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    A while back I was in the market for a used vehicle and did all kinds of research as to what brand/dealership would be the best fit for me. I visi...

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    A while back I was in the market for a used vehicle and did all kinds of research as to what brand/dealership would be the best fit for me. I visited a countless number of major car dealerships in not only the Marion and Grant County area but also as far away as Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. It seems like every dealership I went to it was like the whole staff was concerned with one thing and one thing alone, how they could "get me in a car today". This didn't sit well with me in that I am not a person that likes to be pressured into anything, let alone when I am about to make a purchase well exceeding 10 grand! When I stopped in at Ray Harris Chrysler Jeep RV, the difference in treatment was almost unbelievable. As soon as I pulled on the lot, contrary to other dealerships, I wasn't gang-rushed with salesman like a lioness to her prey! As I looked through the inventory it was obvious that what I was looking for wasn't sitting on the lot - I am extremely picky! As a sales associate approached me I initially thought, "here we go, apparently its time to be pressured into another vehicle that I don't really want" - I couldn't have been more wrong. As he approached, the whole time smiling, he first started by asking how I was doing today. This caught me off guard since I have become so use to the first thing out of a salesman's mouth is usually "That's a real nice car, if you buy today I can get you a real sweet deal". He was extremely polite and sincere and genuinely cared what I had to say. After we got done with the small talk about our days and how things were going he asked me what I was looking for in a car - not which car he could put me. As I explained his eyes were glued to mine, he honestly was interested in helping me out! When I finished telling him what I was thinking and what kind of vehicle I was hoping to find, he said something that literally almost knocked me off my feet. He apologized and said "You know what, I don't even have what you're looking for on the lot but I bet we can find it for you." I figured there's no sense in not at least having them look, so I gave him the laundry list of features and capabilities I was hoping to get on and out of my next vehicle. He wrote everything down, including my contact information, and ensured me he would be in contact extremely soon. Honestly I felt although this has been a drastically different experience already, after I drive off the lot this guy is going to completely forget about me. So I left the lot and headed into town to finish up some other errands that I had and literally by the time I was back at my house I already had received a message on my machine from the salesman that they had located a truck exactly like the one I wanted - size, miles, features and price - and would have it in the very next day. Sure enough when I stopped by the lot the next afternoon, there it was, the vehicle I was dreaming of! They were not only able to find me my truck, they also were able to get me a 3 year, 36000 mile warranty on my used vehicle - all under the price limit that we had discussed! Since this time, I have refused to take my truck - although its a Ford - anywhere else to get it serviced. At first I thought they must just have an exceptional sales staff, now I KNOW that its not just the sales department that is phenomenal but literally everyone that works there. I have been so impressed that I insisted to not only my sister and close friends but also that my mother buy their vehicles from there. To date, my extended family, has purchased 6 used cars and 3 new vehicles from this dealership and to be completely honest, I don't see any reason why we would ever take our business elsewhere!

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