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When you arrive at South Motors Volkswagen you aren't just another driver on the road you are a unique individual with a personal driving style and specific requirements for the vehicle you are seeking and we respect this. As soon as you arrive here at South Motors Volkswagen you immediately become our number one priority. Visit our website to receive the most current specials available. We'd love to hear from you!
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(10 reviews)

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Deceptive practices (BEWARE)

DO NOT PURCHASE VEHICLE HEAR!!! HIGHLY DECEPTIVE PRACTICES. They tried to force me to purchase gap insurance in order to receive a lower interest rate. They failed to provide me with the buyer's guide of the car and instead gave me a general as-is warranty blank buyer's guide. They added the product to my sales agreement, without my consent. They charged more dealer fees than were in the original written offer. All illegal activities... Would leave zero stars if I could. Still waiting for the general manager to contact me regarding the above listed complaints.


Worst car buying experience I have had

Walk into a dealership knowing which car you want with the money, agreeing on the price and the customer walks away without the car. Unbelievable. Inept and deceptive.


Oil change from xxxx

Oil change from xxxx. DO NOT SERVICE YOUR CAR HERE. On April 22nd i went in for an oil change. 1 hr and half later car is ready. I leave and and few miles away the engine light comes on. Later i go pick up my daughters from school and as I'm waiting the car starts acting crazy and accelerating by itself while parked. After leaving the school on our way to my daughters gym and my work i called the dealer and told them what was going on. I was told to the car back the next morning. I get home after work at 8:30 pm and see that the front of the car is covered in oil. I open the hood and there's oil everywhere, all over the engine and dripping from the side of the car. They FORGOT TO PUT THE OIL CAP ON!! I drove for more than 2 hrs in this car with my daughters inside, a car that could've gone up on flames. I called and of course they were closed. Called in the morning and was told to take the car in, what?? You want me to drive a car with no oil in it?? They ended up sending a tow truck that took 2 hrs. We get to the dealer, the service representative apologises and tells me they are going to clean the engine and do an inspection. 2 hrs later comes back says the car is ready. I went open the hood to check, its still cover in oil, it looked like they just cleaned it with paper towels. There was still oil all over the front, the windshield, everywhere. They take the car back again, clean it. 45 min later car is ready. While i was there the manager, Shawn, never came to apologize, instead he was too busy walking around the dealer with his Starbucks ice tea in hand. I left a white board under the car to check for any oil leaks, the next morning it was still leaking. I looked under the car, they didn't put the engine bottom shield on!! I called VW and opened a complaint against the dealer, they wouldn't even return the regional managers calls. Finally we get a call from Shawn saying to take the car back that they were going to put the shield on and do a complimentary detailing on the car. Took the car, got a loaned car, 3 days later get a call the car is ready. Went picked it up. Less than hour later i look in the front compartment and notice all our stuff is gone, registration, insurance, my daughters school pick up cards, EVERYTHING WE HAD IN THE CAR GONE. We called and they said there was nothing they could do other than to reimburse us for the cost of getting a copy of the registration, a whole $12. Now we don't know who has all our personal information and most importantly our daughters information. We went 5 times to these place to fix their mistakes, not once did a manager come to talk to us. I asked for a reimbursement of the service package we purchased (this was the first oil change since we bought the car), they denied that request. So now I would have to drive 1 hr to the dealer in Davie for service, because i definitely will not go back to this place.


Best salesman

I've bought several vehicles from South Motors Volkswagen and my reason for going back aside frOm buying the best cars in town the salesman Luis Liriano the best in class service. The man knows his business. Very polite eager to assist and definitely help speed the process along. Luis you"re the best.


The best experience

My experience at South Motors Volkswagen was more than I could have hopped for. I was helped by Carlos Montenegro, the New Car Sales Director. He was very knowledgeable and listened to what I was looking for. He answered all my questions and in no time I had my new car. I am thankful for a great experience!


Not respect for the public

This is one dealer with big ego issues and disorganization in the marketing department. I have requested to be removed from mailing list for a month or two already and every time I talk to them they say I was removed but unsolicited mail keeps coming to my address. Like I told the sales person today . If I ever wanted to buy a car I will definitely not use their dealer after all the inconvenience and false promises for a mail piece i cannot imagine what kind of service I will receive from them buying a car


Fantastic Experience

I recently purchased a used vehicle from South Motors Volkswagen and had a wonderful experience with Paul Leonard, the internet sales manager. I located the vehicle on, inquired and was connected to Paul. The entire process was a no-pressure buying experience. Paul is extremely professional and great with follow-up. I was happy with the deal I got, and didn't feel taken advantage of by any means.


Awesome service

I have had a great experience with this company. Everyone here is very professional & to me that plays a great part of why I bought my car from here. #great company.



overall I like bringing my car to get serviced at this location, the staff is polite and respectful.


I would certainly buy a car from Paul Leonard.

I contacted South Motors about a Jetta wagon and Paul Leonard helped me with possibly buying one that they had on Paul was very responsive, informative, and helpful. I ended up not buying their car but only because of interior color (my wife's choice) but almost did because of the confidence that Paul inspired and the apparent condition of the car. Plenty of good pictures, a low mileage wagon in great shape, and a very fair price are what drew me to South Motors but Paul and the car would have made the deal for me if not for the interior color. Mick

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