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    I am a glazier and my work requires a lot of travel. I was the owner of a 2000 Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo that had served me very well for 14 year...

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    I am a glazier and my work requires a lot of travel. I was the owner of a 2000 Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo that had served me very well for 14 years. As I was on my way to Mississippi from Indianapolis one fine Sunday, the old Jeep finally breathed her last mile. It is the only vehicle that I owned and I live on a tight budget. I knew that the old student loan had destroyed my credit history with a lot of help from me. I was feeling hopeless. I'm going to lose my job, I can't even look for another job without a way to get there, and how am I going to get my son when I have visitation? Well, I gave myself the old pity party for a few days and then remembered that a friend of mine had bought a really nice pickup. I knew that he was in the same credit score conundrum as I am and I asked him how he managed to do it. He said Indy Auto Man. I called some relatives and they gladly gave me a ride to check out what I was eligible for. (Probably because they didn't want to give me rides forever. Lol. Just kidding). Well when I arrived I noticed that the lot had many top models. Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc... My hopes sank even lower. I'll never qualify for one of these! I have to say that I was never approached once on the lot by any salesman. I had plenty of time to look around with no high pressure sales pitch in my ear. As I checked out the inventory I set my sights on a couple of ones I liked. I walked inside and approached the first salesman I saw. He was a kind young man and he informed me that although he would love to sell me a car it was not his turn. I guess they have a rotation of some sort. I was approached shortly by a gentleman by the name of Burt. He asked how he may help me and we sat at his desk. I told him my situation and exactly what I was looking for. While my credit history was being ran, he offered to let me test drive a few of choices. He had told me of this Mercedes that is a 2008, but had less than 15,000 miles on it. I decided to drive it first. I was very I impressed with how it handled and the subtle power of the V6. I drove another car, a BMW 525. Total luxury, all the bells and whistles, and sure to put me to sleep at the wheel on a long travel night. Lol. In the end I decided on the Mercedes if I could get it financed. Burt checked with Dimitri to see if I would qualify and I have no words to say for how I felt when he told me that I did. My payment would be modest with a low interest rate and even a deluxe warranty. Hope had returned. Burt told me that it would be 15 minutes or so before I could leave with it and my relatives and I decided to get a bite to eat across the street. I hadn't even finished when Burt came up to our table and handed me the keys. He had delivered it to me personally. This is a great place with a wonderful staff. I would recommend it to anyone.

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