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(8 reviews)

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They sell BROKE CARS!

Do not buy from this business. They sell junk and don't stand behind it. I took my son here to buy his first car. He found one he liked, and it cost probably twice what its worth, but they did offer financing, and besides, cars bought from a dealership shouldn't have any issues right away right? Wrong. This car had a hesitation issue that I assumed was just a dirty intake or maybe needed a good tune up. Within 200 miles, the fuel pump went out. I called and tried to get help with this as it was a pre-existing condition. Any good mechanic should have known it was a possible issue. All I was offered was to get a discounted mechanic. After parts and labor, it was going to be about 500-600 dollars. I was told in no uncertain terms that it was MY responsibility to fix the car. Now I understand AS-IS, but I could have bought this vehicle for half the price without financing from any old person AS-IS. Dealerships aren't supposed to sell you broke cars! Things can wear out as soon as a few months or a few 1000 miles and thats fine, it happens, but it shouldn't leave the lot broken. End result, I was able to do this job myself, and found a fuel pump for a much better price than they could find. I got the car running again, but then immediately got another issue. It kept going into "Reduced Power" mode. The throttle body motor was beginning to go out. Another 100 dollar part. Also have issues with the key they gave us. Its a hollowed out FOB key with no buttons, but it has a chip in it thats needed to start the car. Its falling apart, but you can't start the car without it. Tried to get a new one, but its going to cost almost 300 bucks. Meanwhile, its a crap shoot whether the key will start the car without a little finagling. Real Quality Vehicle there. I tried to negotiate, but they really didn't care and it shows.


One of the best place to buy a car in Nevada

One of the best places to buy a car in Nevada i have bought three the owner is a very good and fair person go see for yourself


Great Service!

They were so friendly and worked with me every step of the way! Thank you Vinny and team!


didn't seem interested in selling me a car.

they didn't seem interested in selling me a car and they weren't that easy to find. Was very disappointed.


Quality Motors doesn't return calls

I called several times so I could get information on a truck they had. I was told the same thing every time I called. I will call you right back. I never got a call back, so i took my buisness elsewhere. I won't purchase a vehicle from them ever.


Quality Motors Sells LEMONS Continued...

The shop called the next day and said that the warranty company would only cover $500, and I told them to diagnose the problem and tell me before doing anything. They called back later and told me that the transaxle was leaking fluid, the engine was leaking fluid, but that the engine light had turned off and it was now driving fine. I was told that the warranty company would not cover the replacement of any seals. I argued that issue as it was clearly written on our warranty paperwork that seas were covered as long as it was related to the malfunction of the inner workings of the engine or transaxle. I had to argue that point with the warranty company who ended up agreeing with me on that point, but the mechanic could not say what the cause was. The car was picked up a few days later and taken to another shop that specializes in transmissions. They asked us to bring the car back a couple of days later and they had it for two days. When I picked up the car, the mechanic showed me where the leaks were and what he did to stop them. He showed me the existing damage to the undercarriage that possibly caused the leak of the transaxle and told me to watch for leakage over the next three days and if there wasn't any leakage, to bring it back in a week. As of the posting of this review, the ENGINE LIGHT HAS COME BACK ON, the car STOPPED DOWNSHIFTING again and there is ZERO ACCELERATION...AGAIN!!! My spouse called Quality Motors and spoke with Stephan (the guy who sold us the car) to get this matter resolved by giving us a different car or paying for the repairs. My spouse told Stephan that the car is obviously a LEMON and Stephan agreed. Stephan said he would talk to Tony and Dave Campanaro (Dave is the owner and Tony is his son) about replacing the car or paying to get it fixed. When my spouse called back to speak with Stephan but he was told that Stephan was not available and he would have to talk to Tony. When he spoke with Tony he claimed that he knew very little about situation with the car and my spouse had to explain it all to him. Tony then said he would check into it and call my spouse back. A couple of hours later, Tony called back and referred him to another shop. My spouse inquired as to who was going to pay for the repairs and Tony told him that Quality Motors would not be paying for anymore repairs, ever! My spouse then tried to rationalize with him about how improper, unfair and illegal all of this was and Tony had no reply. My spouse then asked Tony if he thought that the entire senario was good business and Tony replied with a laugh and a proud yes! During the conversation my spouse let Tony know that Quality Motors had broken several laws and Tony replied by saying that there are no LEMON LAWS on used cars in Nevada. This proves that Quality Motors doesn't know the laws as I looked them up and found out that there IS A LEMON LAW ON USED CARS IN NEVADA. NOW IT IS TIME TO SUE QUALITY MOTORS AND SHOW THEM THAT THEY DON'T KNOW THE LAWS!!!


Thank you

I was looking for a used car online and I found Quality Motors in Reno. I had looked at all their vehicles and found a Dodge Neon. This was my first car and I must say that the fears I had with buying a car were all alleviated by their genuine salesman Stephen M.! I am so happy with my new car :) Thank you so much


Horrible Dealership

What a terrible place to buy a car. This place sold me a car with a bent subframe and didnt tell me about it. When I found out the alignment would not align, Quality Motors blamed me of neglegence and refused to fix the problem. Will never buy or recommend to anyone this horrible place.

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