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Green Light Auto

Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(85 reviews)
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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(85 reviews)

A dealership's rating is based on all of their reviews, with more weight given to recent reviews.

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Very professional

Very professional and helpful. Vehicle was as advertised. Very happy with the vehicle. I would recommend this dealership. Was very pleased with the over all process.


Buyer Beware

Unfortunately, a really disappointing experience with this dealership. The vehicle had poor tires and the sales guy told me not to worry, he would throw on 2 new tires for me on the way out. They ended up not putting the tires on, I missed it and the front right tire blew out on the drive home. I live 35min away. They told me to go to a shop and have a cheap used tire put on and they would reimburse (so I wouldn't have to drive on the donut) and then to come back and they would reimburse for the used tire and put on 2 new themselves. They then changed course when I texted "on my way" and told me I could just go to a Tire store and get 2 new ones put on near me and send them the receipt to be reimbursed. (No mention of pricing - just get it done) I picked 2 tires, at $3 below avg tire cost online (top 10 tires of the same type/size) Cost out the door was $503 (Labor, Taxes etc. etc.) They then refuse to pay it saying it is too much and that they would only do $ if I could have gotten an old used tire installed + 2 new tires all done with Taxes, labor etc. for anywhere close to that amount. Oh and 5 days in, the backup camera has already gone out and the car shakes over 70MPH. Extremely poor customer service on the owners part (he is the one refusing to pay it) I would stay far away from this "dealership"


Professional Dealership!!

Very professional and great customer service! Moe is the kindest salesman. He always responded in a kindly and professional manner. When you come in, ask for Moe. This dealership genuinely cares about your experience. Great cars and great deals!


Do not buy a car here!!

****DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!*** I purchased an SUV from here and it lasted 2 weeks before it needed a new motor. The owner assured me that they can have the motor done in 1 week. I had to harass them and threaten them with a lawyer to get my car back after 6 weeks!!! I finally got the car back and it had almost 300 more miles on it since I had dropped it off?! They told me it wasn’t running for over a month and they were driving it around. I drove it for 1 day and the heater stopped working. Called them back and the son , Moe, told me I could take it to my mechanic and let them know when it was done and they would take care if it…. And now they are denying it 100% and I’m stuck with a $500 bill for the heater!


don't go here! over priced junk! they scam peope

tried to get me to pay them 6000$ on top of the car price in interest, people are nice until they don't see yo have allot of money then they judge you and want nothing to do with


Super Satisfied

Very Friendly. Totally appreciate the customer service that I received. Got me financed even with my situation. PS. Arthur was great. Thank you Green Light Auto


Happy Customer

Fast and easy approval, was in and out in no time. They got me approved on the vehicle I liked. Thank you Green Light Auto.


Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service, very friendly and fast. A pleasure to do business with :). Highly recommended. Thank you Green Light Auto and Simon, will come back soon.


Very Pleased

Very pleased with Danny, have purchased many vehicles prior to this one and have come out satisfied each time. Thank you Green Light Auto and Danny.


Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service, Fast and Easy process, easy financing, highly recommended. Thank you Green Light Auto and Danny for accommodating me through this smooth process.