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(56 reviews)

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Great Team!

Great Experience, Great team! I personally worked with Shelby and her manager Pete got the truck of my choice for the best price I could find!


Very satisfied customer

Very professional car salesmen, was able to answer all my questions without hesitation made my decision on buying a car very easy...He made me feel like he wasn't just trying to sale me a car but made sure I was making the right decision


Excellent service

I purchased a rhd jeep from Jones and my sales person was Casey Montgomery. My experience was excellent specially since I live in NY and they are located in Tennessee. I feel Casey along with the rest of the team went above and beyond to make my purchase as easy as possible


BUYERS BEWARE.. I purchased a used 2018 Ram 1500 with 30k...

BUYERS BEWARE.. I purchased a used 2018 Ram 1500 with 30k miles on it from Jones. When I left the dealership I took it straight to a mechanic to look it over because I had a vacation planned to Montana two days later. Long story short the mechanic called saying the truck was from up north and needed brakes and rotors and that it was so rusted and seized up they had to unpin the rear ended just to get them off. That cost me $700. Obviously the dealer didn’t take the time to pull the tires and wheels off or they would have seen the terrible shape the brakes were in. The emergency brake didn’t work at all. The next day I noticed the sunroof drain was clogged up and leaking and the headliner had Velcro used on it and was falling. On top of all this Jones was also supposed to order me a leveling kit as part of our agreement when purchasing the truck. Called several times, going on 6 months now and still haven’t heard from them. If your buying a used vehicle even if it’s almost new, get under it and check things before you buy because it’s obvious Jones will not. I will say they were very helpful in the buying process and worked to get the numbers where I needed them to be. I am however very disappointed they sold me a $45k truck in the condition it was in.


Thanks to Chris Peay and his team for making sure my GMC...

Thanks to Chris Peay and his team for making sure my GMC Terrain was repaired properly! The staff was friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the Dodge Chrysler location.


Nothing but issues...

We purchased a 2019 Nissan Armada several months ago. We had the car delivered to our home in Mississippi. From the beginning there was one issue after another. The driver was two hours late after getting lost down a gravel road. So when the vehicle arrived it was dirty which made it hard to inspect it for issues. We took delivery of the vehicle and noticed some issues a couple hours later. It took a couple months of calls and texts to our salesman then calls to members of management before anyone took the time to take care of the issues. They ended up paying for the issues to be repaired which was appreciated. We ended up having to replace the batteries in both FOBs two months after getting the vehicle. Since purchasing the vehicle, my wife noticed that the radio was cutting off randomly. The audio cuts out about every 20-30 minutes no matter the source, XM radio, cell phones, regular FM radio, or a different cell phone. We took it to a local Nissan dealership thinking there might be an update that was needed to the infotainment system. After looking at it for half a day, they couldn't figure out what was wrong. The handsfree voice commands don't work. It's like the microphone isn't picking up a voice. Took it to a different Nissan dealership and they couldn't figure out the issue. Second dealership said we might just have a lemon with regard to the electrical system. We are currently looking to get rid of this vehicle and buy her something else from a LOCAL, reputable dealership.

Dealer response

Wes S, after looking into your complaint we find we have no customer in our database by the name of Wes S. We will need more information from you in order to investigate further. The only customer we have that purchased a 2019 Nissan Armada from Coila, MS bought in January of 2020 and we show no complaints or calls regarding any issues from that customer. If you need further assistance please call the dealership to speak with the General Manager. 731-925-9016. Be prepared to give them all the pertinent information so that they can help you quickly.


Kelan Davidson was my salesman and he was amazing!!! He...

Kelan Davidson was my salesman and he was amazing!!! He was very honest and took care of all of my concerns and patiently answered all of my questions. The finance department knew my budget and we worked together to achieve the goal of walking out with a fantastic deal!!


Found a pre-owned vehicle that I was very interested in....

Found a pre-owned vehicle that I was very interested in. After thoroughly looking through website descriptions and pictures, decided this was the car I wanted. Contacted the dealership directly via e-mail to verify they still had the car on hand because they were located about 180 miles away. Confirmed they still had it and began corresponding back and forth with the sales team. Was told the car was "beautiful inside and out" and a great deal (As I thought it looked from the website descriptions). Provided them with all of my information, including info needed for test drive and financials. I even secured loan approval specifically for that car & dealership before arriving. After the 3 hour ride there, however, when we got there we were immediately told about mechanical issues and that they would just "cut us a check" for the expense to have it fixed. WHY WAS THIS NOT DISCLOSED PRIOR TO US DRIVING ALL THE WAY THERE? Did they not know even though they have been in possession of the vehicle for around 4 months according to the Carfax report??? I would have thought that the car would have been more thoroughly inspected and prepared before trying to sell it to someone. We literally walked in the front doors of the dealership and were told it “needed to new rotors” was “braking hard & rough” but that they could cut us a check to get it repaired if we purchased. Why on Earth would any reasonable dealership allow a customer to drive 187 miles ONE WAY to look at and purchase a vehicle without disclosing such information beforehand? I do not understand how such an issue could just be overlooked. The funny thing is they even offered to deliver it to me prior to me making the trip down to inspect it in person. I also find it hard to believe that the dealership would even offer to deliver such a vehicle to me without disclosing that information. Were they just going to drive it 3 hours my direction with crap brakes and expect me to purchase? I went to the trouble of driving my family all the way down there, wasting an entire tank of gas and a Saturday afternoon, as well as applying for a loan with specifically for that dealership simply to find a car that was in no way or form ready to be sold at the price it was listed for... mind your they offered to cut me a check for the "repair expense" but did not offer even once to come off their asking price. You know it’s bad when the dealership is offering to cut you a check for mechanical repairs the second you walk through the door. I worked with three people during this experience: one via email correspondence, a sales person via phone & in person, and the sales manager. I do not blame the sales person honestly, I believe she was probably blind-sided with the issue at the last minute and did what she could to try to make it right (the check to have the repairs done). The sales manager did little to rectify the situation, didn't offer to lower the price of the vehicle.


Jones Chryler Dodge Ram and Jeep

On November 28, 2020 I traded my Jeep Compass that I purchased from Jones for a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Jones Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep company is awesome. My sales person was Elizabeth Letson she’s amazing very knowledgeable about the vehicles and the process was very fast. I would recommend Jones Motor Company and Elizabeth Letson to all of my family and friends. They made me happy once again!💯

Dealer response

Verlene, thank you, for taking to time to let us know that you were well served at Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Savannah. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for a lifetime of service. Welcome to the Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Savannah family.


Mary at Jones jeep in savannah tn is the best. She made...

Mary at Jones jeep in savannah tn is the best. She made everything so easy. She explained everything to me step by step with no rush or pressure.

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