Hovey Motorcars

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(44 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(44 reviews)

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Hoovey Motors in Boerne

We purchase a truck in August, We have only been able to use it for 4 trips maybe. If that. They had to put a used motor which we paid for, My son Picks it up after weeks of them working on. And it stalls in the middle of IH 10! Call the lot they go and pick it up only to say the motor is burned again. So they put another motor after another couple of weeks and guess what it dies in the middle of 37! This vehicle is dangerous. I took it to a regular outside mechanic, because clearly something is not being done correctly at hoovey. Only to hear that it is a piece of S*&Yt and very dangerous, different nuts and bolts used leak on power steering fluid, breaks are bad and only one 10 gallon gas thing is connected.


He'll get it sold...but he's not a very nice guy..

Did Hovey Sr sell my '67 Mustang quickly? Yes. But you must have thick skin to work with him. He was VERY crass and rude to me on MANY occasions throughout my dealings with him. The day after I dropped it off and slept on what we had discussed, I had originally said I'd take $22,000 but it didn't sit well with me. This was my Grandmother's car, completely restored and family heirloom. I asked him to change our contract to $25,000 and he wasn't thrilled to do so. I said NO DEAL to anything less and he agreed. He left my car outside when he promised me it would be in the showroom. After catching it twice being left out, he moved it under an overhang on the building for partial shelter. After the sale, he asked me to take less for the car because the Buyer wanted to ship it overseas.....that's the Buyers problem! When he reluctantly cut me a check for the car 3.5 weeks after the sale, he said, "Well here you go. Got you $3,000 over the original price we signed on and no commission paid to me. Hellova deal. Hope you're happy"


Loving my C5 corvette, I will definitely recome

V Espinoza Bought a C5 Red Corvette , Had some minor issues after i took it home . Called the dealership a few days later , with no hesitation they asked me to bring it in . Put me in a rental for a few days , fixed my car . I'm loving my Corvette . I will definitely be doing business with them in the future .


Worst experience ever!

The scam goes like this: they find your car on the website(s) you posted as a private seller. They claim that “Under our consignment program there's $1500-2500 more in it for you vs a typical purchase, with a 97% success rate. Or with a purchase we will beat most any reputable dealer bids you may have that are on paper, within 1 week.. such as carmax, northpark, etc.”. The guy who contacted you (the most lethargic you have ever seen in a sales rep role) will interrogate you: how many offers did you receive so far, at what value, how long the car is on sale, how soon you want to sell it, any repairs needed etc. Obviously, all of this will be used later against you. MR HOVEY's room is built to impress you: big photos with military characters, flags, and signatures, newspaper articles, big happy family etc. The first 15-20 minutes are one man show: he will tell you that he is the first and best of everything (first to be vaccinated in the States, salesperson, state appraiser, hard worker, father, grandfather, 100% disabled veteran, car authority, philanthropist, animal and veterans rescuer etc.). Everything repeated three or four times. You suddenly realized that God blessed you with meeting Rambo, Clint Eastwood, Mahatma Gandhi, and Vin Diesel in the same person. You suspect that he is the one who stole the fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind. And yet, he is too humble to admit that. The ecstasy lasts for a second as the things go ugly from there. He will ask you why you are there today, and you understand that you disturbed the greatest human being with your worthless car. Suddenly, he pulls up a report showing less than half of your car’s market value and tells you that selling that car is mission impossible. The car has a terrible accident history, wrong color, wrong size, wrong mileage, wrong number of owners, and possibly the wrong number of wheels. You realize that he is talking about your beautiful car that is praised 100% more on KBB, CarGurus and other professional websites and had only one minor accident in the past. Timidly, you ask why this big difference between his price and the other on the Internet. He tells you that the Internet is fake news and his secret insurance appraisal and word is the Gospel truth. Now, this is important: if you can detach yourself from the reason that brought you there, the show is priceless. You can study in real time the predatory car salesman and techniques from the 50’s-60’s. If you can do that, just enjoy the show as a Discovery Channel episode. Back to the movie: your car is worthless and almost impossible to sell. He writes on paper in front of you that you have 1% chances of doing that. But wait! There is hope after all! He is willing to help you out of superior kindness! He usually charges $250 for sharing his wisdom but he is giving you free advice today. He has 99% chances of selling your car although he does not need that. Your car at its best is worth $5,300, the question is how much you want for it. You realize that the show is close to the end and candidly you state the same price listed on the website they hooked you from. He looks outraged and ask you again the same question. You reply with the same stupid answer and decide to leave. Eventually, you sell your car for $9,200 as appraised on the Internet. In hindsight, the entire show is incredible, and it is amazing that they do not charge tickets for it yet. I recommend it as a possible alternative to Netflix and other boring shows. However, you have the best chances to sell your car at its fair price and not for the half they will try to convince you. Overall, it was a surreal experience. As a military veteran, I felt outraged that a retired fellow can treat any customer with such arrogance, disdain, and insult their intelligence in such a manner!


Great Experience

The family was fantastic all three generations from the salesman to the finance to the final paperwork! They took care of all my questions and provided a fantastic buying experience. They put me into a car of my dreams and I highly recommend!!!


Vehicle Consignment

My experience with this dealership was a bad experience. Communication was terrible. They did not let me know how much they were going to sale the vehicle for or asked me if I was in agreement with amount. I called them to aske on the status of the vehicle and that's when I was told that the vehicle was sold and that I had to pay my finance company asap. I am a retired disabled Viet-Nam Viet and did not have the difference for what they sold the vehicle for and what I owed the finance company which quite a bit. Thank God I found a company that really helps the American Vet and they loan me the money. So fellow Vets be very careful.


Best dealer you can find

Hovey Motorcars is the best dealer I’ve ever deal with. I trusted Mr. Rich Sr when I’m talking to him on the phone. There was never a single word ‘not true’ in the whole conversation. He was completely honest, thoughtful, father figure and gracious. I know I went too personal can’t help it that's what I felt. The company shipped my car I inspected my Ford MV-1 entirely, it was exactly what Mr. Rich pictured in my mind. Even he told me the tires weren’t good and it didn’t surprise me when I saw them. The price was fair even though, I’m not good in bargaining and Mr. Rich didn’t try to take advantage on that. After I did the down payments, my loan processing took over a month and they’ve been very patient to hold my car in their parking lot without charging me or selling to other better offers. The whole staff tried to work with me all the process and they’re all very helpful and friendly. I really Thanks to the whole staff and family especially Mr. Rich Hovey I would give them a million ⭐️


Great experience!

Found car via the internet is was well presented. Went to dealer to check it out, car was better than expected, price was great and overall service was outstanding. Hovey went above and beyond to address concerns I had with a 38 year old car, fixed everything and then some. Very professional staff. Highly recommended.


08 Z06

Went in today to look at a Z06, and ended up getting it. Buying experience was hassle free, very smooth financing. Trustworthy, and very family oriented! Will definitely return.


Great dealership

Ray Gutierrez was our salesman. He was friendly, knowledgeable and we were in and out in an hour. Mr. Hovey and his sons were friendly and made us feel comfortable. It was the easiest car buying experience we ever had. We would highly recommend this dealership to all our friends and family.

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