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Terrible customer service

Disrespectful, rude and terrible customer service. Used to be a good dealership, not anymore. Unprofessional to the fullest level. Wil not try to help you or work with you. Their only concern is how much they can rip you off for. Good luck people!!



Spontaneous, honest and reliable service. Happy to review any and all information previously stated/related to lease of automobile. Time well spent and drove away with a car fully loaded.


Cheated me out of money they promised.

When I went in to replace a lease car for another, I was promised that BRV would pay 3 months of the lease on the car I was returning. They never did. And when I approached them they said "where did we say that in the written contract?" They do not deserve any business.


I'm very disappointed with the level of service I...

I'm very disappointed with the level of service I received from the service department of Bay Ridge VW. First, I have purchased two vehicles from Bay Ridge VW in the past. I would have purchased a third but we could not agree on price so, I bought the vehicle from another VW dealer. The issue is with my current 2020 VW Jetta. I noticed a little more than a month ago that I could not make any phone calls because the microphone in the car was not working at all. Then noticed a Car-net activity light that should be green was now off. The SOS button to communicate emergencies was not working as well. The final thing that was wrong was when daylight savings time ended I could not change the clock because the vehicle states there is no GPS signal. I proceeded to do some research, I discovered that a faulty (Car-net module) is most likely the cause of these four issues. I proceeded to go on Bay Ridge VW’s website to schedule a service appointment. While doing so I noticed a recall to fix a ECM issue, I decided I might as well have that done while I am there. I made the appointment for 11/15/21 @ 11am. A few days before the appointment I received a call to confirm. I was told by the woman it would be an all day appointment but I would be able to pick up my vehicle at the end of the day and if parts had to be ordered I would need to bring the vehicle back to have them installed. That was fine by me, as I needed the car to travel to work the next day. On 11/15/21 I brought the vehicle in for service. When I spoke with the service advisor & explained the issues I was having I was told he could not promise I would have the vehicle back the same day. I stressed I needed the vehicle to travel to work the next day. With little to no care I was told to schedule a new appointment with a courtesy vehicle. Left with no choice, I requested to have my vehicle back, I went home and scheduled a new appointment for 11/18/21 but, this time with a courtesy vehicle. On 11/16/21 I received a voicemail saying the courtesy vehicle will have to be removed from my appointment but, I could still bring my vehicle in at the scheduled time. I called back, only to be told that there is an issue with their web system not knowing how many courtesy vehicles they have. I told the woman about my prior experience and asked to speak to a manager to resolve the runaround I have been experiencing. I was transferred to a service manager, no one picked up, so I left a voicemail. I still have not heard back from the service manager. My wife mostly uses this vehicle because of the SOS safety feature. It gives me great peace of mind knowing if an accident occurs and airbags deploy someone will call to check on her. Not having this safety feature currently working gives me cause for concern. I lost a day of work, to come in on the 15th only to be given the runaround. Not one person I have dealt with has taken ownership of the issue. The service advisor I dealt with on Monday should have apologized for the miscommunication and, walked me over to someone and had them schedule a new appointment with a courtesy vehicle. It would have been better if the people I dealt with cared more about the customers time and experience at the service department. By writing this, I would hope someone in management would contact me, so this issue can be addressed and resolved. I will update this review if anything changes.


Save yourself much aggravation & go to another VW dealer....

Save yourself much aggravation & go to another VW dealer. Bay Ridge Volkswagen is the kind of place that gives car salesmen a bad name. Terrible experience. You will get much better deals at Staten Island Volkswagen or in NJ which is hard for me to say being born in Bay Ridge.


The most unprofessional sales team I've ever witnessed....

The most unprofessional sales team I've ever witnessed. Do yourself a favor & go to a different Volkswagen dealer. They are terrible. Do yourself a favor & go elsewhere. honesty & treating the customer well is not a priority. Now understand the company Volkswagon has excellent customer service. The individual dealerships, very different story. Bayridge Volkswagen has got to be the rudest most unprofessional dealership I have ever dealt with.Mind you Bayridge VW also owns Bayridge Honda, Mazda, Hyundai. the whole strip on 4th Ave. They will try & take advantage of you to make the most commission possible. They want to move what they have too much of on the lot rather than what you went there for. Now I've leased multiple cars from them over the years but it was through a broker as I did not have time to deal with the sales staff until the past month through email & today in person as the lease I was turning in, to the exact place it was leased from refused to take the car back. This was never a problem because I had previously leased from one of the dealers on 4th ave through the broker. The car was inspected the day before & was clean & in perfect shape.Now because I didn't make another purchase from them they wanted to run me around. I came from another boro. I also have a lung disease so getting there was not at all convenient & I had friends with me to help get me back so the lease manager said you need to make an appointment. You have to come back. I told him the lease was due to be back today. I never needed an appointment in the past. He said they had no room on the lot for another car. Mind you he could have used any of the lots on 4th Ave they own but he refused to take the car back. We couldn't believe they wouldn't take the car back. I told him I would not be leasing with them again & I was going to review them for being so rude. He did not care how inconvenient it was for us to go back or I would have to keep the car past the due lease date or I would have to continue making payments & keeping the car insured. They simply didn't want another used car to sell even though it came from them. When I told him I was going to write an unfavorable review he actually said, "You want to do that ? See if I give you another appointment to return the car & he walked away ! This guy was completely unprofessional. I decided to call Volkswagon directly to let them know what was going on. Bryan from the Volkswagen headquarters was shocked. He couldn't believe it. He knew I was a customer for years. Never late on a payment. He couldn't force them to take the car & he did say many of the sales team hopped from different dealerships & did not reflect VW. He called the VW dealership on Staten Island & told them the car was inspected the prior day with a perfect rating. Very clean & low miles. They were very happy to take the car. Bryan couldn't understand why Bayridge VW wouldn't take the car especially since the dealerships have a shortage of cars now due to the pandemic.I can see why. They like to get rid of cars but they don't want to have to move a used car, even if it came from them without trying to force you to get another car from them. If you are looking for a Volkswagen, Honda, Mazda or Hyundai do yourself a favor & stay away from 4th ave Bay Ridge dealerships. Especially the VW dealership. I won't be going back there ever. The friends who made time to help me out & get there certainly will never consider going there & they certainly won't be telling their friends to go there. We were blown away by the rude & unprofessional behavior. When I did tell them what I wanted specifically I let them know my credit score which is very high. I let them know what i wanted, how much I wanted to put down & what I wanted to pay a month. I asked them to send me links & quotes. I said I would pick which I liked & purchase it online & have it delivered. Should be what a salesman wants to hear. A slam dunk. Instant sale. Instead of sending what I asked, they didn't even acknowledge what I asked & gave me the crooked, slimy salesman line of "Just come on down to the lot. We're practically giving cars away because we have a quota to meet" Yeah right !!! These guys were rude & priced much higher than other dealerships. I would give less than 1 star if possible.


2019 Volkswagon Jetter

I am a first time buyer at Bay Ridge Volkswagen, and I dealt with the most courteous and knowledgeable sales personnel Jacob Ledesma, and David Eric Gokhshtein. They walked me through all of the steps in the paper work which was the cherry on top of the deal that I got on my Volkswagen Jetta. These two gentlemen went over and above explaining every detail regarding the leasing of my car. Thank you, Kathy Pukas


Gali was great - 2018 Atlas

Gali made the leasing of our 2018 Atlas a breeze. Very knowledgable and friendly and it seemed like she genuinely cared about getting us into the right car.


Pre-Owned 2015 Volkswagon Jetta

Po Mui made our car buying experience very pleasant. He was very kind, patient and helpful. We will definitely go back to Bay Ridge Volkswagon for our next car and hope deal with Po again.


rude and not building long-term trust relationship

I stopped buy to ask for a quote and explained that my current dealer is trying to get a hold of a car for me and I would like to have plan B in case he can't get one. The way the sales rep treated me was outright puzzling. I was pretty much kicked out of the dealership with phrases like: - I'm offering you a car for free now, are you taking? - Quote for a second car? One at a time, Auf Wiedersehen! - This is an expensive car here! - My business is to sell cars here. I can't put all the cars you want on the lot. At some point I ended-up asking if I'm treated like this because they think I can't afford it. Next day my current dealer called me and said that he couldn't get a hold of the car I was looking forand said I should try other dealers. If Bay Ridge VW bothered to treat me with decency they could have my business the next day.. Instead, I will never step in there again.. In a fast paced city they might be right prioritizing fast money in the short-term to building a long-term relationship with the customer. I will just stay away. I am not mentioning the sales rep name because the conversation was overhead by other employee(s) yet no action was taken. I'm assuming it's an institutional problem with the organization rather than the problem with an individual employee.

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