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When you're in the market for a new Toyota or a used car in South Carolina just drive on over to Jim Hudson Toyota! Our dealership provides everything automotive with great prices and customer service to boot. When you get a new or used Toyota located near Columbia from us you'll get a reliable and stylish new car at a price you can afford. Call us or make the drive from Columbia Lexington or Newberry to our Irmo dealership today!
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(38 reviews)

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Great people, great vehicles

The team that helped me was extremely helpful and kind. I like that they were not pushy and took their time answering any questions I had. I purchased my vehicle from them about a week ago and I love my Sienna.

Dealer response

We are so thrilled to hear this! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Please let us know if you need anything!


A disappointing experience, part 1

My wife and I considered buying a new car and had researched what we wanted and how much we wanted to pay for it. That discussion eventually led to discussing buying out our lease car, a 2018 C-HR. We decided to purchase our car and discussed financing with our local bank. Although we had discussed buying our leased car, we were given a quote from the VIP Exchange manager and it intrigued us and I responded with an email asking for clarification: was it for a retail purchase or lease and how was the monthly payment determined? Two days later, on 3 March, after leaving a voice mail, I received a response from Ms. Burks answering one of our questions thusly, “With the attached upgrade proposal, that is defaulted to be the potential option for buying/financing a newer model.” We were still interested and decided to discuss it further with the dealership and called Ms. Burke to schedule an appointment. She was happy to do so, and scheduled it for Friday, 5 March 2021. Prior to our visit, we researched the difference between the XLE model that we were currently driving and the Limited edition that was mentioned in her quote. We priced it based on the Toyota website and printed out the information. We understood that there would be some discussion on price and were ready for such an event. Upon arrival at the Jim Hudson Toyota dealership, Matthew Renfro, one of the sales associates, met us outside. He asked to help us and we advised that we had an appointment with Meg Burks. He offered to tell her we were here and left to do so. Several minutes later, he arrived with a young lady who identified herself as “Meg Burks” and that as the VIP XChange Manager, she was the bridge between the customers and the sales associates and introduced Matt Renfro to us. She handed us a “thank you” bag and left. My wife and I felt a little put off, as we had not planned to discuss anything with a sales associate, but only had a few questions about the quote from Ms Burks. Since there seemed to be no alternative, we accompanied Matt to his desk. He asked some basic questions, which frankly surprised us since we thought he would have got that information from Ms. Burks. We explained why we were there, showed him the quote, advised him what we were looking for and he said he’d see if a Limited model was available to test drive. As we had driven a C-HR for 3 years, we didn’t imagine that the drive was much different, and were more interested in the “bells and whistles” that were standard on the Limited model. He also asked for my car keys to have our leased car appraised. My wife, Peg, left the desk momentarily and while she was gone, another gentleman came over to the desk and sat down. I think his name was Kendal, but am not sure because he didn’t introduce himself. I did see that it said “Sales Manager” on his nameplate, but that was it. His manner was brisk and less than friendly. He asked some of the same questions Matt had asked and was surprised that I had a quote. He asked to see the quote on my phone. I thought this was unusual, as I assumed this information would have been shared with the people involved in selling us a new car, and said so. He did not respond but spent quite a bit of time looking at my phone. He also asked what the payout on our car was and I showed him that Matt had written it down on the form he himself was using. He seemed to doubt that information so I showed him the payout letter I had received from South East Toyota Finance. When my wife returned, he didn’t introduce himself to her either and left as suddenly as he had appeared. Matt returned with a key for our test drive and we went outside. There were two C-HRs on the ramp, one was an XLE and the other a Limited. I was surprised when Matt beeped the XLE for us when we had been specific about wanting to look at the Limited. I had to ask if there was a key for this to test drive. He went and got it.

Dealer response

RJ, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We hold high expectations of our staff when it comes to customer service and it's disappointing to hear that you did not experience that amongst the entire team. We hope that we have another opportunity in the future to prove that to you. If you need anything further, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Relations Manager, Susan Laird, via email at slaird@jimhudson.com or phone at 803-726-3306.


Gas pump cuts off when trying to fuel car!!

I took my car in to Toyota in Irmo for a problem. My 1999 Toyota had a problem with the gas tank opening cutting off constantly when trying to put gas in my car. After two days Toyota service called me and said the problem was fixed. I picked the car up after paying almost $600.00 for parts and labor!! To my surprise, the first time I tried to put gas in the tank it had the SAME PROBLEM!! I am 86 years old with a walker and the trips back and forth were taxing!! I took it back to Irmo and picked it up in a couple of days as fixed this time. I have been sent a video (from UTube) showing my exact car (1999 Toyota Camry) with the same gas tank problem. It warned of service people charging for needless parts and service and showed how to clean out insect remains from the hoses with no parts needed. I feel that I've been taken for a ride monetarily as well as mentally by this. Betty White

Dealer response

Betty, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We take all customer feedback seriously and do apologize for any inconvenience you faced. We strive to provide an exceptional experience for all our customers and we would like the opportunity to resolve this issue. If you are willing, please reach out to our Customer Relations Manager, Susan Laird, via email at slaird@jimhudson.com or phone at 803-726-3306.

Dealer response

Betty, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. We take all customer feedback seriously and do apologize for any inconvenience you faced. We strive to provide an exceptional experience for all our customers and we would like the opportunity to resolve this issue. If you are willing, please reach out to our Service Director, Ed Yager, via email at eyager@jimhudson.com to investigate further.



I haven't ever written a bad review for a company, but I hope to save someone else the headache of dealing with Jim Hudson. Test drove a 4Runner we liked and put a deposit on the same vehicle plus more features in a different color. To make a long story short, It arrived - short of $3000 worth of features. Salesmen Tom Burley and Nick Simonson refused to admit they made a mistake and expected us to pay for all the features without receiving any of them. Director of Sales Craig Williams even told me that it was my fault for buying a car that wasn't physically on the lot. I responded, "Shouldn't I be able to trust your salespeople and your paperwork?" Plenty of people want customizations on a new car. He replied that he would reprimand his salesmen, but I would still be expected to pay full price. Not logical. This is a business that is not focused on their customers. A man trained in customer service would have honored the price we were given for the features we paid for. As soon as there was an issue with the sale, Tom Burley blocked our phone number, and the rest of the team treated us with disrespect. Craig got very worked up, yelled at us over the phone, and hung up on us. Not professional. They only care about you when there is money on the table. We went across town to another dealer and got them to beat the price for the features we were promised. Nick Simonson said to me, "I can't blame you for going across town." He knew they did us wrong. The second dealership asked for the buyers order from Jim Hudson so they could beat the price - which as a buyer, I am legally entitled to. Nick, Tom and Craig tried to gang up and convince me I wasn't entitled to it, but I have done my research. Still, they decided to take the dirty way out. Nick tried to deceive me by refunding my deposit swiftly, so that there was no longer money down on the car and they wouldn't have to share the buyers order. Luckily, the other dealership will still honor the deal. A vehicle is a big purchase - don't do it here! They need to quit playing games and do the right thing.


Owner of a 2018 RAV 4 SUV

Hunter and everyone were professional and gave a time line for my service needed - the area for computers is great for working on work . Hunter Checked on me and reported at the time all that was done .


Excellent Customer Service

The entire car buying experience was far better than I imagined it could be. Brandon and Tim were easy to work with and very responsive. I was impressed with their financing. It was a simple, and seamless process and I am loving my 2016 Highlander!

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to let others know about your positive sales experience. We're happy that Brandon, Tim, and our team could meet your expectations! We hope you enjoy driving your new Highlander!



Horrible experience. My recommendations to anyone thinking of purchasing from Jim Hudson Toyota - RUN! Management is rude. Following an awful experience with the purchase, the finance department created a nightmare, only for Leo Luna to blow more of his air, again! Go elsewhere, Jim Hudson's dealership is overpriced and FAILING with his staff. Go elsewhere!!


We were helped by Lionel, Jamie and Jim.

The gentlemen above went above and beyond to help us with buying the vehicle that we bought. Thank you, you all were a life saver.

Dealer response

Very Nice. Thanks for the great review, Debra and Van. Please let us know if you need anything else in the future!


Mrs. Cothran

Kenneth Barton made this a successful visit. He had some obstacles to overcome with the parts but he came through like a champ. Be proud that you have him as an employee.

Dealer response

Thanks for sharing your quality experience with Kenneth. We appreciate your business and hope to see you again soon!


Terrible Service Center

I have taken my vehicle to Jim Hudson Toyota multiple times for service in the past few years. Almost every time I have done that, I have had to return to the dealership to have some repair finished, because it wasn't done or finished correctly. This is very inconvenient, and it takes up a great deal of my personal time. Most recently, I had to replace a my cooling fan, which broke and punctured my radiator as well. Because one of the radiator hose clamps was not sealed properly by the technician, my vehicle's cooling system was compromised, which in turn caused my engine's head gasket to fail due to the engine running hot. Upon returning to the dealership, to have them fix the issue that they caused, which helped to escalate the head gasket failure, I was told that I would have to pay for their incompetence. The dealership has continued to insist that there was once a recall on the head gasket for my vehicle, and they insist that I pay for their mistake from the original repair. While I understand that some parts of a vehicle can be on recall due to a risk of potential failure, that does not always happen with every recalled part. Furthermore, I do not believe that I should have to pay for something that broke on my vehicle as a direct result of their incompetence, especially when there was nothing wrong with my engine when I took it to them in the first place. In addition to this, I was also told that I would be issued a rental car/truck to drive back and forth to work while my vehicle was being repaired, however this has never happened, and they have had my truck for about two months. Furthermore, I would also like to add that the managers of this dealership are very difficult to get in touch with if you have any issues that need to be addressed with them in particularly. And they also consistently fail to follow up with you if they say they will do so at any given time. In conclusion, I do not recommend using the service department at Jim Hudson Toyota, because the repairs may not get done accurately, and you will find that you have to keep returning for issues that were caused by them. They will also try to have you pay for repairs to your vehicle that should be covered by them. As a result of what is going on with my particular vehicle, I am beginning to seek legal counsel to potentially resolve the issue that I have with the dealership, and if I am unable to do so, I will most certainly never do business with JHT ever again!

Dealer response

Mr. Thompson, I am sorry you feel this way and needed to follow social media. I have taken your vehicle and your concern seriously. We all have here at the dealer level. As you expressed, you did have a radiator issue in the beginning and that is why we needed to repair the issues back early on. We have addressed and fixed any and all concerns with your vehicle. We replaced the radiator back in December of 2018, and you just recently have complained the vehicle is skipping 6 months later. As we discussed, it is the head gaskets and they need to be replaced due to a design issue that was updated years ago. We would like to do nothing less other than to help you repair the vehicle and we offered the repair at half the cost due to your loyalty here at the dealership. I have given you my personal cell phone to call me, and never did as we offered the help in the repair, and we did also offer the rental if you so were repairing the vehicle as well. We never were given the chance to repair it due to not being able to come to an agreement. If there is anything we are able to do, please feel free to call me at the dealership or on my personal cell phone. Thank you, Ed Yager Service Director

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