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First off, I will say that we are partially responsible for trusting them and not reading small print etc. The finance team lied to us about many things and when we asked if we could have a solution they stalled and belittled me, and after about 40 or more emails, phone calls, and texts, I took matters into my own hands and called the main Hyundai Finance number and got the lease buyout amount, secured a loan from my bank and it's finally fixed. No customer should have to email anyone over 40 times and still not get a solution. The last thing I heard from them last week was that I wasn't allowed to buy out the lease, the warranty would be taken away if I did this and I had to use them-- Basically, we TRUSTED them. We asked them point-blank questions that they lied about. We should have looked closer but we were in there for 8 hours with no food or water or anything so we were exhausted and just wanted it done. Our bad. When we got home and started going through all the paperwork we realized they put the car in my husband's name instead of mine. We didn't want that. I even texted the salesperson that night to get a "your credit is bad so we had to" which is a lie. We thought and were told that my hubby was only co-signing to get a better rate and we got the worst rate under the sun. I emailed them two days later (it was a weekend) and they just said that my credit was horrible (a lie) so they had to and I was stuck. I wrote a review that was autogenerated stating that financing screwed us---and then a CS rep called me but never did anything to resolve it. They also refused to show us the sticker and we ended up buying a car that was $12,000 more than we wanted to spend. They low-balled my old car's trade-in value when Subaru offered $1000 more, but again, we were tired so we let it go. That said, they also LIED and said there wasn't a lower model for over 500 miles--a lie, we found out later. They lied about availability to get the model I wanted (for $12,000 less) They lied about the warranty. They lied about the service that comes with leases (but Hyundai emailed me and so I learned about the dealer's lies) They lied about the lease terms They lied about my credit They belittled and bullied me for no reason over and over They refused to solve this DAYS BEFORE The paperwork went in They left all the plastic all over the car, there was a box of crap in the trunk, they basically sold us a car fresh off the boat without checking anything. I also had to email them over and over and it took almost two weeks to get them to mail the pay off of like $800 to my old car. They were sitting on it and meanwhile I got a late payment charge and my old financing company took care of it when I explained what was going on. If I hadn't followed up, I never would have known they didn't pay it off. As well, we NEVER got anything about how to make payments from Hyundai. I kept emailing them and asking and they gave me the run-around, and or ignored it. I had no idea that I even had a payment due. I found out all this information from the KONA forum---not the dealer. They also didn't give us any information regarding THEFT PATROL or BLUE LINK and again, I had to do all the research. I'm still learning things about my car that I had no idea about because they didn't tell me. When I told them that I had financing through my bank so I knew that I could, they laughed and said "no one would ever give you financing" which is a lie as I did just take out a loan to buy the lease out. SIGH They have been HORRIBLE to us. They have continually lied and or the salesperson kept calling me instead of replying to emails asking how to buy out the lease to get it into my name. I've been asking them this since March 1st with no resolve. Just lies, more lies, and belittling and bullying by them.


Got a great lease deal

Had a great experience at Parkway Hyundai. Great lease. Great car. Finance process was a breeze. Eddie Johnson was a pleasure to work with. Love my new Santa Fe.

Dealer response

We're so happy to hear that you are loving your new Santa Fe as well as your buying experience with us. It was our pleasure to help find the perfect car for you. Enjoy your purchase and please let us know if there is anything we can do!


Almost effortless experience to purchase a new car

Just purchased a new Hyundai Elantra 2020 and we were treated very well by the sales staff. Andrew Mardirous explained the car, took us on a test drive and took care of everything. I would recommend Andrew and the rest of of dealership staff from sales to financing as they were all helpful and top notch. Andrew and other staff members took us through the entire entire purchase and made things effortless for us! And they made it worth our while to drive down to Santa Clarity from the Antelope Valley.


Lease nightmare

We were told that if we leased a new Hyundai Santa Fe they would take our Buick Enclave on trade since the lease was up. We put down more than $7000 in customer cash as well as more than $3000 from incentives. All this was suppose to take care of the lease down payment and excess miles that were more than the end of lease agreement. They even inspected the car at their Buick dealership for wear and tear and we were told all was good so we made the deal. Much to my surprise we received a bill from GM financial for more than $2000 in excess wear and tear and overage miles. I was told by the sales person and his manager the Buick we traded in was good to go. If I knew there would be more charges added I would never have done the deal and would have just taken the car back to the original dealer we leased from for return. I since made a deal with GM for $925 to cover what they referred to as excess wear and tear and miles but Parkway refused to pay one dime of it. I believe we were told what we wanted to hear just so we'd lease a new vehicle. I believe they will sell a car at any cost and are not a reputable dealer.


Great Service!

The Folks at Parkway Hyundai were great, especially Matt (Sales) and Hanni (Finance). They were above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the car and with the purchase process. Car I bought: 2018 Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid. Definitely a beauty! I highly recommend to check these guys if you are looking for a Hyundai.


Very Satisfied Customer

Customer service writer Remy and Parkway Hyundai are awesome! They totally took care of me in a crises, turning a stressful situation into something very manageable. 400 miles from home my engine exploded on the Grapevine as I headed south with my daughter to visit SoCal colleges. Remy got me a loaner immediately, confirmed my engine was under warranty, kept me up-to-date on the engine replacement which was completed at Hyundai?s sole cost, and arranged transport of my repaired car at Hyundai?s expense 400 miles to my home.


Great Service

It took a while for someone to help me but I got Andrew Z. He very helpful and knowledgeable. Answered my questions and let me have a very pleasant test drive. I purchased the car I was looking for very easily.



Henry was very pleasant to work with. However the others there very rude and non listeners. I had to come in 2 times and spent over 2 hours each time. The paperwork process is ridiculous!



Joel went out of his way to make sure we had a fun and pleasurable experience buying our car today!



Henry was excellent as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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