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(43 reviews)

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Team1MotorNice body of the car but car is garbage

I pursched my truck in March from Team 1 Motor Cars in Marietta GA. Before buying I asked Why the stirring box was so hard. Spenser advice me to change the tires because it had off road tires up there I spent $2500 on replacing the tires which was no problem cause I was planning on doing that anyway. The problem was still there he also told me they have a warranty which I did buy. He told me to wait 30-45 days to put in a claim for them to fix it. I took it to mechanic the mechanic told me it was the stirring was messed up from been hit. Spenser told me ok we will pay additional fee to give you the full warranty that covers back to front. Had to wait additional to the take it to get fix. Took it to the mechanic the warranty doesn’t cover anything in the contract for the warranty because Matt (the finance guy) put it in incorrect. So my warranty was a waste. They both (Matt and Spenser) are the worst. Trust me I love my truck I paid to have repairs done to it. But if you looking for a nice reliable car DO NOT GO TO THEM. It is 6 months later and they still give me the runaround about why my lean holder has not received the money I have paid for the warranty which was $1200.00 I paid $3500.00 for my Gwagon!! When I called to see what’s taking them so long to send my check back. It’s always a excuse Spenser said “Matt is who you need to talk to he’s on lunch break” I asked when will he be back? He than say “we take breaks as however long we want to” I said so y’all take a 4 hr break for lunch? He said yeah which the xxxxx was trying to be funny. DO NOT BUY THE WARRENTY AND DO NOT SHOP WITH THEM. IT’S MY BIGGEST REGRET


Citrus fruit stand with mostly lemons

Do not believe the carfax they show - it all fraud. They specialize in cars that had major damage, but have not been reported through carfax mostly due to being poorly repaired through self-insured companies. Do not believe the inspection of the mechanics they recommend - it is all scam. Take it to your mechanic instead. This dealer gives a bad name to the entire used car business.


Fraudsters selling lemons

Fraud and deception is the primary business model for this dealer. Watch for blown gaskets, contaminated fuel systems, mileage rollback, etc. They establish bad rep in one spot, then change the name and move on to another. Stay away.


Dishonest would honor price after mechanic inspect

was gave one price, told to take to mechanic to make sure it was right, multiple issues but was okay with that as long as I could haggle on the price, next day not only would they not come down but they raised the price and refused to even take original offer even though I had a written price from them. shady dishonest dealership Sales Guy was also using the restroom in the public women's restroom without locking the door so my wife got to see that lovely view without even an apology


Highly Recommend...OUTSTANDING Customer Service!!!

I was referred to Team One Motorcars by a coworker who has purchased multiple cars from them. I was looking to trade in my Yukon Denali for a Range Rover Sport Supercharged. Easiest transaction ever! I worked with Matt who was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He gave me a great price on my trade in and got me approved for financing within 30 minutes. I had the Range Rover Sport inspected by Land Rover the following day and they verified that the car is in perfect condition. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the Atlanta area. A+ experience!


Lies and intimidation is their moto

On August 10, 2018 I bought 2013 Audi Q7 at this dealership. When I got home that evening and reviewed the sales contract I've noticed discrepancy - mileage on the car was about 900 miles above of what was listed in sales order. The next day I've also noticed that a separate $99 title charge was listed on the buyers order, in addition to the highly inflated $599 dealer documentation charge. I notified the salesperson - Spencer, and the sales documentation was re-printed with the correct mileage and backdated, but the title fee was nor refunded even, though, the title transfer charge in GA is $18. The more serious problem came about 24 hours later, when I discovered that the car that was advertised as being in the excellent condition exhibited a major engine malfunction, requiring about $4000 repair. I notified the dealership and was told by an employee, Matt, not to worry, that we will take care of you. When I arrived to the dealership later that day for a resolution of the issue, a salesperson, Spencer, told me that the dealership will not pay for any of the required repairs. While it is true, I bought a used car, sold as is, one would not expect a $28k car that's described as being in excellent condition to breakdown within 48 hours of purchase. This dealership is clearly engaged in customers' deception by concealing the problems to entice customers to buy their cars. In addition, the salesperson, Spencer, is incompetent. His only function during the sales process was to properly prepare the documents. He had no authority, nor the skills for sales negotiations, nor could he competently demonstrate the car or had any knowledge about the product he was selling. And even the documents were not prepared properly which necessitated my return to the dealership the next day. Overall, the dealership is engaged in deceptive and unethical business practices. UPDATE 6 DAYS AFTER THE SALE: I visited the dealership once again to collect personal belongings left in my traded car - the dealer's representative, Spencer, told me that whatever I left in the car is now their property. Also, when I requested a title for the vehicle I bought and paid for, in order to provide the title to the credit union that agreed to finance the car after the sale, the dealer told me that because I left a negative review about the dealership, they will drag the title application as much as legally possible to hinder the process. THE CONCLUSION: This dealership is a testament to lies, deception, customer intimidation, and many other things, one would not state in a PG-13 review. You get all of the above here, but don't expect to buy a reliable car here.



DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP NO MATTER WHAT THE PRICE IS – AUTOMOTIVE FRAUD! Team One Motorcars committed automotive fraud multiple times. They attempted to sell a used 2017 Ford Raptor, stating that it had one owner with no previous issues and the car was recently purchased at auction. After multiple text messages and conversations with the salesman he assured the truck had no previous accidents and only one minor ding on the rear tailgate. However, the day of the purchase it was discovered that the truck was purchased at auction with a major accident (See photos attached). I’ve also attached a screen shot of the text chain from the dishonest salesman, showing him lying and committing automotive fraud. After being called out they claimed they had no knowledge of the major damage to truck even though it was bought at auction with 11,827.5 miles and tried to sell it to me with 11,830 miles on it. Do not trust this dealership under any circumstances as they will go to any length to sell a car with major issues and cover it up to make a profit. If the vehicle seems well priced there is a reason because it is a damaged vehicle they acquired and trying fraudulently sell it. Don’t believe any carfax report either as they will make sure that is not accurately reflected either. One week later the same broken 2017 Ford Raptor is still listed on their website for the same price with no mention of the major accident (see attached photo). I will be forwarding all information onto the Better Business Bureau and pursuing legal action since selling vehicles under false pretenses is illegal under Georgia State Law. Stay clear of this Team One Motorcars, don’t let them sell you junk illegally! Look up the vehicle for yourself as well: VIN: 1FTEX1RG4HFA00213


Used car

Spencer Kellam provided great customer service and was very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend him for your car shopping needs. I am happy with my new car!


Buyer Beware - Deceptive practices!!!

2006 Maserati Gransport Spyder ZAMEB18A260026381 THIS IS NOT ABOUT AN "AS IS" PURCHASE! THIS IS ABOUT BUYER BEWARE I purchased the aforementioned car from Team One specifically Matt Shanahan. To say I am extremely disappointed in the purchase of this car would be an understatement. I did my due diligence and had the car inspected prior to purchase. Matt directed me to Enzo's Automotive Svc for the inspection. Enzo's placed the clutch wear rating at 29% worn. When I got the car home, Ft Lauderdale Maserati put the clutch wear rating at 62% worn. Because of the huge discrepancy I had a third independent check done with the same result of 62% worn. I have copies of all reports if anyone would like to see them. The vehicle inspection I had completed at Ft Lauderdale Maserati reveals that this car needs $10,226.56 of repairs. I emailed a copy of the Ft Lauderdale Maserati inspection to Matt with no response what so ever. The inspection conducted by Enzo's Automotive Svc is completely worthless; again I was directed there by Matt! The convertible top needs new straps as well, not an adjustment to a micro switch or sensor as Matt said. I took the car in to have the convertible straps replaced and when they removed the top they found bungee cords attached to the straps to allow the top to work temporarily for the video Matt sent me prior to purchase showing me the top was in working order! Matt was supposed to send me information on obtaining a second ignition key and the radio code for the radio. He never did. He has ignored my calls and emails. I even gave Matt the opportunity to split the cost of the clutch and top repair evenly and I would handle the remaining repairs. He didn't have the decency to respond. Buyer Beware! I have all the reports and inspections available for anyone's review.


TeamOne Motorcars

Matt was easy to work with and all details were taken care of before I drove from Houston TX to Atlanta. 2016 Corvette is everything they said it was.