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(30 reviews)

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Very friendly and reasonable to deal with.

Very friendly and reasonable to deal with. Only $500 away from making a deal. Looking forward to closing.



I bought a truck unseen as I live in Florida. My family took it for a test drive due to them living in that town. After paying for the truck, I had to wait for 2 more weeks before I was able to ship it to Florida because they had the wrong title and had to wait to get the correct one. I was told it goes through a 130 pt inspection, but after I had it shipped to Florida and paid way over what it’s worth, within the first week it was leaking oil, and in the 3rd week, my tire was loose and almost fell off. I had to replace the wheel hub, and the whole undercarriage of the truck is corroded with rust. I was told by owner that if I want to ship the truck back to them, they would fix the oil leak and then I can ship it back down to myself. That makes perfect sense to pay over $2000 to have them fix the oil leak. So they wouldn’t even honor the 60 day warranty (which did not state that it had to be fixed by them OR had to be fixed in Massachusetts). I trusted that this business was honest and cared about their customers! Nope, just ripping people off! Shame on them!


Great place to buy a vehicle

I was hesitant to trade in my vehicle, but I went to Ernie's and found another vehicle. Bart and Ernie always caring and always smiling. I am so happy I did it and love my new vehicle. This is my third vehicle from them, and I won't go anywhere else.


They are the best

I’ve been a customer since 2017, when I purchased my Yukon. The process was smooth and quick, they even delivered my truck to my house. I have returned to have the maintenance and any repairs needed over the years, and also for our other vehicles. They are the best! Thank you Ernie, Bart, Pauline and the mechanics!


Cars are junkers and lemons would never recommend I had

Cars are junkers and lemons would never recommend I had to bring the car back several times for repair the first week



Cars are overpriced and junk would never recommend they are all lemons had to bring the vehicle back several times for repair on the first week


Make sure to check the cars thoroughly or better yet...

Make sure to check the cars thoroughly or better yet spare yourself. Deal was ok but car needed many repairs/


I answer poor because I never got a call back so I...

I answer poor because I never got a call back so I will Keep checking with other


A Very Good Experience

I worked with Bart. Even though he knew my wife really wanted the car, he still knocked something off the price. We financed through USAA and Bart stayed on the phone even though it was past closing.He promptly sent the needed paperwork to USAA . He fixed a couple ofinor problems with the car (an antenna the wrapping was coming off of and the auto trunk release) He was very jovial. We enjoyed talking with him. He even had the car delivered when we wanted it to be delivered. His dealer closing costs weren't high. All in all a very good experience.

Dealer response

Thank you Charlie! It was a pleasure working you and your wife. I hope she has the top down. Thank you for your service to our country.


2nd car bought at Ernie's, repeat customer. Told new...

2nd car bought at Ernie's, repeat customer. Told new tires ASAP-bald and pcs sticking out-2nd opinion fine, some wear, not 1st questionable repair. Trouble with dead battery, need alternator. Will wait on it. Got in car, turned it on and all of a sudden the steering wheel dropped as it should. Had not done that in a very long time. Was the belt replaced and not tight enough? Not sure, but something clearly different. Trust in the dealership is gone.