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(12,888 reviews)

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Zeck Ford delivered for us again.

Zeck Ford delivered for us again. This is the second vehicle we have purchased from Zeck. They are outstanding. In particular, Jeff Bowlin did a fantastic job of educating us on the vehicle and making sure we understood the process in a no pressure manner.


Easily the most stress free car buying experience I have

Easily the most stress free car buying experience I have ever had. Everyone was amazing to deal with.


Jayden Brower provided a pain free buying experience.

Jayden Brower provided a pain free buying experience. Ask for him at Zeck Ford is you want the best buying experience in Kansas!


Couldn’t of asked for a better sales associate and

Couldn’t of asked for a better sales associate and dealer! Keep up the amazing work and great customer service!


We’ve bought 13 or 14 vehicles, new and used.

We’ve bought 13 or 14 vehicles, new and used. Jayden made this the absolute best experience of any of them. Definitely would recommend a visit to the dealership, even if you’re not buying, you’ll be back when you do.


The dealership provides a family atmosphere that is laid

The dealership provides a family atmosphere that is laid back and low stress. Super easy to work with and will always do business with them.

Dealer response

Hi coachmilliren, Thank you so much for your 5 stars we really appreciate it! We are so happy to hear you enjoyed your experience with us on your last visit. We hope to see you again soon. Have a great day!


Best Pre Owned F150 inventory.

Best Pre Owned F150 inventory. Focused on getting me a car quickly as needed. Great experience

Dealer response

Hi jkimmel, Thank you so much for your 5 stars we really appreciate it! We are so happy to hear you enjoyed your experience with us on your last visit. We hope to see you again soon. Have a great day!


Abysmal overall experience!

Abysmal overall experience! Here’s why: On 5/23/2022, I contacted Zeck Ford via the internet to ask about a 2018 Ford Expedition Max listed at $56,500 with 38,000 miles. I set an appointment with a salesperson, Mikayla Zielinski, for 5/27/2022 at 11:00 a.m. I had an email exchange with Mikayla explaining the uniqueness of my trade vehicle and making sure they weren’t going to play the typical used car dealer games. I have owned close to 60 vehicles over the years, and I owned a very small used vehicle dealership for a couple of years, so I fully understand the industry of used vehicle sales. I arrived at my scheduled time and asked for Mikayla, and I was quickly told she was in the internet sales section, but I’d be meeting with someone else. There were 4-6 salespeople milling around the lobby like they were waiting their turn to eat. I was assigned to Robert Burns, who had no idea who I was or why I was there. Burns, in my opinion, is a good guy who works at a less-than-stellar dealership. Burns had to play catch-up on which vehicle I was there to look at, what my trade-in vehicle was, and my background. Burns informed me the car was in “re-conditioning,” but he’d bring it up for me to look at. Having the vehicle in “re-conditioning” would have been something a transparent dealership would have told me before making a 70-minute drive. The Expedition itself had all of the options I was looking for, including a few that most Expeditions out there didn’t have, which is why I was there for the vehicle. The pricing was at the very top end of the price range for the vehicle, but I was willing to pay for the vehicle I wanted. Burns was upfront about how he gets paid and the exorbitant $694 “administrative fee,” which is a game that dealerships play to show a lower advertised price and charge more money. Burns told me the timing chain guides were found to need replacement along with two issues with the 2nd-row seat belts and a broken door to the USB ports for the 2nd row. Upon driving the Expedition, I heard a very noticeable rattle when I started the truck. It drove fine and was otherwise a great vehicle. I returned and asked Burns if the timing chain guides had been replaced already; and Burns made a phone call, and he told me they had been. A price was negotiated on my trade which was reasonable. After agreeing to buy the Expedition, Burns told me the vehicle might take an additional 17-21 business days for the car to be ready but that he would call me the following Tuesday to give me a better estimate on when the parts would be ready. The first piece of advice here: Do not buy a vehicle from them if it’s “in re-conditioning.” I finish the sale with the finance manager, Cam Decker. Cam was a decent guy but didn’t give me a copy of the paperwork I had signed/initialed with Burns. I later found that Zeck Ford tacks on another $900 for some “CarCo Inc” service which is another scheme to up-charge a product that I didn’t ask for or was pointed out to me. That’s my fault for not initially seeing it when I signed the paperwork. Part of the sales game is making you wait to see the sales manager, so you’ll rush through the paperwork and overlook stuff like that. They sent me away with a loaner car and gave me a Ford Fusion Hybrid that I asked for. I was in the market for one of those cars, but Zeck didn’t have one optioned as I wanted. The following Tuesday came and went, and I didn’t hear from Burns. I finally emailed him on Thursday asking about the timeline, and Burns was quick to call me and try to get me a timeline but wasn’t able to tell me much. The next day on Friday, 6/3/2022, Burns calls and says the Expedition is ready and they will deliver it to me. The delivery driver, Ralph, is a good guy. I took delivery of the Expedition and noticed that they didn’t fix the broken USB door or one of the seatbelt issues. The people who were supposed to clean the inside of the truck before delivery did a rush job and left a sticky red substance on the 2nd-row seats. I contacted Burns about the USB door and seatbelt issue, and he said he’d look into it. I start the Expedition the following morning, and the engine rattle is still there. I did some research, and the rattle appeared to be a cam phaser issue. On Sunday, I set up my GoPro, captured the engine rattle, and emailed Burns about it. I also asked for the rest of the paperwork I had signed but had not received. Burns returned my email on his day off and said he would get the paperwork for me on Monday, which he did. Burns emailed me that Monday, 6/6/2022, and said he’d get an answer for me. Burns said they’d fix the seatbelt but wouldn’t replace the USB door because the USB outlet still worked. The “We Owe” paperwork said they’d fix everything on the re-condition sheet. Burns said he’d find out what they were going to do and get back to me. I waited an entire week and didn’t hear anything from Zeck Ford. I called and asked for a sales manager on 6/13/2022. After about 7 minutes of getting transferred around, I got a sales manager. The sales manager confirmed that the timing chain guides were never replaced, contrary to what I had been told. He also says they won’t replace the USB door because it was only “noted” on the re-conditioning form. I expressed my dissatisfaction with not hearing anything for a week, and he said he’d talk to Burns. Burns called me within five minutes and apologized and said that the re-conditioning manager was supposed to have called me. I tend to believe Burns. Burns sends Ralph out to give me a loaner car and pick up the Expedition. A week and a half passed, and I hadn’t heard anything, so I called the service department on 6/22/2022. I spoke to a woman who said the work was done on it, but they needed another day to cold-start it and ensure everything was okay. I asked her to tell me what work had been done to make sure they actually completed everything this time. The service manager, Julie McIntire, then got on the phone, and I asked her the same question. Julie quickly gets an attitude with me, saying this was the first time they’ve seen the vehicle. Julie doesn’t matter to the customer which department you work in; you’re part of the overall dealership and should learn better customer service skills. I ask if the timing chain guides were replaced, and she says it’s part of the cam phaser replacement with the same snotty tone. I was able to find out that the seatbelt was fixed. I got a phone call from Julie the next day telling me that when they test drove the vehicle, a check engine light came on, and they found one of the turbochargers was bad. She said they’d order parts, and the truck should be ready by 7/1/2022. Julie called on 6/29/2022, saying the parts came in early and it was ready to go. Julie was still very short with me and generally appears to either hate her life or hate her job. Burns called within a few minutes and arranged to have Ralph bring it back to me and pick up the loaner car. It came back filthy with the low fuel light on when it was sent with a ½ tank of fuel and clean. So, I finally have my $56,500 truck back, with an additional 164 miles on it, and I’m hoping it’s actually fixed. Timing chain guides were not listed as being replaced on the invoice I was given, so either their invoicing is wrong, or Julie was wrong. I won’t buy another vehicle from Zeck Ford for a few reasons. The biggest reason is the smallest one, the $25 USB port door that is broken and they refused to fix. It’s a $56,500 vehicle, and you added $1600 to the price with your “fees,” and you refused to fix a $25 item? The whole “in re-conditioning” scheme to have the customer buy the vehicle while they take their time fixing it screams unethical car dealership to me. I’ve owned and paid insurance on the vehicle for a month and two days and have only had it in my possession for about ten days; seven of those days were because the dealership was trying to blow me off. I fully believe they were hoping that I would just go away and they wouldn’t have to fix the truck. Well, it worked, I’m never coming back, and if you are a potential customer reading this review, I will encourage you to stay away.

Dealer response

Hi SlowKid, Thank you for your feedback. We are so sorry to hear you have had issues and would like to get to the bottom of this for you. Please contact Nino Williams at nwilliams@zeckauto.com or Whitney Pakenham at wpakenham@zeckauto.com so we can discuss this further.


Wonderful dealership!

Wonderful dealership! We were returning buyers. Robert our salesman was super friendly! The process was very streamlined!

Consumer response

Thanks Zeck Ford for a wonderful experience!! We were returning buyers and will come back again!!


I found my vehicle online, went in with pre-approved

I found my vehicle online, went in with pre-approved financing; and walked out with the car I wanted and even better financing through them.

Dealer response

Hi Rjshepard1, Thank you so much for your 5 stars we really appreciate it! We are so happy to hear you enjoyed your experience with us on your last visit. We hope to see you again soon. Have a great day!