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(142 reviews)

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Oil Change

Took 2 hours for an oil change. Not sure why it would take so long when you can go to a valvoline and it’ll be done 4x as fast.


Beware of buying sight unseen.

Responded to 2017 Fiat Abarth ad online. Called and got a walk around report and a few better pics. Put a deposit down. Drove 4 hours to pick up car. Car had been lowered. Stock springs in trunk. Not evident on pics sent. Test drive revealed an extremely rough ride. I was concerned about damaging the front bodywork by scraping it on the road pulling out of their driveway. After the test drive we were informed that there was only one key for the car. We asked for our deposit to be refunded, and it was. Really a disappointing experience.


Poor customer service

I’ve had less that average customer service experience with Mertz on another occasion with the service of my vehicle. The most recent issue with my vehicle was looked at by Mertz. They investigated all the issues and told me they need to order parts and would call me when parts arrived. 3 weeks later, not phone call. Every time I try calling service there is no answer or I’m told to leave a message. Not to mention they supposedly corrected some of my electrical issues by clearing out the error codes on the software. Not one issue has been corrected.



Spent most of the day working a deal via online due to distance. Agreed to terms and to make the trip the next day to purchase. 5 minutes later got a text back here they tried to add a $500 bogus fee because I was not going to finance through them. The sort of thing that gives dealerships a lousy reputation in this day of enlightened buyers - and led me to purchase elsewhere.


Stay away

My parents purchased a 2017 Pacifica ~30 days ago, and our car-buying experience with Mertz has been rather horrific. I will attempt to explain the most egregious issues. Issue #1) A very misleading extended warranty: I stood at the desk of Kreg (salesman) as he explained the extended warranty options to my parents. According to him, buying an extended warranty through Mertz is "significantly cheaper" because they already cover the major components of the used vehicles they sell, a courtesy this dealership extends to their used car buyers. Sounds great, Kreg! This statement was made after I witnessed my parents tell Kreg they were quoted less than $2000 for a bumper-to-bumper warranty through their credit union. I left the dealership as soon as the paperwork started because I had been there for hours and my newborn was with me. I trusted that my parents were in good hands. I found out about an hour later (because my mother called me, confused) that the dealership had added a $6000 warranty to their loan. I struggle to think of any scenario where that was done in the best interest of my senior parents, Kreg? Issue #2) Brake recall not rectified: We found out 2 weeks after purchasing the vehicle that a brake recall had not been addressed before the vehicle was sold to my parents. Why? Issue #3) An ATV battery had been installed in the vehicle: Approximately 3 weeks after buying the van, the auto start/stop began to malfunction at stoplights, prompting yet another trip to the local Chrysler dealership for inspection (I will spare you the details on previous trips to correct alignment, etc.). During the inspection, the Chrysler service tech pulled an ATV battery out of the back-up battery slot that powers the start/stop function. According to the service tech, operating the vehicle with that battery (which is attached to the alternator) could have caused the entire system to burn up. Want your parents taking 3+ hours trips in this van? Neither do I. This ATV battery thing takes me back to a conversation with Kreg regarding paint on the lift gate that seemed to be a different shade of white than the rest of the vehicle. Had it been repaired and painted? No accidents reported. Upon showing the color discrepancy to Kreg, he emphatically assured us that he knew the previous owner of the vehicle personally, and there was absolutely no way that individual would fail to disclose body damage. So, Kreg, did the super honest previous (single) owner install the ATV battery, or was it your dealership? A phone call to Greg (Sales Manager) did nothing to alleviate our dissatisfaction. As my mother detailed the list of issues they have dealt with thus far, Greg offered her a lot of "Ok's" and not a single apology. He was completely unmoved at best, acting as if he has these conversations regularly...just kept repeating he would "let the service department know." Thanks, Greg. So, if Mertz Ford won't treat my father (a 72 y/o Veteran with an 800+ credit score) with integrity, respect or honesty, or even offer him a simple apology when things go very wrong, do you think you will get it?


Great experience

We had a great experience purchasing our new truck. We were only casually looking, but they made us such a great offer we couldn't turn it down. Everyone was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.


Paul and Dede

Professional- fast- courteous. After another dealer said “no waiting “ . The service department at Mertz said sure . I got my appointment within 2days . The service staff delivered as promised, with a thank you,handshake and a smile . I’ll be back


The friendly, fair and honest way to buy a car!

Mertz is sort of a hidden gem in that this is a small town dealership with absolutely first class service and performance. It is truly refreshing (can one really say that about a car buying experience?) to deal with an honest, fair and straightforward salesperson like Darryl Rautman. JR in the service department is outstanding. Ford is a great product, but the strength in any business transaction is the people behind it. You could not find better people than those at Mertz.


Great sales and Service staff. WeHighly recommend.

The colleagues and owner at Mertz Motor Co. are fabulous. Great experience. Service area is super clean. Everyone was very personable. Very helpful, and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.


They try very hard to get you approved!

I was unable to get a car from Mertz, my credit was very bad. However, they did try very hard and I feel like they really went to bat for me. When my credit gets better, and it is slowly improving, I will definitely come back and try again! Thanks for trying!