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Hyundai of Kennesaw is a family owned and operated dealership specialized in connecting with their clients and striving for excellence. HOK opened its doors in 2002 and since has been constantly searching for new ways to improve and shape its ability to hold higher standards above the rest. In late 2015 Hyundai of Kennesaw moved to their new location and brand new facility. Please stop by to enjoy complimentary Starbucks and take a stroll throughout the gorgeous new views you won't be disappointed we promise!
Home of Lifetime Oil Changes! Nobody Pays Less From The Manufacture Than Us!

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(131 reviews)

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Service Dept Worst I've Ever Encountered

I dropped off my car for service after total engine failure while driving on the highway. The dealership has made no proactive attempts to contact me. I have called and texted repeatedly with no response or "leave a message". It is now 12 business days later and I do not even know what is wrong with my car. Not even the service department manager will return calls! I highly recommend you avoid this dealership – both purchasing and servicing cars.


Great customer service!

Josh was amazing and helped me find the perfect car for me. He was patient, genuine, and extremely helpful. I appreciate the fact that he wasn’t like the usual car salesmen that just want to make commission. He even cleared out my car for me and installed my son’s carseat in my new car. Josh went above and beyond to make sure the process was smooth from start to finish!


Won't Be Back

Service appointments seem to mean that's the drop-off time, not the time they will start work on your vehicle. A couple of years ago, I had an appt "While I wait" for basic service - oil change, etc. They knew I was waiting, and there seemed to be no expediting of my service. I ended up waiting nearly 4 hours. (The waiting area is not very comfortable either.) Another time I had two flats and got a tow to the dealership w/out an appt. It took them TWO DAYS to replace my tires. The last straw: Recently, my car started stalling, so I had a 9 a.m. appt. for a diagnostic. It took my service advisor until 5 p.m. to update me. (When I called around 4 p.m. and left a msg requesting an update, I got an impersonal "robo" text saying "thanks for your patience, but we're still addressing your concern.") Anyway, I was told that I needed a whole new engine or a new vehicle! My family members and I were very skeptical (my car only had 85K miles), so we paid the $150 diagnostic fee and took it to another mechanic. They identified the problem within an hour and had it fixed tires rotated, oil changed, etc. for less than $500.



The salesman Malik Harris, was wonderful, he made sure to inform me of everything from being to end, he is very informative and knows the product. I will definitely recommend this salesman to someone.


Be warned and beware

They say that in life, you win or you learn. I’d like to share my less-than-satisfactory experience with Credit Union CarFinders/Hyundai Of Kennesaw. Prior to last spring, I drove a 2008 Honda Accord, which by the time I donated it to the local public radio station, had more than 313,000 miles on it. Clearly, I drive a car until the wheels fall off. I purchased a used 2014 Subaru Forester from Credit Union Car Finders last spring (2020) just as the pandemic shut down the city. The car had just come in from Hyundai Of Kennesaw (at least that was the logo on the bumper), and admittedly, I purchased the car on the strength of the Subaru name. There was a “We Owe” list from the dealership, but mostly the dealership did the bare minimum to touch-up the paint. There was an unidentifiable noise on the list that I asked about, but they did not advise me to do anything further. Not the dealer’s problem, I guess. I did not purchase the extended warranty, and I did not have my mechanic check it out. My mistake. About six months into the deal, I took the car in to get an oil change and replace the tires due to a persistent leak in one of the tires. Despite the fact that we were in the middle of a pandemic and I was driving less, I did not find this unusual given the condition of the highways in the metro Atlanta area. The mechanic advised me that the tire wear was more likely caused by the need for significant front-end suspension work to the tune of $3,000 . Yet again, I chalked it up as “My mistake. I should have had it checked out.” So I saved up for that expense and the day that I ordered the parts for the suspension repair, EVERY LIGHT on the dashboard lit up – Check Engine, ABS, AT Oil Temp, Climb Assist – all of them. In fact, the AT Oil Temp light flashed. Another trip to my mechanic and a diagnostic fee revealed a failing transmission ($8,000 for a refurbished unit, more for a new unit). When I complained to my credit union, Associated Credit Union, where I have been a customer for more than 20 years, the customer service agent asked me why I didn’t buy the warranty (That’s right, blame me) and offered to finance the repairs, a windfall for ACU, but not good for me since the combined cost of the suspension and transmission repairs was more than the existing note on the car. Rather than continue to invest in a junk car, I absorbed almost $6,000 in negative equity to get out of that car and into a better vehicle. So much for using the credit union to reduce my car-buying expenses. I am clear about my role in this debacle, but I also blame the Hyundai of Kennesaw and ACU CarFinders for offering a car not worth the cost of the paper on which the loan documents were printed. I don’t expect a perfect vehicle when I purchase a used car, but also I don’t expect to have to replace a junk car after a year because the repairs needed are more than the value of the car. I’ve been driving since I was 16 (and I am no spring chicken). I have purchased at least four other used cars with good results before this experience and I have been an ACU customer since the late 1990s. That notwithstanding, this has been my worst car-buying experience ever! Let my experience be a cautionary tale for you. When purchasing a used car rom Hyundai of Kennesaw, (1) have your mechanic check it out first and (2) consider purchasing a warranty.


Exceptional customer service and buying process!

Wanted to thank Malik Harris for his greatly appreciated assistance in making the new car buying process so easy and helping us find our dream car! A few weeks ago we came into the store to test drive the 2021 Palisade Calligraphy, our sales person Malik Harris, had exceptional knowledge on the vehicle features and knew all the answers to our questions. At the time we weren’t ready to buy, so Malik gave us his mobile number and stayed in touch with us in the build up to buying day. He was super helpful, located the car we wanted, helped us with different packages and add ins, and did a great job at explaining the differences and the packages to us and overall helping us workout which one we wanted. On buying day, the process was super quick and easy, my Husband even said that was the quickest buying process he’s ever done! I think our favorite thing about Malik is that he’s not pushy (unlike a lot of other car sales people we’ve met), and he really tailored the experience to our needs. For example, we only really cared about the tech in the car, so Malik told us all the ins and outs about the tech. For us having someone who isn’t pushy and really focused on what we wanted, is what really sealed the deal.


Very slow service and non informing service depart

When we shopped for our Hyundai at the last location they were courteous and helpful. Since they moved to the new location service time and sales etiquette has drastically decreased. They sell multiple new cars every month when there service area can’t handle existing customers. I would recommend you buy from another location as Hyundai still produces a quality car.


Pls READ, heed my warning

I recently bought a used car from this store. My experience was pretty bad. I dealt with Brandon. He was friendly enough, but he did not follow through on any of my concerns. I asked if the vehicle had a spare tire, he went to check and said no. I noticed one side of the windshield washer jet was not working, he said it was working after he inspected it. I noticed a leak under the van and asked if their service department would check it, he said yes. Upon my taking it to another dealer, the windshield jet was broken, the transmission was leaking, and there was a spare tire mounted under the car. Clearly the car was not checked out and the salesman lied. My biggest issue is after we bought the car the brake light came on literally as we pulled off the lot. Turned around to go back and the salesman directed me down to service. Service could clearly care less about the light and didn't even want to help until a manager got Involved. He came out and gave me a cookie cutter answer about it being a sensor. Had I not been here over 3 hours with my 1 year old fussing I would have pressed the issue right then. I understand I bought the vehicle as is, but Hyundai "worked on and inspected" this vehicle prior to putting it up for sale. Clearly their service department just put bandaids on a couple of things. I did get a very good price, for that I thank you. That's why I was willing to take it somewhere else for the repairs. I wouldn't let their service department touch my car or anyone elses. I will add Leo in finance seems helpful and knowledgeable. Update: upon inspection by another dealer to get the brake issue fixed the engine cam shafts, mounts, and rockers are destroyed as well. Now I will be spending about $3000 on repairs! Heed my warning. Hyundai's service department is absolute TRASH. My mechanic said any tech would have absolutely seen these issues beforehand when the inspection was performed. They put this car out for sale in this condition.


Mail scam

Received a mailer to my current address that I am the lease holder on and have my address match and was told I am ineligible because my name doesn’t match the mailer. The piece of mail literally says “Current Resident”. That’s horrible because I’m a single mother who would have appreciated the gift card.


Liars who damaged my vehicle

This dealership is run by lying, cowardly con men Jason Teague and David Maddox. Avoid this place and their recklessness. I took my car in for a routine recall repair and it was returned with the repair done incorrectly. This subsequently resulted in out of pocket expenses by me to correct their blundering negligence. The auto shop that corrected the error traced my car’s problems directly to the shoddy workmanship at this dealership. Despite the intervention on my behalf by Hyundai’s corporate offices and false promises by both Teague and Maddox to reimburse me, nothing has ever come of that promise. I’ve waited almost two weeks to receive reimbursement from a dealership 30 minutes from my home. Maddox himself assured me a week ago that the check had been mailed out. Lies on top of more lies from a business clearly rife with them. The buffoonery of Teague and Maddox is a blight on the reputation of Hyundai. Instead of engaging dissatisfied customers directly they both do their best to hide and avoid taking calls. Cowards.

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