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This seller has been on since November 2018.
The All New Southern Pines Nissan Kia takes pride in providing excellent customer service and providing the best deals North Carolina has to offer!
Home of the 20 Year 200000 mile warranty!

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(45 reviews)

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Kevin was an outstanding salesman.

Kevin was an outstanding salesman. Promote ahead of peers. Met all of my families needs and was caring and understanding.


Sunday afternoon shopping

We were looking for used car. Toured through used lot,found a vehicle we were interested in,waited for ten minutes for help. Saw sales people outside smoking and talking to other employees. Went to front of building to get sales person. Knew what car we were interested in color,year,price and we wanted to see if we could drive it. Unfortunately for us we knew more about inventory on lot than sales people! Never did get to drive Buick Encore got quoted wrong price twice,couldn't find keys, sales person couldn't answer general questions, more interested in our credit and money in our pockets. Don't recommend doing business here! Been here twice! New building ! Hope sales staff improves because this owner will be out of business!!

Dealer response

Hi Julie! We are very sorry to hear that your experience was not a positive one. Our team works hard to provide an exceptional experience for our customers. We appreciate the feedback.


Deceptive Practices

Do NOT buy a used car from here!! They sold my son a car with a bad transmission after they told him it was good!! The transmission light came on within days of them selling him the car!! When he called they told him it was his problem now. Funny enough they told him to bring it in and they would fix it but he had to pay for it!!

Dealer response

We are sorry to hear about your recent experience. Please contact me at to see how we can help. Thank you!


Price Gouging

Price gouging on the new EV6 (which is on order scheduled to arrive in a month) after advertising for MSRP and not having that car in inventory.

Dealer response

We are sorry to hear about the inconvenience. Please contact me at to see how we can help. Thank you!


I have never bought a car from them.

I have never bought a car from this rating is for the service center. I brought my truck to them because it sounded like the engine was rattling they told me it was the caytlyst converter they said it would be 2800.00 dollars just for one side you can buy both sides for 600.00 so that’s 2200 labor for 1 days work they also said enjectors needed cleaning and spark plugs replaced I told them I would Do spark plugs myself keep in mind my truck did not skip or run rough when I brought it there. Got my truck back and it started smoking and skipping on the way home called them they said it was spark plugs so I didn’t have time to do it myself so I let them do it 5 hundred and some dollars later I picked my truck up and they told me I might need a engine on the way home it started running rough again.and that was just plugs only whatever ever you do don’t let these folks work on your Nissan.went there with a good running truck other than cat converter and left with a blowing up engine and 3800 down the drain and the bad part is they could care less lost my business and I’m going to tell everybody I can Glenn hall

Consumer response

Do not let them work on your vehicle crooks . Glenn Hall


Cant get a service appointment !!

My buying experience at this dealership was excellent The sales team and sales managers were great. However!! After purchasing my Kia Forte from this location I was told I would have no issues scheduling a sevice appointment for the vechile. That has not been the case at all! I've been calling all week and still cannot get scheduled in. Either I cant get anyone to answer the phone or my call is transfered over where I wait on hold only to be told the have no avalibility Im very let down! Once or twice I understand but Ive literally been calling all week. I had such an excellent buying experience I had expected the same from the sevice department unfortunately its been the complete opposite!

Dealer response

Hello, we are sorry that you have had difficulty getting in touch with the service department. We will look into this matter. Thank you for letting us know.


Avoid this place at all cost

I would not recommend this dealership to anyone not even my worst enemy! This place is ran by a bunch of con artists liars cheaters!! They have no morals at this dealership all they care about is lining their own pockets! Buyers beware!! Go buy from ANY other dealership!

Dealer response

I am sorry, but we have no record of you visiting our store and cannot recall your name anywhere. For the record, we have been in business for a very long time with an excellent reputation within the community and we are known for our outstanding customer service and integrity. If you have any concerns please come visit the store and ask to speak with the General Manager.


Don’t make my mistake!

I want to be fair in my review, as I’ve been a dealer before and know how this goes. But it’s important we share our story so someone else doesn’t make our mistakes. Because the deal didn’t feel right from the get. So I have to take accountability too. We went to look for a car for my daughter. Went here and all they had was a truck that just came in. I knew my daughter wouldn’t want to truck, but we said “go ahead and bring it around “. The truck was absolutely beautiful and my husband fell in love immediately. He Doesn’t ask for much, and since his car was so old, I felt he deserved some thing nice. So we paid $8500 out the door, and were elated. However there was a check engine light on. They said the mechanics hadn’t had time to look at it, but the code showed it was an O2 sensor. So they verbalized to us they would fix the issue with the check engine light, as part of the deal. When we were signing the documents I noticed that they hadn’t written down that they were going to fix the problem with the check engine light. I asked him about it and he said “yes we are going to fix that.” Because I have worked at a dealership, I knew I was about to make a really big mistake by not making him write it down on the paper. But I held him to his word, as I have enjoyed the process so far. Seemed like a nice bunch 😂 So after signing the papers, we made an appointment to bring it back the next day to have their mechanics fix the problem. However when they did their inspection, they found out that it wasn’t the O2 sensor, that it was actually the catalytic converter. They said they wouldn’t be able to fix it unless I came up with like $1,300 more. I was gobsmacked and said “no” reminding them that they said they’d fix it. So I was offered a $500 check to go have it fixed somewhere more affordable. Obviously they didn’t plan on it being an expensive fix. So we went and had it fixed, only for the the check engine light to go on again the next day. So it wasn’t just the catalytic converter. But they said it should be better and drivable. So we didn’t worry about it. 4 months later, less than 6 months after purchasing the truck, the truck started clanking and doing weird stuff. So we brought it to a highly recommended mechanic that did a bunch of tests, and got the worst possible news. It’s misfiring in the 1st & 3rd chambers. We need a WHOLE NEW ENGINE! So we call the dealership as we are just your average family, and this was a BIG purchase for us. Something we intended to hold up more than 6 months. And we have been dismissed and basically told there’s nothing they can do. We literally gave them all the money we had to own it. Because I did not get that key vocal agreement in writing, I consciously know I made a mistake I never will again. So it all comes down to doing what is morally right. But it’s just business baby, so we are choking on a big loss. I have accepted the fact that they are in legal rights to do nothing. I’m not even bitter or angry, because I knew better. But I’ll share to save someone else such heartache and headache.

Dealer response

Hi Brooke! We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please email to discuss further. Thank you.



If you value your time and you're looking for a transparent buying experience, take your business somewhere else!! Made an appointment thursday night to see a $35K car that was scheduled to go to auction the following morning. Of course they didn't tell me this. My wife and I show up Friday morning and the sales person can't find the vehicle then comes tell me it was gone!?!? This information would have saved me a trip and loss of an entire day traveling to purchase a vehicle. Turns out this debacle worked out to my benefit in the end. I bought a car from another dealership, had a pleasant buying experience and got a great deal!! If you are looking for a competent no hassle buying experience, DO NOT GO TO SOUTHERN PINES!!! I will be sure to never recommend This dealership to anyone.

Dealer response

Hi Jason! We are not exactly sure what happened. We strive to provide exceptional service to all customers. We can assure you that your experience is not the typical 5-Star experience we strive to achieve with all customers. We value you as a customer and we are sorry your experience was not a positive one.



AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! So... this is a long review, but if you plan to do business at Southern Pines Nissan, you MUST read this. We have done business with this dealerships service department for over 4 years. The last work we had done was on my Chevrolet 1500 when I noticed an oil leak. I am by no means a mechanic, but I work in a trade industry. Upon completion of fixing my oil leak the Nissan dealership billed me over $2,200 saying they had to do more than was expected, etc, etc. Since we had always had a good experience with them, we payed it and went on about our business. Here we are a couple months later and the starter went out in my truck, which I knew from having the alternator and battery checked at Autozone and they were both good. So after telling the Nissan service department the truck would start after being jump started, they instead pushed it by hand into the bay where they lost control of it and hit the lift, which popped my front tire, a $350 Nitto tire. They assured me it would be no cost to me and they would replace it out of their own pocket. They then sent me the invoice for replacing the starter. $840. This seemed high so I called around and got multiple quotes. The Chevrolet dealership quoted me $343 and after looking at advance auto, the part cost $223.99. Courtni from the service department told me the part cost them $450. After telling her the Chevrolet quote, they sent me another invoice for $427 and said “someone dropped the ball and accidentally put the wrong part price. After arguing with them yet again, they offered to match the Chevrolet dealerships quote. Long story short, they were trying to make up for the cost of the tire THEY damaged. They then told me they wouldn’t have the tire until 4 days later and would not provide me with a loaner or rental vehicle while I was stranded at the hospital with my twin infants. So after telling them to replace the tire and I was going to take it to Chevrolet to get it fixed, they told me I had to pay the diagnostic fee of $128. 5 days later my truck was ready and when I arrived they refused to give me my truck keys until I paid them. After threatening to call the police, the manager, who wouldn’t even come out of his office to speak to me, gave the keys to Courtni. She told me I could have took it to the Chevrolet dealership or drove it on the spare tire, which is a different size tore and rim, then returned to get the tire, which we all know they would not have honored. I will never do business at this dealership again and I am honestly disgusted with the way they manage it. Not to mention the voicemails I left on multiple managers machines that were never returned.

Dealer response

Hi Jeremiah, we can assure you that we do not find this type of behavior acceptable, and we would like to address the situation you have described. We would like to have a better understanding about your experience. Please reach out to us at (910) 684-1010 at your earliest convenience and we will do our best to resolve this with you.

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