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(124 reviews)

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1 star because they are not clear I had a deal with Jasmine for lease a car with 12000 miles per year and she told me the car not used ,, after paid the insurance and the down payment I saw in the contract 10,000 miles I asked her manager told me if I want 12000 Miles have to pay $10 more..plus they told me the car is New not used but I noticed the car is used with 4108 Miles before I used it and I found plastic cups in a spare tire area... Also the car has some scratches. I tried to call the manger many times but no answer.

Dealer response

Adam, we are sorry to read this review. We apologize for any miscommunication on our end, as we strive to provide professional, honest service every time. At your earliest convenience, please contact Pete Khan at 718-696-6100 or pkhan@teddyvw.com so we can further discuss this matter.


over price and gave me a wrong year model

sales person was not trained right. gave me a wrong price for the car and the wrong model year. i got mad at them and left.


Douglass Lee helped me lease my first car

If you're looking for a Volkswagen, head on over to Teddy Volkswagen and meet one of their sales consultants named Douglas Lee. Doug made my first time leasing process a breeze, and he helped me land a fantastic deal. I told him what I was looking for and he presented me many different options. Doug is a great guy and I highly reccomend you go see him!

Dealer response

We're so glad to know we made a fantastic first impression with you, Dean. Thank you for taking the time to share the great experience you had with us, and for all of your kind words towards our staff. We truly appreciate your recommendation of us to others and please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything further we can help with.


bad faith bargaining

My wife and I just walked out of Teddy VW steaming mad. We worked wit the salesperson who was quite pleasant, agreed on a price, wrote a check and signed a contract and then the sales manager came back and told his he made a mistake and tried to get us to fork over more money. When we stood firm the salesperson came back and said that the manager would honor the price that he had agreed to. Then we we went to complete the paperwork the sales manager had added an additional amount to the signed contract and claimed we had agreed to it. We tore up our check and will never return. (BTW, we had a far different experience when we purchased a car there several years ago)


Tried to buy a Car from them

A very bad company. Do not trust them. They took my daughter's deposit and then sold the car that she was going to buy. They do not appear to be reputable.


Great sales rep: Michael Recentes

Michael Recentes was our sales rep. He truly went above and beyond what was expected to deliver our chosen car. His price was very competitive compared to many other VW dealers through out New York City and Long Island. He was very patient, professional and thorough, explaining all different options. He was also very punctual and efficient with delivering the car. If you are looking for a VW in Tristate area, Michael is the sales rep to contact! We contacted so many different dealers and no one came close to Michael Recentes' friendliness, professionalism and price. So we drove all the way from Long Island to the Bronx to lease the car from him.


Lies, lies and more lies

I tried to buy my daughter a car from Teddy Volkswagen and it was the worse experience ever!! They tried the bate and switch .


Teddy VW Strikes Again!

TEDDY VW strikes again. I genuinely wish I never leased a second car from this place. It is SERIOUSLY lacking in customer service. I bring my car in for 2 replacement tires and an ECU update at 9AM this morning. Simple enough right? WRONG! Received a call at 11:21 am that they will follow up with me before the end of the day to pick up my vehicle. It is now 7pm. I call the service department which is now closed and now i have to wait until tomorrow to have the leased car returned to me. 24 hours for a tire change? No follow up! Really?! The car is drive-able mind you...No flats. YES REALLY. And this is not the first time I've had issues with the service department. over the past 5 and a half years. Truly CAN NOT WAIT for this lease to be over. A lil' communication is key. And please save the "The experience that you have described is certainly not indicative of the high quality customer service that we strive for and pride ourselves on..." I've been a customer for more than 5 years and its always been crap service except when I leased the car. #terribleservicedepartment #5yearsexperience #alwaysbadservice

Dealer response

We understand your concerns, and hope to have an opportunity to make this right moving forward so that the experience you are describing does not happen again. Please contact Steve Cohen at 718-515-1378 at your earliest convenience so we can reach a solution on these matters together. We hope to hear from you soon.


Terrible service, horrible experience

On Friday, September 28, 2018, I brought my 2014 Jetta in for service at 8:30am. My passenger side daytime running light was blown and not working. My passenger side headlight and signal was working perfectly. The problem was only with the passenger side daytime light. I was contacted mid day between 11am and noon by the woman who did my paperwork saying they couldn’t get the light to work and they had to do a diagnostic. Of course the diagnostic was an additional charge of $85 on top of the $85 to replace the bulb. I agreed to pay the additional charge. I heard nothing further for the rest of the day from Volkswagen. I assumed the repairs were done and all I had to do was pick up my car. Not!! When I got to Teddy Volkswagen around 4pm, I was told the light still wasn’t working and I would need a headlight module. The estimate I was given for that repair was a whopping $1400. I couldn’t understand how such a simple repair would cost so much. I couldn’t afford that repair at the time so I just paid for my services owed. Which was approximately $189. I received my car and I drove off around 5pm. The sun was starting to go down and the sky darkened. I turned on my headlight only to discover now my passenger side headlight and signal no longer worked as well. I was in shock and disbelief. I pulled over and called Volkswagen immediately. I took my car to Teddy Volkswagen to get a daytime running light changed now the headlight and signal on the same side no longer worked. The person I spoke to at Teddy Volkswagen told me to bring my car in Monday, October 1st 2018 with my receipt. I couldn’t sleep thinking about the $1400 repair quote and the fact the entire passenger side lights did not work. Saturday, September 29, I decided to get my car look at by a car shop that do electrical work on cars. When they popped the hood, the electrical connection was “not” connected at all!!! The Machanic and I both looked at each other puzzled! He asked who looked at my car? I said Volkswagen. The machanic looked at me in disbelief. I was in disbelief that Teddy Volkswagen was so careless and unprofessional. I watched the Machanic test my electrical connections, then plug in the connections after verification that they did work. Not only did the headlight and signal work but the daytime running light worked as well. My car wasn’t rigged, no special connections were done. Nothing!! The only thing changed was a fuse and the Machanic plugged in the unconnected connections. I sat and watched the entire process with my own eyes. Now my car lights work like new. I feel Teddy Volkswagen was money hungry and lacked professional and quality services. I can’t believe Teddy Volkswagen would perform such a terrible service. The communication was bad and my car was worse after I left Teddy Volkswagen then when I brought it in. Y’all let a paying customer down and I am 100% NOT satisfied with Teddy Volkswagen. I promise I will never come to Teddy Volkswagen again! I will tell everyone I know not to patronize there as well. I plan on writing a negative review for Teddy Volkswagen on yelp as well. I am not a bitter, angry person who looks to smear businesses but Teddy Volkswagen performed bad business and I will share my story online. I would ask for a refund but I know that’s far fetched. Teddy Volkswagen seem like y’all about robbing customers and performing bad service. I feel like I paid y’all to make things worst when I came for help and quality service. A Machanic spent about 30 minutes, only replacing a fuse and got my lights working. Yet Teddy Volkswagen tried to rob me for $1400? I’m so disappointed and I hope the person who worked on my car is fired. So basically Teddy Volkswagen got $189 out of me for absolutely nothing!! Again I deserve a refund! I will share this story and hopefully you will perform quality services on customers cars in the future. I won’t be back there! I will take my services to the Volkswagen shop in Queens.


Keith got me the car no other dealer could

I wanted a blue Golf R. Went to 3 other dealers before going to Teddy. Saw on line that Teddy had the car but it was sold just before I got there. Keith found another car from dealer up state and had for me in five days. I paid a fair price for the car. Keith took the time to show me the features of the car, set up the radio and phone. The other dealers I went to seemed indifferent to selling me a car,but Teddy really valued my businesses. Keith also gave my young son a Teddy Volkswagen teddy bear making the day special for both of us.