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the big city run-around without big city style

I initiated the interest in a vehicle, and they acted like they didn't know what they were doing or even wanted to make a sale, but that's just their GAMES. They sent me a video of the outside of the car and when I called to inquire about the interior, he didn't want to go back out there "because it was dark and you couldn't see it anyway." They low-balled my trade-in so I declined that to sell it myself, and later they'd admitted they'd have retailed it at $5-6k more. When you get to making a deal, every time they leave the desk the price will go up when they get back and when you decline, they'll have to go get "approval" to change it back, which takes another 10-15 minutes. It took all day long, hours after we even agreed to a price. It was the "big city" process without the big city feel or slickness. Granted, they are expanding, but there were literally holes in the walls of the offices. They want to wear you out so you'll sign anything to leave, and every step was unnecessarily difficult. I walked out once before paying (though I returned later on my own accord). Finally in the finance office they talked me through yet another warranty option that cost literally $10,000. When I declined that (duh - you can't get enough free tires, let alone windshield wipers to make that up!), they still had to "go tell the manager they'd tried." It was a good vehicle at a good price, but it took forever to make the deal when I was already willing to pay about the asking price from the beginning! The car was great. It was what I wanted at a reasonable price, but I swear I've never met anyone so unwilling to just sell a car.


Not a Good Experience

While at the dealership, the sales rep, her manager, and I had a hard time opening up the hatch of the SUV I purchased. It finally opened after using two hands with more force than normal to open it up. I purchased it thinking that the hatch would open as long as I used two hands. After I left, the hatch opened the few times I tried, but then stopped opening all-together. I called within 5 days of purchasing the SUV and asked if they would be willing to fix the problem "at cost", since there was a problem that everyone witnessed while I was there with the hatch. I was willing to pay them to fix it at their cost. I thought this was reasonable. The answer was "no." Would have been a super-happy customer if it wasn't for this. I was willing to pay for some of the repair, and felt that since this was a "known issue" when I drove it off the lot they should have met me "1/2 way" on it. Would not recommend buying from them.


Brooks Simpson

Honestly the guys at the Nissan shop were amazing and very helpful. You were very helpful in getting me set up in a timely manner and fitting my schedule and I appreciate it. The outside of the car looked good the inside of the car smelt cleaned but honestly I think my 10 Year old would of done a better job. Again it’s not your fault it didn’t take 5 hours to complete it was done in just a few and you could tell it looked like they just rushed through to get it done. I honestly told my coworkers if I would of known it wasn’t going to get vacuumed or cleaned I would of done that myself before bringing it in. My seats only had a few spots but since they were going to be cleaning and applying stuff on them so I didn’t do it I thought that was part of the service. Again maybe I understood the service wrong but I wasn’t happy with the auto butler at all I feel I wasted my money and I could just pay to get it detailed every 6 months for a few years what I paid from you guys for a few times to bring it there.


Not Good

Worse experience I have ever had buying a car...I was kept for hours, given a ridiculous interest rate, had crap on my loan that I didn't even know about. Lesson learned. I don't have enough time to even list everything that was wrong.


Was Great better than I expected

Will recommend it was a great experience thankful that we pulled off the lot with something we actually wanted.


Great service!

My husband and I went in looking for a used car, and we received excellent help, especially from Kenny Chambers. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Thank you for a pleasant buying experience!


Great experience!

I want to give Dominic a huge thank you! I worked with him for a few days on getting my Hyundai Genesis. He met all of my needs and made me feel comfortable about going forward with the sale. He was so considerate and didn't pressure me just to make a sale. He explained everything clearly (even the fine print).


Car review

Went here after going to another dealership that was not very helpful. Kenny Chambers helped us find the perfect car they didn't have what we were looking for but in about a week and a half he had found us the the perfect one there and we went back and bought it that same day. He was excellent helpful and got us a great deal. He listened to everything we were looking for and was very patient, definitely reccommend them and Kenny Chambers. Next time my husband gets his car we will be going back here.


Best Buying Experience

We started off at a local dealership... they didn't care to help, so we left and went to Auffenberg Nissan were lucky to encounter Kenny Chambers. He was able to help us with what we were looking for and took his time. With fast and friendly service. I highly recommend going to them if ever in need of a vehicle.


Plenty of dealer i will very go here again

My wife and I stopped by to look at a truck that they had there. We spent the day going to dealers to see how the figures and financing would work. I didn't ask to test drive because I what to just see if the truck was around where we wanted our monthly payment and just received a lot of rude comments like "what did you expect?". I wanted to know what the price would be with fees, taxes or any add-on. I couldn't even get a number until I agreed to test drive it. I know that doesn't sound bad; but it is the same truck I have test drove all day I know how it drives. I just wanted to see how close to our budget. So they came back with the "figures" and I was like well its out of our budget Thanks for your time and asked for the keys of my trade in. When he came back he was like if we can make it work for your budget would you buy know. I said yeah and then said what about this $$$. I spoke with my wife and sign the paper I would commit to that. I then took a test drive and he when to get the figures and nothing changed. I was like ok I'm done please get my keys I have been here for almost three hours now. Then another sales man came up and talked to us and I told he we are ready to go. He went to get our keys and had the first offer that was different. I he thought it was the 4 offer that was different. Nope. First offer that was different. I had a 8 week baby with me and we understood that if the price didn't work it didn't work. They just kept leading us on even with have us sign a paper to commit. I won't do business there again. Everyone is selling the truck I was looking for they just currently had one. wasted my time and could have just agreed with us and gave my keys back. Don't waste your time, there are plenty of dealerships in the area.

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