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No Customer Care Here

Our story condensed version: - Aug 19, 2021 Dropped off pickup for service - Sept 3, 2021 Received estimate 2 weeks later for $3,370 for Camshaft Housing Gasket - Sept 27, 2021 Had appointment for service, service didn’t have the gaskets to complete the job, so we went and picked up the truck. - Oct 25, 2021 After waiting a couple of weeks for the parts, finally got an appointment for service on this day. We dropped off truck the night before, Sunday night. - Oct 28, 2021 Thursday evening, went to get truck and it hadn’t been touched, received a rental car (under duress was late for child’s bball game, raining out and aggravated at lack of communication). - Oct 29, 2021 Realized rental had damage , now that it was in our garage. Damage was to the rim and tire. It was hard to see. - Oct 30, 2021 Next morning, sent picture of damage to dealership and explained situation, that this damage was there when we got the car. We were informed that we were responsible for damage?????? We are certain that we did not damage this car. - Nov 3, 2021 Met with Bill Lutes since we thought someone would listen and understand. All we heard was, “You are responsible for this damage.” He finally agreed to investigate (after a stressful meeting). He took our number and promised to call us after investigating. - Dec 28, 2021 Received invoice for $271.85 for repair to rental. We had not heard back from Mr. Lutes so called him. - Jan 7, 2021 Finally connected with Mr. Lutes.He insists, “You are responsible”. Take your business to a dealership who cares about their customers.



My wife and I got several cars from this dealership and I would recommend this dealership to anyone everybody is professional the greatest experience we ever had


Ryan Antes

I was in contact with them via email about a used truck. I live 2 hours away so getting there had to be be a Saturday I was off work. They asked about putting a$200 non refundable deposit down. I didn't, but I did let them know I was going to come on Saturday and look at the truck and buy it if it checked out. I was told 2 days prior that I needed to put a $1000 non refundable deposit down to he the truck {that I've never seen yet} or it would be sold to a wholesaler. I feel like this was a tactic to pressure me into buying a vehicle I've not seen before. I will NEVER buy a vehicle from Toyota of Terre Haute.


Car we bought

We bought a 2014 prius v at a price as expensive as the 2015 prius v The back hatch will not open by walking up to it without having the key out This is very inconvenient when not having your hands free When approached the dealership we were told this model is not equipped with that function We asked what the trade in price was with no response from the dealership


FANTASTIC buying experience

Found a great deal on a certified '07 Sienna; Jason Soules, Internet Mgr, was very prompt in returning e-mails and calls, sending extra photos... whatever was asked for, he delivered exactly what he promised. Dealer sold car for advertised price plus modest ($149) dealer fee. I arranged for a car carrier to pick up the van and bring to our home 4 states over. Jason ensured it got loaded correctly, and that the documentation was passed with the driver. Vehicle arrived exactly as described, in great condition, no surprises. Will buy a second car from them, sight unseen, without reservation.


Great experience

We are specifically looking for a Toyota and had a great experience with this knowledgeable, courteous staff. Will return when we are more ready to buy.

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