[{"id":217496,"firstName":"Sean","lastName":"Porterfield","titleText":"Finance Manager","shortBioText":"I am originally from Duncan, OK but moved to this area to attend school at UCO. I have worked in sales, accounting and service as well as in the Finance Department at auto dealerships. I came to Reynolds on the advice of a friend that was working here.\r\n\r\nI really love it when I can help someone that has struggled to obtain financing with favorable loan terms so that they can get a new vehicle. \r\n\r\nI spend my personal time with my family, typically at Martin's Nature Park, kayaking or playing frisbee golf.","emailTxt":"sporterfield@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":4.9,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":3,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":165,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/7371df73130d.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":true,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":307165,"personPtyId":37361459,"firstName":"Steve","lastName":"Adams","titleText":"Internet Sales","shortBioText":"I was born and raised and have lived my whole life in the Norman area. I feel it is a great place to live, work and raise a family.\r\n\r\nI believe integrity is critical in our business and always try to be honest and upfront with my customers. I do the majority of my business from repeat and referral sales. My customers know I will be here after the sale to take care of them.\r\n\r\nI love cars, especially classic cars and spend a lot of time studying them.","emailTxt":"sadams@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":2,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":54,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/43d3ac0e4b8b.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"904608000","industryStartDtUtc":"402278400","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":217507,"firstName":"Rick","lastName":"Dougherty","titleText":"Service Advisor","shortBioText":"I moved to Oklahoma to get away from the Alaskan winters that I experienced as a child. I began my automotive career as a technician and after several years decided to become a Service Advisor so I could have more interaction with customers and still put my technical skills to work helping people. I try to make it easier for customers to understand the complexities of today's automobiles.\r\n\r\nWhen not working, I love riding motorcycles.","emailTxt":"rdougherty@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":47,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/4c6b66754de7.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Service"},{"id":217398,"personPtyId":37364879,"firstName":"Jeff","lastName":"Tullius","titleText":"Sales Consultant","shortBioText":"I was born and raised right here in Norman and have spent over 40 years in the car business. I came to work at Reynolds in 1994 when my family sold the Dodge store that we had owned for years here in town. I knew several of the managers at Reynolds and it was the only place I wanted to be.\r\n\r\nThese last 20 years have been such fun - taking care of customers, watching all of the changes as vehicles have evolved from the simple to the complex. I like the challenge of keeping up with all of the new technology and fitting it to my customers wants and needs.","emailTxt":"jtullius@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":36,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/48cdedc5b5e0.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":414165,"personPtyId":37371856,"firstName":"Tyler","lastName":"Easton","titleText":"Sales Consultant","shortBioText":"","emailTxt":"teaston@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":2,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":26,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/6d9a250e1fc5.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1491008400","industryStartDtUtc":"1491008400","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Internet"},{"id":360493,"personPtyId":49571371,"firstName":"Jeremy","lastName":"Cash","titleText":"Sales Consultant","emailTxt":"jcash@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":14,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/538e0867cd30.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":474640,"personPtyId":37378668,"firstName":"Bryan","lastName":"Unger","titleText":"Sales Consultant","shortBioText":"I\u001am originally from the Norman, OK area having been born and raised here. \r\n\r\nI began my automotive retail sales career in early 2018 and chose Reynolds Ford because it is a well-established company with a proud heritage. My traits of being trust worthy, hard working, professional and centered on delivering excellent customer service will ensure I\u001am successful. \r\n\r\nI enjoy my family and children as much as I can along with fishing, playing golf and just plain relaxing!","emailTxt":"bunger@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":12,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/84a462fb4da4.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1514764800","industryStartDtUtc":"1514764800","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":527986,"firstName":"Terry","lastName":"Hermance","titleText":"New Vehicle Sales Manager","shortBioText":"I was born and raised in Miami, FL. \r\n\r\nI began my career in automotive sales in 1986 and have worked as a parts truck driver, lot porter, light technician work, service writer, dispatcher, sales, finance, and sales management. I pride myself in assisting customers find that specific vehicle that hits their specific need... whether it's a financial target, designated use, or whatever.\r\n\r\nI'm passionate about my love for my family, wife, kids, grand kids... Church is very meaningful. I also enjoy reading, especially biographies, autobiographies and historical non-fiction.\r\n\r\nWhen not at work, I enjoy doing small household-related projects.","emailTxt":"thermance@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":6,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/69a14eef3d7b.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Management"},{"id":259455,"personPtyId":37360780,"firstName":"Jason","lastName":"Benson","titleText":"Sales Consultant","shortBioText":"Originally, I'm from Tucson, AZ. Upon graduation from school, I joined the Navy and after completing my tour, I moved to the Oklahoma City metro area. \r\n\r\nI feel I have a pretty good feel for automotive sales. I have over 14 years experience in the \"Buy Here Pay Here\" side of the business. I joined Reynolds in early 2015. I'm very customer oriented and try to provide them with all the information they need to make an informed decision that is best for them. \r\n\r\nAside from work, I enjoy spending my free time with my lovely family.","emailTxt":"jbenson@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":55,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/de7cef0fc7ef.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1422748800","industryStartDtUtc":"1422748800","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":289934,"firstName":"Manny","lastName":"Lopez","titleText":"Sales Consultant","emailTxt":"mlopez@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":51,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/09f7e6c93b5d.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":217506,"firstName":"Bryan","lastName":"Beninger","titleText":"Service Advisor","shortBioText":"I am from the Northwestern U.S. originally but moved to Oklahoma to be close to my wife's family and raise my kids here. I chose to work at Reynolds because it is a family owned business with a long standing reputation for excellence.\r\nI have been a Service Advisor for over 25 years. I like the opportunity to help people when they have issues or need maintenance on their vehicles. I figure that if I can help them take good care of it, they will get years of use and therefore save money in the long run. The relationships that I am able to build with my customers make my job very satisfying.\r\n\r\nI spend as much time as I can with my family and watching my kids grow and develop. There is nothing better!","emailTxt":"bbeninger@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":39,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/2b7dd0ab47bc.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Service"},{"id":414153,"personPtyId":37407895,"firstName":"James","lastName":"Tippett","titleText":"Sales Consultant","shortBioText":"My family and I live in the metro area and really enjoy the opportunities it offers for families. I started in the car business taking pictures of vehicles to put online, but started selling cars at Reynolds Mazda in early 2013. I have loved being able to learn about the business and taking care of customers. I really enjoy taking customers from being strangers to being friends. My goal is to build a career by taking care of my customers and their families for years to come.\r\n\r\nI have two small children, so my free time is spent with them and with my photography hobby.","emailTxt":"jtippett@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":17,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/f4af80554b64.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1362096000","industryStartDtUtc":"1362096000","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":372013,"personPtyId":41441118,"firstName":"Enrique","lastName":"Villagran","titleText":"Sales Consultant","shortBioText":"I\u001am a native to the area having grown up in Oklahoma. The metro area offers a lot to do and there is always something going on from sports, concerts, civic activities, etc. It\u001as a great place and very family oriented. \r\n\r\nI began my retail automotive sales career in early 2017. Prior to that I have over 20 years of experience in the restaurant business. I understand customer service and the importance of being friendly, approachable, and attentive to a customer\u001as needs. \r\n\r\nAside from my career, I enjoy remaining active and like to catch a morning jog and playing football or basketball. Sunday\u001as is \u001adown time\u001a and I enjoy relaxing and spending time with friends and family.","emailTxt":"evillagran@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":12,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/4500eeaaf39b.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1522540800","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":431800,"personPtyId":37372708,"firstName":"Jeremy","lastName":"Garrett","titleText":"Sales Consultant","shortBioText":"Moved to Norman, Oklahoma July 2017 from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Worked as a service tech for many years but decided to try the other end of the spectrum. I love fishing and hiking,my 4 beautiful children, reading, and making people laugh.","emailTxt":"jgarrett@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":14,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/7c83baa44b34.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1501545600","industryStartDtUtc":"1180656000","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":216568,"personPtyId":37360103,"firstName":"Ken","lastName":"Hines","titleText":"Service Director/Manager","shortBioText":"I grew up in the Oklahoma City area and moved to Norman when I married my wife, Cathy. I started as a technician over 35 years ago and have progressed to a Master Technician and now a Master Certified Service Manager working with all 4 Reynolds dealerships.\r\n\r\nI enjoy working with the great team of Service Advisors and Technicians that we have in our organization as we try to take care of all of our customer's needs. As fast as cars are evolving, it is a fun challenge to keep up with all of the technology and advances.\r\n\r\nI spend much of my personal time either with my family and grandkids or playing gofl, working out or travelling.","emailTxt":"kwhines10@gmail.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":11,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/fa9bd7f6694b.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Service"},{"id":359457,"firstName":"Josh","lastName":"Feltner","titleText":"Service Advisor","emailTxt":"jfeltner@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":5,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":7,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/9fd63f4b7da2.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Service"},{"id":217503,"personPtyId":37373416,"firstName":"Franco","lastName":"DelCastillo","titleText":"F&I Manager","shortBioText":"I was born in Peru and came to Oklahoma because of all the opportunities that it offers to succeed. I have family here and they told me how great the people of Oklahoma are, and they were right.\r\n\r\nI started in sales at Reynolds and have since moved into the F&I Department. I'm fluent in Spanish! I love taking care of customers and making sure they find the right terms and vehicle protection when they purchase from us.\r\n\r\nI believe in family and try to spend as much time with my son and my family as I possibly can.","emailTxt":"fdelcastillo@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":4.9,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":4,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":188,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/61096a8f82c7.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":492240,"firstName":"Jonathan \"JT\"","lastName":"Thomas","titleText":"Business Manager","shortBioText":"I'm originally from Eufaula, OK where I was born and raised. As I grew older, I moved to the metro Oklahoma City area to be closer to family and friends.\r\n\r\nI've always had an interest in cars and car sales and as a result I began my automotive sales career in February 2015. I'm a people person and a natural salesman and it only made sense to utilize my talents in sales. I enjoy helping customers and like being a part in making them happy.\r\n\r\nWhen I'm not working, I enjoy fishing in local tournaments and have a dream to one day become a PRO Fisherman on the circuit.","emailTxt":"jtthomas@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":4.9,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":18,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/b761eefebcc5.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":273162,"personPtyId":37360656,"firstName":"Dan","lastName":"Smith","titleText":"Customer Relations Manager","shortBioText":"I was born in Phoenix, AZ and lived there until I got an opportunity at age 39 to pastor a Church in Lexington, OK. I really enjoy Oklahoma and find the people to be so nice and kind.\r\n\r\nI began my automotive sales career in 2007. Prior to joining Reynolds Ford of Norman, I worked for several non-domestic model franchises. I enjoy working with families. I've received many compliments saying that I'm very patient and pleasant to work with. They say I made the whole process non-stressful. \r\n\r\nAside from work, on a typical Sunday, I usually start out at Church, Then lunch with family and friends.... then I jump on a mower and putter around my yard. Perfect Sunday!","emailTxt":"dsmith@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":4.9,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":73,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/74deae3fd807.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":335977,"personPtyId":37364931,"firstName":"Tyler","lastName":"Evans","titleText":"Sales Consultant","shortBioText":"I grew up in Strafford, MO on a farm. From there I attended the University of Oklahoma on a Football Scholarship and played from 09-14. I received my undergrad in Human Relations and my Master in Human Relations as well.\r\n\r\nRight out of college I began a career with Reynolds Ford. I love this place because its very family orientated and they care about the employees. My goal in this field is to improve everyday. Customer satisfaction is very important to me and I make my customers see that too.\r\n\r\nAside from work and football..... I enjoy going to the lake or river with my dog. She is a Labrador Retriever and she loves the water about as much as I do.","emailTxt":"tevans@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":4.9,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":21,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/f234cebc7a3e.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1422748800","industryStartDtUtc":"1422748800","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":217494,"firstName":"John","lastName":"VanEaton","titleText":"Finance Director","shortBioText":"I grew up in Tulsa and then served in the U.S. Army after graduation from high school. After receiving my honorable discharge, I settled in Norman to further my education by attending OU.\r\n\r\nI started in the automobile business in 1996 and was working as the F&I Director at the Ford store in Edmond when Reynolds bought it. Since then I have had the opportunity to transfer to the Norman store to be closer to my home.\r\n\r\nIt is really a pleasure to work for a company that tries so hard to take care of customers. I like helping customers arrange the best financing options available.\r\n\r\nI am a dedicated father, husband and mountain biker.","emailTxt":"jvaneaton@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":4.9,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":14,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/842891e385f7.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Finance"},{"id":217399,"personPtyId":37364013,"firstName":"Scott","lastName":"Womack","titleText":"Commercial and Internet Sales","shortBioText":"I am originally from the Dallas area. I grew up in central Illinois and moved all over the Midwest with Albertsons. I have a strong customer service background and strive to help my customers any way I can. \r\n\r\nMoved to Noble in 2009 with my wife Jennifer and we have 3 very active kids. J.T., Emma & Vivian. \r\n\r\nI have been on the Internet side of the business for several years and really enjoy giving my customers the experience that they want when they buy a car.","emailTxt":"swomack@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":4.8,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":60,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/d1034e56fdb6.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1362096000","industryStartDtUtc":"1285891200","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":216566,"personPtyId":37360065,"firstName":"Mike","lastName":"Lang","titleText":"General Manager","shortBioText":"Having grown up all over the world, I moved to Norman in 1974 to attend OU. I started working for Reynolds Ford in 1981 and since that time have been a salesperson, a Sales Manager, General Sales Manager and General Manager. I love what I do and working for this company. \r\n\r\nI am proud of our partnership with the Norman community. It is great to work for a company that cares about the people it serves.\r\n\r\nWhen not working, I love spending time with my wife, kids and grandkids. I also enjoy serving at my church and playing golf when I can squeeze it in.","emailTxt":"mdlang@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":4.6,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":49,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/921d50298f9b.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"376012800","industryStartDtUtc":"376012800","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Management"},{"id":217380,"firstName":"Doug","lastName":"Sandlin","titleText":"Used Sales Manager","shortBioText":"I grew up in Norman, but have spent time in California and Hawail. I moved back here to be close to family. When I moved back to Oklahoma, I wanted to work at Reynolds because of the great reputation they have in this area. I have been in the business for over 27 years and have sold, been a Sales Manager, General Sales Manager and General Manager. I love being a Used Car Sales Manager - bidding and buying cars and working with customers to find the perfect vehicle for them. I also enjoy helping people reach their full potential in their sales career.\r\n\r\nI have two daughters that I am crazy about and make it a point to be at all of their activities that I possibly can.","emailTxt":"dsandlin@reynoldsautos.com","combinedEmpAvgRatingNbr":4.6,"combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":29,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/b1915d850d98.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Management"},{"id":522880,"personPtyId":43580968,"firstName":"J Adam","lastName":"Kelley","titleText":"Sales Consultant","shortBioText":"I\u001am from Ft. Worth, TX where I was born and raised. \r\n\r\nI like interacting with people and decided to enter the automotive retail sales field in the early spring of 2018. I get to move around both indoors and outdoors and not stuck behind a desk or counter. I enjoy auto sales and get no better feeling than helping people find the vehicle of their dreams. I strive to make the car buying process fun and effortless. I believe in a simple approach where customers are treated with the highest degree of honesty, respect, and courtesy.\r\n\r\nAside from work, I enjoy football, baseball, hunting, fishing and family.","emailTxt":"jkelley@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":1,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":3,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/39f03df1b014.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":217493,"firstName":"Mike","lastName":"Cochran","titleText":"Parts Manager","shortBioText":"I have lived in serveral different places from Colorado to California and moved to Norman to attend OU. I actually was playing softball for the Reynolds softball team and was asked to go to work in the parts department back in 1983. Since then I have dedicated myself to learning all parts of the parts business. I enjoy the working relationship between all of the dealership departments that allows us to take care of all of our customers needs whether it is in the repair shop or the body shop.\r\n\r\nWhen I am not working I am usually with my family and following my favority sports teams.","emailTxt":"mcochran@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":6,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/94b1ab095cd1.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Parts"},{"id":217597,"firstName":"Joanne","lastName":"Defazio","titleText":"Collision Center Receptionist","shortBioText":"I grew up on Long Island, N.Y. and just recently moved to Oklahoma. I am amazed at the accent that the people around here have. I have been working in customer service for over 25 years and love working with customers to help get them through the repair process. I really value people and want to make them feel welcomed and let them know that I am on their side. I love coming to work everyday knowing that we do our best to take care of our customers.\r\n\r\nWhen I am not working I love to go to movies or shopping.","emailTxt":"jdefazio@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":4,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/1369c51e778f.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Collision Center"},{"id":514944,"personPtyId":41585077,"firstName":"Chadley","lastName":"Bergeron","titleText":"Sales Consultant","shortBioText":"I was born in OKC. Out of high school I spent 6 years serving abroad in the Army, and settled in Norman in 2001. I enjoyed an amazing first career in Information Technology. I had the honor of serving 14 years at the University of Oklahoma, and a year and a half with the State. I hold both organizations very near and dear to my heart. \r\n \r\nI stumbled onto Reynolds Ford years ago when I came in to get an old Crown Vic serviced. I had never experienced that level of service. I said to myself, \"I would love to work there some day.\" Well, here I am! I started working for Reynolds Ford in the spring of 2018.\r\n \r\nYour vehicle needs and wants are my passion. I consider your experience my personal mission.\r\n \r\nI cherish time with my family and friends. I love old movies, strong trucks, and fast cars.","emailTxt":"cbergeron@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":1,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/1f9327b5dfcc.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1522540800","industryStartDtUtc":"1522540800","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":217400,"firstName":"Jay","lastName":"Carter","titleText":"Rental Manager","shortBioText":"I am originally from Waurika, OK and came to Norman ot attend OU. Back in 1979 I answered an ad for a lot porter and have been at Reynolds since. I have been the Rental Manager for most of my life. I like being able to work with all of the departments of the dealership.\r\n\r\nI follow pretty much any OU sport as well as the Thunder. I love listening to music and spending time with my family.","emailTxt":"jcarter@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":1,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/98d3071bb963.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Service"},{"id":561312,"firstName":"Braden","lastName":"Heeney","titleText":"Sales Consultant","emailTxt":"bheeney@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":0,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/employee-placeholder.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":561289,"firstName":"Brian","lastName":"Adkisson","titleText":"Service Advisor","emailTxt":"badkisson@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":0,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/employee-placeholder.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Service"},{"id":561310,"firstName":"Craig","lastName":"Wolf","titleText":"Sales Consultant","emailTxt":"cwolf@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":0,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/employee-placeholder.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":268022,"firstName":"David","lastName":"Dillard","titleText":"Collision Center Manager","shortBioText":"I\u001am from Oklahoma City originally and that\u001as where I still reside. I enjoy the area and all the neat attractions and things the metro area has to offer. \r\n\r\nI\u001ave been in the collision repair business since 1989 and management since 2008. I really enjoy repairing vehicles and seeing the customer\u001as face light up when they see the finished product. The nicest compliment I like to hear is when they say their car looks just like it did the day they bought it. \r\n\r\nAside from work, I like to hang around the house catching up on things and relaxing.","emailTxt":"ddillard@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":0,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/68499c689957.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Collision Center"},{"id":544724,"firstName":"James","lastName":"Schroeder","titleText":"Sales Consultant","emailTxt":"jschroeder@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":0,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/employee-placeholder.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":543971,"firstName":"Jeremy","lastName":"Batton","titleText":"Sales Consultant","emailTxt":"jbatton@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":0,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/employee-placeholder.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"},{"id":435051,"personPtyId":37374282,"firstName":"Kelsie","lastName":"Powers","titleText":"Body Shop Estimator","shortBioText":"I\u001am from Midwest City, where I was born and raised. I like the area because it allows me to stay close to my family. \r\n\r\nI began my Auto Repair Estimating career in 2015. I pride myself with identifying any problems and coming up with solutions. My clients often say that I\u001am very helpful and passionate about customer service. I have a knack for turning a traumatic experience easy and smooth and taking the pressure off my customers. \r\n\r\nAside from my career \u001a family is most important to me. I enjoy any family related function and then in the evening, catching a good movie!","emailTxt":"kpowers@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":0,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/eae62c917140.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"dealerEmpStartDtUtc":"1485907200","industryStartDtUtc":"1420070400","certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Collision Center"},{"id":561311,"firstName":"Robert","lastName":"Smith","titleText":"Sales Consultant","emailTxt":"rsmith@reynoldsautos.com","combinedRecentReviewCnt":0,"combinedEmpReviewCnt":0,"imageUrl":"https://cdn-user.dealerrater.com/images/employee-placeholder.jpg","drDealerId":11465,"certifiedEmployee":false,"deptDscrp":"Sales"}]