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Bought 2 cars, both were great

I bought an 04 Passat from this dealership years ago and it ran and drove fine until the water pump went, which is a pretty common problem on 1.8t engines. We caught it too late and ended up parting it out, but that is scheduled maintenance that wasn't done in time. I just recently bought a Lexus is250 from Reliable Auto and not only did it come with up to date service, but a list of service records. I'd recommend this lot to anyone and working with Matt is as easy as it gets. Matt is honest about his cars, you just have to know what you're buying. None of these cars are new, and every car needs scheduled maintenance, which is on you after purchase. I've not had any issues that I could say was the fault of the lot. I mean they're cars, xxxx happens. The cars are priced fair and clean and I wouldn't hesitate to go back.


I will never go here again

I went here for a used car, figured I'd give them a shot cause the lady on the phone seemed really nice. What a joke, I had the vehicle barely a week and it's ready for the scrap yard.



They give a whole new meaning to the term "used car salesman"! Highly overpriced cars that will only drain your wallet in repairs! My advice.....RUN WITH YOUR MONEY AS FAST AS YOU CAN TO ANOTHER CAR LOT!!!


Worst experience ever!

Absolutely the worst experience of my life dealing with company! The only reason I gave 1 star is because I had to in order to write a review! I'm a single mom of 5 and was assured that I wouldn't be getting taken advantage of and that all Things would be made right if there was an issue due to them "only having it on the lot a few days". Within 2 weeks, it was in the shop for multiple problems. If I listed everything wrong, we'd be here a while. Then I speak to the manager, Ed about being late on a payment due to having to spend almost $1,000 to get everything fixed. He said that the owner only gives a 15 day Grace period for late payments. Today is the 5th day of the grace period for a late payment (that they were notified about and wouldn't have been necessary if I didn't have to pour almost $1,000 into) and they came and took my car while my children cried at the door scared because their mommy was upset. 2 large men at my door btw. They threatened to call the law on me for not handing over the keys and trespassing on my gated in lawn. I had to pay for lots of rust repair that they had their body man do, it's absolutely horrendous work! I had to make repairs myself that they agreed to fix! They treat me like absolute xxxx when I'm in there. I've never in my life been spoken to or treated so poorly! I would 100% strongly recommend that you stay away from them. I'll never purchase there again. AWFUL PEOPLE AND AWFUL BUSINESS! I want to also mention that I offered the repo man (their employee) my payment the day he took my car after threatening me with having the cops to force me to give the keys to him. He refused my payment. They were closed the day they took it so I could not call in the payment that they were made aware would bet late. The next day, Ed asked why I didn't give him (repo man) my payment on the spot. When i mentioned that I tried and it was refused, Ed back tracked and covered his butt. They refused it for it being a check and not cash. I'm sorry but I'll never give a man cash that I've never met. I think that with as sketchy as they've been, he'd could pocket it and denye that i gave it to him. They have been sketchy this entire time. Then as I tried to pay my payment that day (the next day after they took it) it was refused again. I was told that there would need no repo fee if I gave the keys with no fuss, that all I'd have to do was make the payment (this is all on tape). When i asked about why I had to pay that when I was told I wouldn't, the whole conversation got out of hand. Ed called the cops on me. I truly believe that since I put so much work into it and they are being petty, they saw their chance to make even more money. I paid to fix all cosmetic damage and it now has another $1,000 in suspension work. 3 seperate employees including the owner said that I'm being treated this way because I put my opinion of them on Facebook. I have all 3 of these comments on video! They saw the opportunity to "get even" and took it. Zack the owner, snickered and smiled when I said I had to walk my kids to school in the cold rain that Monday and Tuesday since I had no car. His comment that followed was "business is business" as he smiled. I guess I thought that they would understand that since I put $1,000 into a car I bought from them in AUGUST no less (I only had this vehicle 2.5 months), that they'd understand why my payment would be late. Then when I go to make my payment and their employee stated that I'd just have to make my payment to get it back and THAT IS IT... then that's what I should have had to do and THAT IS IT! The owner and manager CONSTANTLY said one thing and did another. I'm so incredibly disappointed with Reliable. I told them going into this that I couldn't afford to be screwed over and I was promised that they'd work with me and treat me right. None of that was true.


I believe we were sold a wrecked vehicle

I purchased this car to have a safer car for my commute to work and have had issues from the beginning! It got to the point where the repairs were more than the car could ever be worth. I will never do business with this lot again.

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