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Complete waste of time

Absolutely terrible. Drove 45 min to an hour away and was scheduled to look at a 2018 Ram 1500, that was Black, With side step and bed liner . Got there and began looking around. I located the truck I was scheduled to view and confirmed the correct VIN number. The truck was very dirty, hadent even been cleaned. It did not have the side step or bed liner as advertised. I was approached by a guy who got into contact with the person I was supposed to be meeting with. After speaking with him he said that “they havent gotten a chance to clean it out” Which youd think if you had someone scheduled for 2 days to visit youd at least it it out. Am I right? When confronted about the bed liner and side step he stated that “they probably just threw a generic description on it” Which is absolutely terrible, and misleading. It had almost NONE of the features listed on the website. The best I was offered was that he could “keep and eye out for what I want”. Didnt even bother to once apologize for the misleading website post. My entire experience was a complete waste. I strongly do not recommend.

Dealer response

Thank you very much for taking the time to review our business. Your input and the feedback from all of our customers are vitally important to us and we always want our customer expectations to be met. If you would reach out to us directly at (740) 964-3900, we would like to learn more about the situation so we can investigate further. In the meantime, we have notified the manager to avoid this happening in the future. Thank you.


Stole and ran credit

Asked Chet to look at an credit application Chrysler gave me. Instead, he ran my credit that he took off the application with multiple agencies, without my permission. I didn't give any authorization to have it ran, yet he did.


They rather laugh at memes.




my wife called four times last week to get our jeep in for a recall even had the receptionist take a note back to the service dept they never called back… this is not good for business.


Poor Service

This review is for the service department, I can not speak on the sales team. The fact I have to give them 1 star is too much credit for this group. I own and operate a company that maintains 15 vehicles in a fleet. We interact with multiple service groups on a monthly basis and after 8 years of operation this is by far the most unorganized and unprofessional group I’ve ever dealt with. After one of our vans was wrecked and repaired at another site, we experienced some transmission issues. We dropped our vehicle off for them to check, little did I know that would set off a 4-month odyssey that would end with the vehicle no better off today than it was the day we dropped it off. Now, obviously the damage to the transmission is not their fault but the fact that they told our insurance company they could disassemble the transmission and inspect it to determine the issue and fail to do so over 4 months and then invoice us is ridiculous. After authorizing the work, we were called and told the transmission was “mostly” (verbatim what I was told on the phone) taken apart and they couldn’t take it any further but couldn’t find the damage. Yet, they still say it needs replaced. So, my question is this, why would you agree to do the work knowing you couldn’t complete the job and then invoice that customer for the full amount? Then demand the vehicle be off the lot by a certain date and when the tow truck arrives demand the invoice be paid. Here’s the catch, I spoke to three different people the day of pickup and no one could tell me the invoice amount and couldn’t confirm it was sent. So now I’m paying a tow truck driver to sit there while you figure out what you’re charging us. Unbelievable. As someone who operates a business in the customer service realm good luck maintaining and building positive relationships with customers when you treat them in this manner. So, in summary they agree to do work they cant complete, demand you pickup the vehicle but only after you pay an invoice that hasn’t been sent and they cant tell you the total cost.



This was worst car buying experience I’ve had. I had to return the Jeep due to the dealership telling me the Chrysler’s buy back numbers were higher than mine on the lease trade in. No one I’ve talked to has ever heard of this including the Chrysler financial team that I called twice. That tthen sent an email congratulating my new car purchase. I had to return the Jeep cause they wanted to renegotiate the signed contract after I had the car for a week. Here’s the kicker: They wanted my to pay$900 to take back original Jeep and they threw away my Jeep manual on the Jeep I brought in for the trade. You think I was ever contacted about the replacement book? DO not do business here OH mY GoD Don’t


2014 Grand Cherokee Limited review

This dealership/facility has served us well for the past 14 years and we've purchased 3 different Grand Cherokees from them. The sales staff members (Marty & Ron) that we've dealt with over this timeframe have provided us with outstanding service at all times. Their maintenance/service department has also provided quality maintenance on all of our vehicles, but I will not rate the "quality of repairs" on this vehicle (2014) due to the fact that we have not required any technical assistance to date. Unfortunately, I will comment on the Chrysler product that we just purchased (2014 Grand Cherokee Limited) a couple months back. There is no doubt that they've added numerous bells and whistles to their vehicles that probably enhance the overall capability & saftey of this car, but this "Limited" model has probably the most uncomfortable leather seats of any Jeep that we've owned (we had others from a dealership in Virginia before retiring to Ohio). The degree of comfort that we had in the leather seats in our 2003 Grand Cherokee Overland was several times more comfortable than the new, improved options that they offer today (in all of their Jeep models). Although the "quality" of leather that they're using now may be touted as being a higher grade or better overall quality, they still pale in comparison to the 2003 version. We do considerable long distance driving throughout the year and as you might expect, seating comfort is indeed important. These new seats provide none of that! I've tested all of the "leather" seat options that the Jeep line offers and none of them meet the standards that are necessary for long term driving comfort. We purchased this particular vehicle because it "seemed" to have a little better quality comfort than some of the others on the lot, but that "feeling" of comfort disappeared quickly. In conjunction with the "less than desirable" seating comfort, the quality of the shock support is also suspect, as you feel each and every bump along the highway, which only enhances the low quality of comfort in the leather seats. I will admit that we had "buyers remorse" immediately after purchasing this vehicle and driving it extensively during the first week or two. At this point, being from the "old school" - we will live with our decision (for the time being!).


Average at best

I recently purchased a new Jeep at this dealer and the overall experience was average at best. The pros: the facility is in great shape, good location for East of Columbus residents, average Jeep selection, and this dealer didn't have in stock exactly what I wanted, so they found a Jeep I wanted at another location within about 10 days. The cons: from the moment I walked in the dealership, I felt like I was treated like a woman who knew nothing about Jeeps or buying a car. After serious talk/convincing with a salesperson explaining that I was interested in buying a new Jeep, I made a $500 deposit and it was not deducted when I paid for the Jeep until I called two weeks later questioning where the refund was. Do salespeople always ask if the current car you drive is paid off? Because the salesperson asked me this question the first day I visited the dealer when I was by myself. I brought my husband to the dealer a few times to show him the Jeep selection, and once my husband was with me, they directed all their conversation to him when I was buying the Jeep myself, not my husband. It was like I wasn't even standing there and nothing I said mattered. The actual paperwork side of the purchasing process was very awkward as well. The employee made it too personal with his comments about me personally buying the Jeep and saying "usually the man (in the relationship) buys the cars". Yikes. Hello this is 2014.


Great Car Buying Experience!

Internet Sales Manager Jarod Callander made my buying a car experience as simple as could be. He worked with his finance person to get me the best deal possible. I highly recommend Jarod Callander as your next friend in the car sales business.


Satisfied Customer

I recently worked with Jerod and Chris to purchase a 2013 Dodge Charger. While Chris has only been with the dealership a short time, he was very helpful with his knowledge of the vehicle. Jerod was also great to work with. I did not feel I was pressured into making a decision on the purchase, but they were trying to help me to decide if it was the right vehicle for me. I would highly recommend this dealership. From the moment I walked in the door everyone was very friendly and seemed to honestly want to help me.

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