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Greatest salesman ever

I recommend mr. Bryant for any car buyers he was persistent in getting me in something that I liked , he worked with what I had and found the best car better than the one I actually wanted I’d recommend him in a heartbeat



My salesperson, Venson Bryant initally was great. He was professional and knowledgeable about the car buying process. I thought I would recommend him, but have since decided against it for the reasons listed below. Upon purchasing my Cadillac XT5 (2019) with 12,450 mileage (which has a warranty), I was assured that if any issues arose within the first two weeks of purchase, give him a call. I attempted to contact him via text and numerous calls three days after the purchase regarding the incredibly LOUD squeaking / squealing breaks (which I have since researched to be a known customer complaint for the Cadillac XT5's models) . After a week and a half of eluded calls Venson Bryant finally agreed to send me to the auto repair in which their Carite (Redford) uses Redford Auto Repair on 7 mile / Beech. Should of rung bells...but I went twice, and surprisingly (not) they couldn't hear any HARSH squeaking, as they test drove it, although I did very clearly standing some 20 feet away. The conversation from Venson was very rude and unprofessional in which he yelled and then proceeded to hang up on me. Nonetheless, they refused in making the repair to rectify the HORRIBY LOUD SQUEAKING breaks. I also inquired about the last oil change, since a sticker was not visible on the windshield, to which he replied he wasn't sure. Yet, less than a month later, the oil light is on. However, I will be making a formal complaint with the Better Buisness Bureau regarding improper car care / preventative maintenance prior to sale, disregard and unprofessionalism concerning customer car service needs. - Mistreated School Teacher



I just purchased a car and my sales person was Paula. Paula was kind, efficient and took care of my needs. I love my car and Paula made the entire process a good experience.


I visited Carite on 08/19/20 was approved for a car with...

I visited Carite on 08/19/20 was approved for a car with my trade in but changed my mind on getting a car I came back today on 08/27/20 and I got a car no problems they were very helpful I want to thank Nate and Vince for their help I recommend you guys go see them signed Erica yancey


Great service good cars for great prices and they have...

Great service good cars for great prices and they have low milage,He found me a car with low mileage and the price was ok


We worked with Seth from the Redford location. Amazing...

We worked with Seth from the Redford location. Amazing sales person! We would highly recommend!. Thank you for your help with our Lincoln! Very happy!


The Best place to come get a car. I like my car y

wonderful very welcoming and comfortable place . Put in a lot of work to get me in a car. truly thankful great place Kevin Warr



This wonderful dealership helped in such a hard time. They were extremely helpful in every way, they were super nice the entire time and got us into a new beautiful car. We are so thankful we found this place! Columbus helped us out! I definitely recommend him!



I feel like a was misleaded/scammed! I bought my car in 2017 and was told after 2 years you can get into something else...well today I found out I can’t because there is too much owed on the car and they no longer do the lease program..uh? So basicalll everyone who bought a car 2 years ago is basically stuck...bad bad business! So I’m gonna end up going to another dealer and put about 5000 down to get out this car smh!


Car for my daughter

Misleading with the process was told after the 4 years the pay off would be $400.00 to $750.00 now they are saying they want an additional $4000.00 after giving them $440.00 a month for 4 years for a 2007. I would never get another car from them and I hate that I recommend them to other people that bought cars from them. NEVER again no thank you scammed by them.

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