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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(13 reviews)

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Nice people.

Cool new building, they need some staff but the few they have are pretty knowledgeable and don’t scoff at you when you ask the price.


Nice Staff

Nice People, Great new building. I would recommend you call and make an appointment so they can bring the vehicle out for you. But lots of cool cars to see.



I customized ordered Lamborghini Urus on May 2021 with a deposit when I am pregnant . I waited for 10 months, and have emotional feeling with the car. Then on Feb 2022, the car dealership agent just called me to refund the money to my card with no reason. I and My attorney have tried to contact them to request for proper solution and answer, but they completely ignore us. My car with specific VIN has been delivered to the shop. They just want to sell my car with higher price because all Urus price is going up outside. It is very unethical and unprofessional! Never order any car from them. It is a scam business. Currently, we have been filed the case for lawsuit against them! They completely violate consumer fair act, and bully the customer like me!


Lied about maintenance records

I purchased my first McLaren, a 2020 720s from McLaren of Bellevue this month. I was told by the sales associate Jeremy Corwen that the car would be delayed several days before they could ship it out as they were going to be completing the scheduled second annual service. Received the car and the service light was on. Called the dealership and was told that the service had been completed. I went to the local McLaren dealership and they told me in fact that it had not been completed. Makes me wonder if they lied about this what else I was misled about (besides the fact that they also said they were going to ship the car with the stock exhaust, something they failed to do as well). Was told that the manager Jason was going to call, but crickets. Tried emailing/calling/texting but no response from anyone. You’d think if you were spending that much money on a vehicle that the dealer would be honest, but it’s clear that McLaren of Bellevue is no better than a used car lot in terms of their honesty and the way they treat their customers. I’d advise you to look elsewhere if possible.



Sent 2 E-mails and received no response after a week from sending the first E-mail. Called and agreed on a price for a car. While at the bank getting the cashiers check, received an E-mail telling me the car was sold but there was another car available. Not sure if this is just bad service or a bait and switch but it wasn't good.


Poor service

I called to try and buy a car 6.5 hours later no response and i ever text the sales associate vin number and pictures of the car. Not a peep biz must be so good or they just have the wrong people there. I am going with the latter.


UK Customer

I emailed requesting information on various cars and the response was prompt, clear & concise. Excellent follow up emails to my extra questions. Thanks Sue - North Wales


Very professional and courteous staff!

Shahin and Adam were absolutely great t! I do not live in Washington and this was my first vehicle purchase outside of California. I was initially nervous, but they immediately made me feel quite comfortable and everyone I communicated with at this dealership was very honest and friendly. I would highly recommend this dealership!


Amazing Service

Adam and Shahin are incredibly friendly, knowledgable and truly take the time to make sure you're thoroughly happy with your purchase! They're always willing to go the extra mile and ensure that you'll be a repeat client.



I recently visited the showroom to look at a new Bentley, before I knew it I was sitting inside the car of my dreams. The two sales people were Adam & Shahin what a team, they answered my questions and made me feel like I had no pressure on me to buy anything. Bottom line I have now placed my order with them and can not wait for my new Bentley Speed. Fantastic place!!!

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