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We realize that you have lots of choices. Buying a car is never easy. What sets us apart? Our desire is to ensure you have the best car buying experience. We consider customer satisfaction to be our highest priority. Throughout each of our departments the emphasis is always on putting our customers' needs first.

Our staff goes through continuous certified customer service training. We provide a 24 hour hot line so we are always available. Our cars unless marked "as is" come with a 6 month unlimited mileage limited warranty. We have available 200 cars for sale in all price ranges. Providing you more choices bigger selections..

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(85 reviews)

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Gary was patient and courteous at all time.

Gary was patient and courteous at all time. I appreciated working with him and Brick City


The picture of Cadillac I went to see was misleading.

The picture of Cadillac I went to see was misleading. The car was not on main lot. The sales person said we have 2 other lots. We drove 2 blocks. He did not have key to gate or to car. He said you can see car through fence. The tires were bald, and flat. I asked him what is in the back seat, he said someone tried to steal the car, so that’s the car door you see. I told him the car I have is better than the junk he was showing me for $8,995 and I don’t have a car yet. Really ridiculous. Never ever will I go back to Brick City again


They responded quickly and if I lived closer I would stop

They responded quickly and if I lived closer I would stop by. Thank you very much.


This is my third vehicle that I have purchased from brick

This is my third vehicle that I have purchased from brick city motors. And I must say every time I was happy with the services. Gary was my salesman and each time I left with a great car at a reasonable price..I’ve been coming here since 2011 and will continue to come back when am in need of a vehicle…Thanks again GARY and the rest of the team at Brick City Motors…


Junk cars

Thought I was at a junk yard for used parts,don't waste your time. After getting back to town over hour away the guy calls. Told him about junk car we were showed and he says they only fix them if they are going to sell it,really 😧😧😞


Won't answer questions or return calls. It got to the...

Won't answer questions or return calls. It got to the point I gave up on them. It's probably a good thing I didn't buy from them.


No test drive

The car on the ads is nice and clean. When I got to there the car is as clean as how the ads looks like in. Salesman is okay and polite. However they said the car is checked by mechanic and should be no problem. How can you buy a car without a test drive......


In love with my knew car

I came here to buy my first car and was dealing with Gary he was honest from the beginning he really help me with my purchase and I didn't have insurance and the young lady who works there help me get cheap insurance I would definitely recommend this dealership.



DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE IF YOU ARE A YOUNG WOMAN! I had to give my personal number and information to purchase a car (obviously) and paid cash in mid-February. Chris called my personal number AFTER the make small talk, ask what there was to do in my town on the weekend, ask when I was off work, oh, and to compliment my photo on my ID. When I got the car it had a crack in the windshield that was not shown in pictures online, and it says CODE 95 on the dashboard. I have to get it looked at by a mechanic. They did not call me about my plates until March 24th. I called them repeatedly and never received a response until this morning. A rude woman picked up and asked if “the motor vehicles girl” called me. She never asked my name and was immediately condescending and unfriendly. They refused to mail the paperwork because “things have gotten lost before” ...which is not reassuring, but I told her I feel unsafe going to the dealership because my personal information was misused. She insisted they had a “recorded conversation” with me in April(?) although the last time they reached out to me was the voicemail from March 24th. She agreed to hand over the information to someone I approve if they can “record the conversation” in person????? Anyway guess I’ll have to drive an hour to this shady place, without a title, registration, or valid plates, that may or may not have everything I need considering it’s been months of no contact with them! This experience has been extremely negative and uncomfortable. NOT everybody should be in customer service. Very curious to know who she actually talked to in April though!


Buyer Beware: Bring a mechanic with you

I purchased a 2007 Suzuki SX4 on Wednesday, March 17th, 2021 at 11am. I initially came the day before to look at a different car but I ended up falling in love with the Suzuki. I put a down payment on the car of $1,000 the night before when the system came up but I could not fill out any of the paperwork at that time. The next day, Wednesday the 17th, I came back to put down the rest of the money for the car. Gary assured me that the car was in good condition multiple times and said that he had the mechanic on duty look at the vehicle and it passed the “inspection” that they did. Gary took the rest of the money before allowing me to take the car for a test drive, claiming that it was a part of the process. After the funds were taken, Gary, my boyfriend and myself took the car for a test drive and nothing was wrong with the car, none of the check engine lights came on and it was at this time I asked was there anything I should know about and he said No, everything was fine. After leaving the lot, and dropping my boyfriend off at home, about 15 minutes past and the check engine, airbag, and tire pressure lights came on. I didn’t have time to take it back that day, so the next day I took the car to a mechanic to run diagnostics. I was told that the catalyst converter needed to be replaced and this was something that should have been caught during the inspection that the dealership should have done. My car will not pass state inspection without the catalyst converter. I immediately took the car back to the dealership where I was told that there was nothing that they could do until Monday and how I shouldn’t be worried about driving etc. The manager was very nonchalant about the whole situation and I felt as though he did not care how concerned I was about something that I was told should have been corrected before I even came and picked the car up. He told me that they only use their mechanics and don’t believe what anyone else says because their mechanics are the best. This whole situation really took the joy of purchasing my very first car by myself with my own hard earned money away. Edit: I took my car there on Monday and the service manager said that all they had to do was clean out the catalytic converter. It is now Tuesday and my check engine light came back on. And during my visit on Monday, I find out that the warranty that they offer is a tune up warranty. I was not offered any other warranty at the time. Definitely bring a mechanic with you if you decide to visit this dealership so you know what type of vehicle that you are getting. Don't go just by what they say.

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