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    May 14, 2015

    I was looking for a car after mine stopped working. So I went down to Peterson on a recommendation (multiple recommendations, actually)... and after the... entire process of finding a car (which I got elsewhere), I am greatly disappointed in Peterson Ford. I went in and it took forever for someone to help me... but when they did, we walked across the street to look at used cars. The salesman (Terry) showed me multiple cars within the price range I gave him, but he was lethargic, boring, and just didn't seem eager to sell me a car (not that I enjoy pushy sales people, but c'mon, at least act somewhat excited I'm looking to purchase a car). He showed me one car I really, really liked and was within my price range... so we talked about it... and he sent me in to talk with the financing guy (Dave). Dave was very dismissive during the entire conversation... I was asking about financing options, and he just said, go to the bank and get a car loan. No willingness to see what he could get me through any of the banks they finance with. So I went home, researched the car a bit more. Called them with questions regarding the transmission and what not (they were actually pleasant on the phone)... he invited me to come down, look at it with my wife, even test drive it. So we went down the next day... no Terry. He was busy. We got Dave. He told us we couldn't test drive, since there was a recall on something in the car. We couldn't even buy it... and I guess that meant we couldn't even talk about financing. In the two conversations I had about the car, not once did anyone mention that the car was on recall, one of which was in effect before I initially visited Peterson Ford in the first place. There was no known timeline given to me for when it would be available. In most cases, people will say, "let me show you some similar options that ARE available today" or something along those lines... nothing like that. Just a, "we'll call you when we get the car up to standards"... but again, no timeline. So this car that I really liked and was actually ready to purchase was not for sale, yet was on the lot with a price tag and everything on it. That's pretty rotten, in my personal opinion. And there was no helpful customer service to get me in a car that would work just as well... and really, it felt they didn't want to sell me a car... which is completely antithetical to the reason they exist. I bought a car from another dealership closer to Green Bay. It's a shame I couldn't help a local dealership. It's a shame I couldn't get the car I was hoping for... but it's even more of a shame that Peterson Ford did a horrendous job of selling me (or trying? to sell) me a car. Hopefully others can have a better experience.

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