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Typical slim ball dealership

My son who is in the Air Force and his friend (neither knew anything about cars) came and spent an hour looking at a minivan for my son and his young family. They were shown a car fax that showed no accidents . My son bought the car. I came in town a few days later and my son wanted to show me his first big purchase. At a quick glance, the van didn’t look too bad van. I could see how most customers would have been suckered in buying it. (I am not the usual car buyer). I am a Engineering manager for an automotive company. When I gave the car a quick drive in the parking lot at my son’s apartment, I quickly noticed that the rear wheel bearings were shot. When I pulled it out in the street, I heard a nasty thud sound from the front suspension. I opened the hood and noticed that the air cleaner box and the plastic battery box was busted up. That is when I noticed hoses and wires that were not clipped in (evidence that the engine was once removed from the vehicle.). I also noticed overspray (evidence that the car was in an accident and was repainted). Someone put a used bumper on the car that still had cracks on it that had duct tape on it, and painted it very sloppily. I spoke to Alan and I got a response that sounded scripted (is this a common occurrence???) stating that the carfax didn’t show any accident and that they had an independent mechanic look at the car and they did not know any better. I told him that it doesn’t take a genius to know how they get around the carfaxes and they buy from auctions. I was so made at how these dealerships surrounds military bases (young soldiers away from home, no family around , not knowing any better) and sells them crap. These guys are easy targets Luckily, I spoke to another guy who agreed to take the van back and give my son back his money. Not sure if the threat of speaking to my lawyer encouraged them or it was good morals.



Super kind and helpful, super patience, Best car buying ever. Would go back!


Undeclared rust, and I drove 2 hours to test drive

I had communicated with both Alan (owner) and Travis for a week prior to driving 2 hours to test drive a used Ford Ranger. Although Travis had had a mechanic provide an overview of the truck's condition -- no rust was mentioned other than on the truck's rear bumper and tow hitch. What a surprise when I arrived to find substantial rust on the body and undercarriage. Myself and a friend had driven 2 hours to view/test the vehicle and I was ready to buy with cash. I wish I could post pictures -- as they offer "thousand words" more than I can describe in text. There's substantial rust on the undercarriage, at the base of the doors, eating through the gas tank cover, plus a rust hole in the front bumper. The online pictures did not allow for identification of these spots and no information on the widespread rust was forthcoming from the dealership.

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