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(39 reviews)

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Loved it!

Buying my Fiancee's 2014 Mercedes GLK 350 was the easiest car buying experience I've had yet. David was available to help whenever I needed him. He made the process very simple. Would love to buy another car with Vehicle Clearing House in the future.


The easiest and fastest way in buying a car

I have bought many cars and each time it is such a painful experience in trying to negotiate a great deal. If you have all the time in the world then stick to the traditional car dealer. Rick at VCH is very quick in responding back and answering all your questions. He has been in the car business for most of his life and he knows all the ins and out. I think if you want to have a great experience with at VCH then you need to know the exact model and color then Rick will be able to find it. I plan to buy more cars through VCH.



I am so thankful to Rich and Dave for their help and kindness. I was not planning on buying a car at all until my accident, they put me in a beautiful car and helped with financing. Rick was very patient and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend Vehicle Clearing House to anyone. I know I will buy any future cars through them!! Thanks again Kristy


Your very own Personal Car Shopper

They were very professional and patient. I never want to go back to the a dealership when buying a car. This is the way to go. Thank you for all your help.


Easy to work with and great results

I have a few co-workers who have used Vehicle Clearing House and had great results. This was my first time buying a car so I was a bit apprehensive but Rick made it easier than I could have ever imagined. I sent him specifications on exactly what I was looking for and he quickly located a car that met my criteria. The financing and buying process was effortless and it made me grateful that I didn't have to haggle with a dealership. I would highly recommend Vehicle Clearing House and will certainly use them again!


great service, love the car

Great experience over all. Thanks for the hard work in finding our car. We are very happy! Don and Jeanne Tauscher


Best car buying experience EVER!

It was the easiest, fastest and most stress-free car buying I have ever experienced! The car we were looking for was ready to look at when we made our appointment. Once we decided to purchase the car it took us longer to drive there from home than the entire paperwork process. They made everything so easy! I will be back the next time I need another car.


2014 Chysler 300 C

Rick & David worked very hard finding the exact car I was looking for. I sold cars in my past life and I know how I wanted to be treated and was !! Very professional and no pressure. I had been looking for this car for almost 2 months. They found it and I know I saved at least $2000.00..but most important, I got exactly the car I wanted. I couldn't have been more please. I just love my new 300..They are now looking for a car for my son..


Never again

maybe a bit more honesty and less deception. The experience was way below my expectations.

Dealer response

We get to know our customers very well before we sell them a car. In that process we make sure everyone's experience is above expectations even if we do not sell them a car. With that being said everyone who leaves a real review here has a lot more to say and is very specific on what they like and do not like. We have not sold a vehicle to someone named Ted in over a year, who loved his car, so please form your own opinion as to this review. My opinion is that there are some unhappy competitors with nothing better to do.


Great Experience - Great Cars - 100% Satisfied

We have been working with VCH/Rick since 2010. My family has purchased 4 cars through VCH/Rick. Back in 2010, my wife and I were extremely frustrated with the traditional car buying process/experience. Whether it was a new or used car dealership, we could never get the exact car we wanted, could never trust who we were dealing with, spent hours haggling and debating with salesmen, and spent hours and even days finalizing the deal. We always left the dealership stressed and wondering if we were ripped off. We would always find out later that we paid too much and were never really satisfied with our purchase or experience. Buying a car from VCH/Rick is a totally different experience. For those that rated VCH/Rick very low, this service is not traditional. VCH/Rick's "car lot" is the vehicle auction lots in Florida and across the country. The buyer has the opportunity to bid on whatever car they want (based on availability) and compete with the same dealerships which will sell you that same car at a 10%-30% mark-up. Since 2010, we have purchased a 2011 Kia Sorrento, 2011 Hyundai Elantra, 2009 Subaru TriBeCa Limited and our most recent purchase, a 2011 Infiniti M37x. All cars were low miles and had 1-4 years of the bumper to bumper warranty left. I recently did an analysis of what we paid for all 4 cars, and then matched that against dealership/private retail asking prices. My conservative estimate is that we saved $20K+ vs. paying retail at a dealership or private sale. Rick found the cars, we were given a chance to view these cars, we set the price/spending limit and he closed the deal. There was no haggling, debating or sitting at the dealership for hours playing the cat and mouse games. If we did not win the first time, we always had the option to bid the next week or until we eventually closed on what we wanted. The buyer is in control. We never spent more than an hour in Rick?s office signing papers, since there is no haggling, debating or conflict. Rick has a support team and skilled professionals that detail, clean and make sure the car you buy looks good as new. With the money we saved, we even decided to get leather installed in the KIA, and leather/wheels/tires installed in the Hyundai, all at a great discount. Rick coordinated all that and had it installed?If spending 10%-30% more for a car, haggling/debating/sitting at a dealership for hours, and then always wondering if you were really in control of your car buying experience sounds good to you, then by all means, go to a dealership. I think the customers that have rated VCH/Rick HIGH have made that shift and are very happy with their purchases. We love the process and will never buy from a dealership again....Rick, we love our Infiniti!!!!!!!!!!!!!