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Kocourek Nissan Kia is a group of professionals who come together every work day to provide the automotive products and service the people of North Central Wisconsin need.We proudly provide an impressive selection of new cars and trucks, used cars and trucks and the quality maintenance they require. The Kocourek experience includes an exciting array of online opportunities, followed by test drives, tailored finance options, market comparisons, current manufacturer incentives and the guaranteed lowest prices, all ending in a handshake, a set of keys, and a thank you that comes from the heart.

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(129 reviews)

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Excellent customer sales service!

Jennifer made my buying experience seamless and pleasant! I was unsure whether I wanted to upgrade to a new car during the pandemic mainly because of cost but the team at Kocourek was able to fit my financing needs.


Service dept. - great

I haven't had any issues with the service dept. (except the Labor charges). I have always received great service. However, as I was sitting and waiting, a salesperson, came out to speak with her customer. This was the 2nd time, she had come into the waiting area. She is very LOUD, she makes certain that EVERYONE hears her accolades. Pretty embarrassing.


Kia Sportage

Jennifer Krug was amazing!! She made my lease process fast, easy, and painless. She got me everything I wanted in a vehicle without any hassles. She is a girl who likes to get things done and not waste anyone’s time. This is my third purchase from this facility.


Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Actual test driving of vehicles was a positive experience, but when it came time to purchase the used car we decided on, that’s when things started to go bad. I had expressed that I would like to have my mechanic do a quick inspection prior to final purchasing. We were told that Kocourek service department had done a thorough general condition inspection (with no problems reported), that Kocourek mechanics were “the best in the city”, and also that the car would likely be gone by the next day. We really liked the car and did not want to lose it so against our better judgement, we went ahead and purchased the car without a third party inspection. The next morning our newly purchased car would not start (dead battery). I took it into my mechanic and had them do the inspection that I wished I had done prior to purchasing. Besides the weak battery, there was also a leaking tire, a burnt out light, and oil leaking out of all four of the struts (recommended that we have all struts replaced – estimated this would be around $1,900). I took this report back to the Kocourek service department and the “best mechanics in the city”, and to their credit, Kocourek was willing to replace the battery, the light, and also to fix and reseal the leaking tire. However, when it came to the struts, I was told they were not willing to make any repairs, replacements, or reimbursements for the struts because it was ‘”not a safety issue”. I suppose that technically Kocourek’s inspection report just said the suspension system was “legal” and if they want to fall back on that, I guess that’s just how they do business. The only thing I have control over here is what I have learned for myself. The first thing is that the Kocourek service department is nowhere near the “best in the city”. Either they honestly missed all those things or else they knew about them and didn’t think it mattered. Not sure which is worse. My guess is that if my mechanic saw the struts leaking oil during a short fifteen minute inspection, then it was something that Kocourek knew about but did not advertise because they ‘legally’ did not have to. The second lesson learned is that a third party inspection is absolutely a necessity when buying a car, especially a used one that is purchased “as is” from a dealer that does not feel it is necessary to disclose what you are getting ‘as-is’. All things considered, I’m not overly disappointed in Kocourek. I look at the whole situation as a learning experience and hopefully I will learn from it.


Services. Oil change.

Went for an oil change dealership guy told us there was a handful of major things wrong with it... I did not feel comfortable with the info that kia gave/ told us. So my husband and I went to get a 2nd opinion/look at what kia told us was wrong... we ended up going to brickners in Merrill and they were wonderful very nice friendly and super helpful! long story short there is/was nothing wrong with my kia. The kia dealership lied to me to get money outta me.


Info on my 2018 Altima

Charged me 165$ to change a bulb! Very very outraged. When all i wanted is to know why after i changed it myself, it didn't work. They couldn't or wouldn't tell me that there were 2 bulbs in the fog lamps,i dnt think they know their own products! PISSED!


Not so great.

I have purchased many vehicles here and at their Ford store across the street. I have been disappointed in this transaction. Mostly concerning sales and then accessories which were installed. They picked up and delivered for me but it was a struggle. It was agreed to prior to the purchase. They installed the hitch so my kick opening rear door would work. I figured they would get it right for me. When I got it back it didn't work, although it worked with the switch which would hold me till they could fit me back in like almost 2 weeks later. May be a simple thing but it would have also been simple to check its function before it was delivered. I would rather talk to the people in charge directly than be held in the dealer for hours waiting and waiting. I do like the dealer but this sale was a fail in my eyes.


Very pleasant experience!

Jerry at Kocourek Nissan in Wausau gave me a very nice and honest first car shopping experience. He was helpful in finding me the type of car with the aspects I was looking for. Was a great experience overall!


2008 Avalanche

Quick, easy, considerate and friendly. Everything was painless and timely. I would recommend them to anyone and my salesman Jerry was great to me as well. Thank you!


Amazing Team!!!

Jerry was amazing through the whole car buying process. I couldn't have asked for a better place to get my new vehicle. Thank you for bending over backwards for me and getting me in my new car!!!

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