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    February 23, 2013

    About two years ago I bought a Subaru 2011 Outback from Smith Cairns. I appreciated the good price that they gave for the vehicle. Beside that though,... unfortunately there have been several instances, which lead me to be extremely sorry for the fact that I ever purchased a vehicle from SMith Cairns. The first, much more serious, was a fact that apparently Smith Cairns never sent the form to DMV indicating that I no longer own the trade-in vehicle. The new owner of my trade in got into an accident with my old car before he ever registered it, and the fact that I remained the owner of my previous vehicle in DMV's books has caused me tremendous trouble with various insurance agencies and officials. I called into Smith Cairns to ask that they would fix this, and I was told that it is taken care of, but a few months after the call I was still getting the inquiries from the insurance agencies regarding the trade-in I no longer owned, saying I am still listed as the owner of that vehicle. To date I still don't know if I have been removed from the books, and I cannot do that without Smith Cairns apparently. I am busy, so while I should be calling them again about this matter, I have very little motivation to do so since Smith Cairns apparently cannot take care of business. The other incident I discovered just today, when purchasing the vehicle, I was asked if I wanted the bigger or smaller tow hitch. I am originally a foreigner, and in Europe they just have a single size, so I said I would prefer "the bigger" hitch. The whole tow hitch I knew would be for a future purpose. Now is that future, when I am trying to purchase a bicycle rack for the hitch. And of course what I am finding out is that I have the 1 1/4 " hitch, which limits very much my choice of the bicycle rack that I can get, as most of the 4 bicycle racks require the 2 " hitch. If I lived in New York, I would go in and request that they change the hitch, and would have shown up to make sure to get the paper work done concerning my previous trade in. I live in California now, so that makes it impossible. For anyone purchasing a new vehicle in NY area, go to some other dealer besides Smith Cairns.

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