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The main objective for this dealership is to scam

I purchased a vehicle from them a year ago and at first it all seemed legit,but honestly don’t go to them at ALLLLLL!!!They like to take advantage of people and all they do is lie and give xxxxty service,whoever owns this dealership needs to be shut down,and now it’s all new people and they are still pulling the same xxxxxxxx like the old ones


Illegal no ,ethical you decide

They made me believe a 2020 camry was worth 30,000.00 on jan 6,2021. They are common thiefs, they even lied about remote start,buyer beware, I will heal,how can they sleep at night?ill ask yhem when i get oil changes lol,lol,lol


General Manager is a liar

The general manager lied to get me to come into the dealership. I drove from Fargo because my previous financing got canceled due to paperwork issues. Instead of talking with me and figuring the situation out the general manager Terrance lied and told me he had a new bank to finance the car and I needed to come in to sign paperwork. I drove 75 miles to grand forks and when I got there the slimey xxxxxxx took my keys and said they had to inspect the vehicle. He then snuck out the back door like a coward and let his sales manager explain to me the situation. I ended up paying cash for the vehicle. Terrance is a coward and should learn to be upfront and honest. He was going to leave me stranded 75 miles from home on a Tuesday night at 8pm. Poor excuse for a human being.


Avoid this place like the plague

The most crooked and unethical car dealership I have ever dealt with. They make lots of promises, but never deliver. The screwed me out of over $4500 and refuse to do anything about it.


Fantastic service and impressive committment!

Fantastic customer service. Impressive. Willing to go the extra mile. Sadly they didn't have the exact make and model we wanted but their effort to help us locate that vehicle was outstanding! Hats off to Chris Orwig:-)



Laura Leikness Kortes‎ to Lithia Toyota of Grand Forks Just now · Wishing we would have kept our $$ here in Fargo with a 2018 Camry purchase. Purchased May 14, the service mgr Randy had traded this in, so it was on the lot & ready for purchase. Well, here it is, August 8...almost 3 MONTHS later, and he never did turn in the title to Lithia----HOW can Lithia sell something, and not have the title....??? I have had the 75-day window sticker on for long past 75 days. I called July 31, spoke to a man in licensing who sounded very concerned--assured me he would send out and "expedite" another 75-day permit. Still waiting. That was 8 days ago. Now, when we traded Lithia our 2015 Mustang in on this Camry, would you NOT expect that title in your hands as soon as possible?? Today we checked the NDDOT website, our car still shows ownership by Randy, the Lithia employee, since January 2018. NO paperwork has been turned in, and I'm unable to drive my car legally--I have paid it off IN FULL--but still no title. I'm so unhappy & pissed off.....I know Corwin Toyota wouldn't screw over a customer as bad as Lithia. (on a side note, Randy only turned in ONE set of keys. Our salesman Gerry, promised he'd get the 2nd set mailed out to us May 15. 2 weeks later, any spare keys? Nope. Had to call Gerry & remind him....then it was 5 days later when they finally did show up). *****UPDATE***** Husband just got off the phone with Donnie, general mgr. He had excuses, blame, etc etc for everyone/anything...... but when asked, "would it have been ok for us not to give you the title for out trade-in '15 Mustang, and you being in limbo for 3 months with no title, would that have been OK??" >silence< "no"..... Said it was messed up because it was a lease vehicle, and they didn't get the odometer reading........ Like it was the 1st lease sale/trade they've ever done.


Great experience

Great service. Helped me understand every step of the way. They helped me get the best car I've ever owned. I will definitely be going back.



We have purchased 7 new trucks and SUVs and the service and follow up we received from Lithia has been stupendous. Tyler in service is courteous and helpful!!! In and out quickly my last oil change.


Friendly and timely

Had to get a quick oil change before I took off for my weekend trip. They had me ready to go and ahead of schedule.

Dealer response

Thank you for the great rating! We are always striving for our customers to leave our dealership satisfied so we are happy you had a good experience with us! We look forward to working with you again in the future!


Assessing work to be done.

They were quick and helpful. Very comfortable area

Dealer response

Thanks for the great review Cynthia! We really appreciate the feedback, thanks for stopping by Toyota of Grand Forks, hope to see you again soon!

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