the Audi packaging) he said he would look into it and take care of it but to give him a day or two. So I bought the car and kept texting back and fourth with him. I finally heard back from him and he informed me that they have it in stock for $85. I was confused about this since Charlie made it seem like he’ll take care of the cable and I wouldn’t have to worry about it. When I asked him about it, he said that it’s not possible to take care of that and that if I wanted it, I’d have to pay for it. I didn’t buy the Audi just because it’s a nice car, I also bought it because of the amazing customer service that comes with owning an Audi. Sure, I didn’t buy the most expensive car they had, but I didn’t expect to get lied to... I know it’s only an $85 cable, but it’s not about the money, it’s about the values and integrity. If this dealership is ok with this kind of behavior, What other shady tactics do they let slide. Very disappointed in Charlie and the way I was treated. I’m sure it would have been a bit different if I was buying an R8, but when it comes time to buy that R8, I’ll look elsewhere.


Very courteous and prompt service

Ken, Service Tech, is polite, very communicative and a pleasure to work with.


quick service

customer service is impersonal, after the original sale being so attentive and engaging. Service was easy to schedule, done quick and car was clean when I picked it up.


Service on Audi A6 at Fred Lavery Birmingham, MI

The service staff team is top notch...Matt, Beau and Ken are helpful pleasant and provided the information I needed to ensure that I was comfortable with the services performed on my Audi. It’s good to go to a dealership that is a clean, comfortable environment that places quality service and customer care first.


A7 needed a water pump replaced at 58,000 miles

Great!! Matt and Bo are experienced service managers who communicate well. They anticipate the information I will be wanting and are efficient about getting me what I want to know about repairs. I like going in there. It's nice to know they understand the product so well.


Porsche GT4 warranty

No questions asked. Everything was taken care of in a timely and professional manner. Excellent service. Thank you!


Fred Lavery Porsche

Purchased one car, leased another, and had them serviced. Excellent in all phases.