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Avoid at all costs

Paul is a sleazy salesman. His cars look clean on the outside, but are internally riddled with mechanical issues and/or cheap fixes. I bought a Subaru from him that leaked oil all over my driveway after sitting the first night. It needed new head gaskets, even though he claimed it didn’t need them. The driver side headlight housing was melted. The axles were nearly out of commission(torn boots) and the struts were leaking. The CD player didn’t work. Any parts replaced by him are cheap aftermarket Chinese fixes. Don’t let yourself get excited by a clean-looking car on his lot. It will likely cost you. Lastly, and I can’t stress this enough, if he claims to have done any work to a car at all, ensure you get proper documentation to prove it.



The ower was friendly, informative, and kowledgeable. It is a small place, but a ice selection of quality cars.


No Hassle Car Buying - Good Product & Service

I was looking for a specific car for my son and didn't want to drive all over Southern California looking for it. EAS was close by. The owner was courteous, helpful, informative and made the sale easy and quick. They performed all transfer paperwork and everything went smoothly. He sensed I had a problem with several car dings on the sides. WHich may have been a deciding point in not choosing this car. When I went back to take delivery of the car, the owner himself had taken the time to touch up the areas himself which made me very happy with the car on delivery. Mechancially it has run great, no problems. Everything has turned out as he indicated on our first visit.

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