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(719 reviews)

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Excellent Experience

Excellent Experience I had a great experience purchasing a car here. The staff were all great and informative and pleasant to work with. They made me feel comfortable, confident and informed


Buyer beware

I had driven only Mazda since 1986. Since our Mazda dealership closed, I wanted to keep my money in Santa Cruz. So I bought a Honda and was happy with it. I also bought one of their service maintenance contracts. I went in for service and they told me I needed brakes and it was appropriate miles so I had them replace my brakes . When I took my car back about 5000 miles later they told me I need new brakes. Really? I called service repeatedly with no reply. Called the general manager and then the service guy called me and told me to come in so I could see how they determine if I need new breaks or not. I wasn't born yesterday. Brakes don't go bad in 5000 miles. I took it to another Honda dealership to make sure the brakes had even been changed. So I have 40000 miles left on this service contract. If I want to use it I have to go to Burlingame or Morgan Hill. I called Honda corporate and they said I didn't even buy a service contract. I will never buy a car from them again.


Ocean Honda best salesman

Jeff Winton dedication to servicing the customer was the reason that I leased my last 3 cars at Ocean Honda and bought my last leased car in April 28th, 2022. His help in navigating the lease ending process was professional and very helpful. Thanks Jeff


Great Staff

We were looking for a 2021 Honda Accord Touring and were able to find three for sale at Ocean Honda. Unfortunately, by the time we scheduled a trip to Santa Cruz only one car was left. We had received Emails from both Robert Estrada and Michael Livanos from Internet sales and we went down to visit their dealership. Years ago when they were in Capitola I received excellent service on an older Honda Accord which they fixed stating it was still under warranty. I was quite surprised that my Wife and I weren’t stormed by Sales People when we pulled up. We were able to walk around the lot without anyone coming out and starting a sales pitch. When we went in and asked to speak to Mr. Livanos who advised us that that last Touring car was sold, but he spent a couple of hours with us in looking at cars. Prior to leaving we had obtained a value on our trade in and had ordered a car. All the Staff were very helpful in assisting us during our visit. Plenty of parking and the Dealership was well laid out and clean.


ON THEIR DEALS:First and foremost, I guarantee you will...

ON THEIR DEALS: First and foremost, I guarantee you will not get the best deal at this dealership. They will play games and lie to you and if you weigh your options at another Honda dealership, you will definitely get a better deal. I learned this on my 2nd car purchase from Honda. I purchased a Civic SI from Ocean (which was just an OKAY deal...not very good) My 2nd car purchase was the flagship type R and they offered me such an insulting offer, I went to Manly Honda a couple hours away and they gave me a deal for many thousand dollars cheaper. They made their deal seem like a joke. ON THEIR SERVICE DEPARTMENT Second of all, their service department is amateur with what seems like very little experience with their own vehicles. If you go there expect to be scammed. After not purchasing my type-r from Ocean, I finally took it to them because the Type R's have known transmission issues and I was experiencing a common and known problem these cars are having. Ocean Honda is much closer to me than leaving the bay area, so we thought that even if they are terrible at selling cars, their service shop should still be okay. NOPE. After holding on to the car for almost two weeks, they falsely claimed I modified the car and flagged my car so that Honda wouldn't fix it. They are refusing to even say what was modified. I have to get a lawyer just to get them to do their job now! Is it because I didn't buy from them? Is it because they think they can scam Women at the car shop? Avoid these scammers at all cost! They are very good at lying. Just look at their other reviews. I know Ocean is the closest for many in Santa Cruz county, but if you value your money as much as Ocean will value stealing your money, avoid like your life depended on it.


Sales team doesn't communicate. Management team tries to...

Sales team doesn't communicate. Management team tries to slip in every unnecessary fee to purchasing a car as possible. Only go to Ocean Honda if you're okay with them low-balling your trade in and overcharging you (several thousands dollar over KBB). If being drastically underwater on a auto purchase is your thing Ocean Honda is your dealership. Combine all of that with foul mouthed salesbros who will attempt to swindle in any way imaginable.


Summary: Broke – multiple – Covid regulations when...

Summary: Broke – multiple – Covid regulations when helping a known immunocompromised customer, staff couldn’t answer a simple "what is the difference between these 2 models" question, aggressive sales techniques even after repeatedly being told no, failure to deliver on promotion promises, major contract and paperwork errors, selling and delivering – the wrong car –, failure to provide complete sales paperwork, failure to provide all instruction documents/kits for paid add-ons, and finally, ghosted client after not keeping promises to fix the above issues. Long version: I have fond memories of Ocean Honda from when I got my last lease, so when that lease was up, I was excited to go back. Unfortunately, my experiences with them since have been nothing but a nightmare. The entire sales staff met in a small room for an extended period of time without wearing masks or gloves during Covid. Even knowing that I’m immunocompromised, the saleswoman left the meeting and got right in my face instead of keeping her distance. She finally put her mask and gloves on after I asked her to, but then took them off again within 10 minutes. And the seat that they had “cleaned” before I got there came up brown on my disinfecting wipe when I wiped it down myself. The saleswoman had no knowledge of their products, and kept pushing me to buy a car that I didn’t want, over and over, even after repeatedly being told no, and even insisted that I test drive it before we move on to talking about anything else. When I asked what the difference was between that model and the last model of the same car, she could only come up with, “Drive it and you’ll know”. Spoiler, I didn’t know. I was transferred to the manager who was great, and bought a car during a promotion for a gift card with purchase. I confirmed that I would get the gift card, and they said yes. Despite multiple promises from the General Manager, the gift card never came, and instead, he just eventually stopped responding to my e-mail. Over 2 months later, I was informed that the car that I’d bought wasn’t the one that I had been given and driving for the last 2+ months. They said that they had improperly filled out the paperwork, and that I had to come in to sell them the car that I didn’t have so that we could fill out paperwork for the car that I did have. However, they kept 2 documents that had a yellow customer copy side, telling me that they needed someone else to work on those still, and that they’d mail me my copy of those 2 pages. They didn’t. I still, over 8 months later, don’t have all of the paperwork that I’m legally supposed to have for my car. And once again, the General Manager did nothing, and then stopped responding to my e-mail. And finally, after repurchasing the correct car, I started getting the usual documents in the mail, such as brochures and explanations for the perks that I bought. I had purchased the exact same thing as the first time, but after the second purchase, I got documents in the mail that never came with the first car purchase, meaning that they didn’t give those to me the first time around even though they were supposed to. So, if you are concerned about Covid, don’t go here. If you want to take advantage of a promotion, make sure that it’s something immediate and in the contract, because you might not get it otherwise. And make sure that they give you ALL of your paperwork before you leave, or you might never see it. Good luck.


Horrible service

I purchased my car back in 2017 and sales person Efren was great. When I got my 2019 same great service from him. But when I took my car for service it was horrible customer service every time. Even with appointment for my service I would wait hours, when I would ask why people with our appointments got the car sooner than me they would get upset and seemed bothered. But white people come in and it’s all smiles. Racist!!!! Never going back, or recommending them.


Ocean Honda of SC - the best

Ocean Honda’s GM (Tony) is great to deal with, very helpful and approachable. Luis, my sales advisor, went above and beyond to find me the kind of vehicle I was looking for. He was also friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. The whole buying process was easy and painless. Great dealership and great staff. Will definitely go back.

Dealer response

Thank you very much, Blanca! We look forward to seeing you again.


Family vehicle

Traded in my 2016 Toyota van for brand new 19 Honda Odyssey EX with sensing. Yay! GM Tony Carranza And his management Team including Martin and Joe, All helpful and involved. Pablo was my sales person, Great guy drove up three different vehicles for me to pick from, answered all my questions. I decided to stay with a minivan instead of a SUV. Personally the sliding doors did it. Finance guy Connor was great, I did decide to buy warranty Why because I can’t fix anything myself. A dealership

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