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(92 reviews)

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Great Experience

My experience at Acord Auto was great. Everyone was friendly, easy going, and professional. I would highly recommend purchasing a vehicle through them. I got a great deal with no pressure and had a few laughs too ; )


Purchase a 2010 Mazda CX7

We Purchased a 2010 Mazda CX7, it had an undisclosed junkyard engine! Head gasket blew less than 5000 miles. Accord Auto would not assist us with resolving this issue. I reached out to them, they would not help. Maine State law says that they didn't need to disclose that the engine was was from a junkyard since it was purchased at an OUT of State Auction! Anyway, I'm left with payments on a car that won't run!!! Don't buy a car from Accord Auto.


Great friendly staff! No hassel buying! Fair prici

Great friendly staff! No hassel buying! Fair pricing on a 2007 Subaru forester. Thank you for an excellent experience. Will definitely recommend this dealership to friends and family.


Zach went the extra mile for us

Wife and I showed up 15 minutes before closing, Zach was incredibly gracious and sold us the car we wanted in a way that was unpressured or forced. He was the atypical salesman in all the best ways. We appreciate him staying late that night. The car was exactly what we wanted, quality with low miles at a good price. Many thanks to Zach and I will be back to buy from him again!


Excellent service, stands behind their vehicles

I always do a ton of research on a car before I look at it. This often includes multiple emails or calls with the dealership and ACORD could not have been nicer to work with. The car I looked at was very clean and recently serviced. Zac went out of his way to look at multiple financing options to try and save me on the interest. They were easy to deal with, definitely a 5 star experience. The only reason I clipped them one star was they were very firm on price, and I paid a little more than my budget, but it wasn't enough to make me go elsewhere. The deal was fair. The real test came after I took the car home. I had my mechanic look it over top to bottom, and there were a couple minor things not worth mentioning, but one issue stood out. The serpentine belt was a bit worn and had not been replaced. I called and mentioned this, and they had it fixed with in days at no charge. Dealerships that stand behind their cars like this are worth going back to. I can't say if you will find the right car for you here, but I CAN SAY you will be treated with respect and honesty. Definitely worth the visit.


Seamless process, quality product

Recently purchased a used car for our son at Acord. The car was is in great shape, runs excellent, beautifully detailed and they stand by it with their in house warranty. Zack was a pleasure to work with.


Hands-Down Best Used Car Dealer!

Coming from someone who absolutely despises car shopping, Acord Auto was hands down the best experience I have had. From providing information on the car to filling out paperwork, they are professional and respectful. If you do not like a car that you test drove, they have plenty of others to try and if you don't like anything on their lot, there are no hard feelings. A great bunch of gentlemen to work with!


Happy customer

We recently made our second purchase from acord Auto. The first one was a Subaru Outback which lasted eight years without any major issues. This time we bought a Lexus RX 350 and couldn't be happier. Zach and the entire staff are extremely friendly and a pleasure to deal with. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a good, clean, reasonably priced used vehicle.


Fantastic Experience

We had the best experience at Acord Auto this weekend. The employees there were so very polite, not pushy at all, very informative, and very accommodating. They worked with us to make a deal that was good for both of us. I am so happy with the XC90 we purchased. I would HIGHLY recommend Acord Auto to all of my family and friends!!


Leaving a. Review

Don't buy here! My car had troubles from day1. 11 mons after buying it.. My 9000 car is sitting in a junk yard. It caught on fire! His remark was I don't have a crystal ball.

Dealer response

We are extremely sorry that this happened to you and I want to take a moment to explain our side aswell. After Purchasing your vehicle we did lubricate the rear latch and it was working perfectly, we also said that should it not work properly again to contact us because we carry everything in house to repair and replace the sticky latch because that is a common issue. You did reschedule for April 17th at 1pm but failed to call or show up for that appointment. Later you called again and we scheduled you in for April 25th at 1pm and you did not call or show up for that appointment either. My point is that we were more than willing to fix the issue but you never showed up for your appointments. We did however get you in for another appointment on May 1st at 1pm to go over the rear seat latches and how to operate them and addressed the leak at that point which turned out to be a clogged sunroof drain that we addressed at no cost and were very apologetic. As far as the coil goes there was no way for us to know that a coil would go bad months down the road and offered to replace the part and charge only our cost for that part without charging any labor. you never contacted us again to set up a time. We never heard from you again until you stormed in here 11 months later saying it was our fault your vehicle caught fire. The first words out of Owners mouth were is everyone ok? so to try and paint us as un-caring individual's is not fair when we have tried so hard to help with any issue that arose and take care of it promptly. You proceeded to chew him out and we get it, its a hard situation but to assume we knew this would happen is unfair so he did say how can I tell that this would happen, I don't have a crystal ball. You needed the paperwork for your insurance company after the fire which I copied and handed to you as soon as you asked for it despite your manner of approach and this review is what followed after you got what you needed from us.