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Buyer Beware!

False advertising. They advertise the down payment as the price of the car. They are not transparent. Watch out as it's not the price they advertise.


Scammers school and also sell vehicles

I've met some good scam artist in my time but these guys take the top price they paint a masterpiece everytime. Their scams are a work of art ive never seen nothing like it I highly recommend this place if your looking for a good scam artist they will blow your mind with their art. They also do scam lessons on Fridays and Tuesdays on how you can become the best scam artist you can be. Give them a call now your one phone call away from the scam of a lifetime



They probably conduct business as badly as they reel you in with their scams in what is shown as their vehicle pricing! Wow that is low!


False Advertising

False Advertising , listed price is downpayment what is wring with this people, old junk cars for whole thing fortune 20 years old car for 5-8k?


Do not buy from shady dealership

They used the lame pathetic slime ball bait and switch they list a vehicle at a low price and when you click on their ad they so oh no this is a down payment wasting my time with this BS I would never buy from sneaky BS sales people who don’t have any consideration for your time but because I waisted my time and this bait and switch I am giving them what they deserve a ONE star review. You can put whatever down payment you want when you finance a car so for this xxxxxxx to list this Dodge Durango at $3000 then say it’s a down payment they are full of you know what lame sleezy shady business don’t buy from them.


Corrupt! Don't buy!

All dealerships that try to scam people by posting down instead of full price deserve to be wiped from existence! You could easily get a car for $1k down, no need to raise the price to acceptable second hand prices (over 3k).


False advertising it's totally a scam.

False advertising it's totally a scam, they don't even care to sell cars, most by xxxxxx business going on, I am going to report them to the consumer affairs.


Shady dealer.

It's a scam. They put the lower down payment price in the listing but don't tell you the full price of the vehicle. Shady dealer.



Schemey dealership, no prices are as advertised, exploits pricing as a down payment to scheme up people that can not afford. not honest. don't trust.