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This seller has been on Cars.com since December 2020.
Thank you so much for checking out who we are! We believe in an easy and fun car buying experience! As a thank you to our amazing customers we offer FREE oil changes for life. Whether you buy today or bought 10 years ago your oil change is on us!
Gas or diesel, conventional or synthetic, new or used. EVERY vehicle we sell includes this offer. For our customers that live within 60 miles from our store we offer a concierge service. We will even pick up your vehicle for its oil change. All for free!

We also offer:
Free Shuttle Services
Free Loaner Cars
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We look forward to meeting you!.

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(16 reviews)

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My husband and I were looking for a new 4Runner for a few weeks. Spent some time chatting with Marti and she did a great job answering all our questions. Kenley was our salesman and he was super friendly too! The manager Josh was friendly and the GM Tyler thanked us for shopping here. The guys that brought my 4Runner from being detailed were even friendly! I would highly recommend James Hodge Toyota to ANYONE!!

Dealer response

Thank you so much for the kind words! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you ever need anything!! Welcome to the Hodge Toyota Family :)


AWESOME!!!! Never had a better experience!

Sent a request for a best price to the dealer. They called me within like 5 minutes and we set up my test drive. Entire process was easy and painless, not at all what I was expecting, haven't bought a car in about 7 years. Tyler and Kenley were great to work with. Love my brand new Highlander!

Dealer response

Thank you so much Stephanie! Don't hesitate to reach out to us for anything! :)


Outstanding Service!!! A

Came in to buy a new Tundra. I shopped a couple other places before landing at this store in Muskogee. No pressure, very easy process all the way. Building is very clean and inviting and the selection was quite impressive. I will definitely purchase from Hodge Toyota again!!

Dealer response

Thank you so much Steve for the kind words! If you need ANYTHING at all please don't hesitate to reach out. Welcome to the Hodge Toyota Family!


Cris was the best sales man I could have had.

Cris was the BEST sales guy I could have had. He was so helpful and ansared all my questions. He is the GREATEST I would tell everyone to go see him to buy a car.


Great Service After the Sale

Purchased a 2013 Jeep Wrangler from the Toyota dealership and was pleasantly surprised by the level of customer service presented to me even though I purchased a used Jeep. Love this place.


No disclosure washed title?

I bought a 2011 limited Tundra in 2015. I moved to Alaska and went to trade it in. That is when I learned my Tundra had been in not one but two accidents prior to my buying it. One was moderate to severe front damage with another vehicle. The other wreck was hitting hit in the rear and side. With this type of damage they should have let me know it was a rebuilt truck. But then I wouldn't have bought it. I called to get them to make it right but was told and I quote ("do what you have to") I suggest not using this dealer after this. I have bought several autos from this place. Sad I can no longer recommend them.

Dealer response

Kendall, Thank you for leaving your review. We would never knowingly sell a vehicle with a washed title. All of our vehicles are online with complimentary Carfax report and we pride ourselves on being transparent. You mentioned that you have bought several autos from us. That is the highest compliment that means so much to us. We would never intentionally jeopardize our customers loving us. I would be more then happy to look into the situation and see what we can do together. When you call the store ask to speak to the Executive Manager or let me know the best way to reach you.


Unbelievably unprofessional

I live 5 hours away from James hodge toyota and made it very clear that I didn't want to drive there unless we would be able to make a for sure deal. One of the managers- Roy agreed upon a set price. He knew exactly how much money I had, what the deal was and that I was driving several hours. Halfway through my trip I received a call from the dealership saying Rick was the manager today and would not be able to sell the vehicle for the agreed upon price. I asked them to get ahold of Roy since he had previously approved the deal. I let them know I was still heading that way with the cash and I needed to know something soon. Over one hour later after several calls and being put off I talked to Roy and Rick again myself. I was prepared to spend $22k and was told they could not let it go for that because it was worth $37k. They both told me that they could let it go for $23900 but not the agreed upon price of $22k. When asked to speak to the owner or whoever was over him- he refused to give me they're phone number. I was very disappointed in the lack of professionalism and ability to keep their word and would not recommend them to anyone.

Dealer response

Hi Amanda, We care a LOT about our customers and this review sounds awful! After reading it I started to dig into what transpired. I understand that you only wanted to spend 22K, but none of the calls had a representative agreeing to a set price. In fact when you spoke with Rick our General Manager you admitted that no one told you that it would be 22K. If we were to sell this specific vehicle wholesale we would get $23K -$24K but our management team did offer to sell it to you for $22,299, the price you wanted plus our standard $299 documentation fee. This vehicle online is $24,600 so this was a discount of $2,301. I am sorry that we were not able to earn your business. We wanted it, and we do care about the service that you receive. That is why we offered and are sending you a check of $100 to pay for your gas for driving half the way to see us. I wish you would have come all the way to see us and the vehicle. We really did want to make it work.


Kind of shady...

This was our first stop for shopping used cars as it was highly recommended by my father. We parked up front and was immediately greeted by a really friendly fellow who listened carefully to our needs and showed us what they had in stock based on our criteria. No issues yet. We searched around found several cars that were...nice...but not quite what we were looking for. What struck me as odd was that NONE of their used cars had price tags on them, whereas the new cars did. The friendly chap showing my family around had us select a few cars we liked the best and then we went inside. We sat down at the table and the first thing he did was pull out a credit application. I was hesitant to do this because I didn't even know how much the car was going to cost me. I asked him what the price pf the car would be and I got a long-winded story about...nothing. I seriously didn't understand a word he said. Anyway, I filled out the credit application and he left for a few minutes. The friendly man returned and put a piece of paper in front of me that FINALLY showed me the price of the car, which was well out of our range. He said something along the lines of, "Now if you'll just sign right here, we'll have a deal!" I quickly disagreed because my wife had seen a van in Tulsa she liked more than this vehicle for about 4k less. Then the friendly man quickly chopped 2k off of the price (which I think is a VERY rude thing to do). Wait? He was about to charge me 2k more just a second ago if I would have agreed to it? It was still out of our range so I told him no. It wasn't even the car I wanted, it was just the best thing we could find there. No way I was paying more to have something I didn't like as much. We had been there for about an hour and the kids were getting fussy so my wife took them out to the car. The friendly guy stopped me before I could exit the building and got his manager out to talk to me. They 'really wanted to get me into this car' so they chopped another 2k off, making the car the same price as the one my wife liked more in Tulsa. I still refused and walked out of the car lot a little confused about how they were treating me and proud of myself for standing up to their shenanigans. We eventually found a car we LOVED in Tulsa for a price that was POSTED on the car and have been happy ever since! Tips for James Hodge: 1. Put the prices on the used cars, please. By having me fill out a credit app before even showing me the price, it appeared you gave me a price 'I could afford' based off of my high credit score 2. I hate it when people give me a starting price and then slash $4,000 off. That seems like a shady thing to do. Just make the starting price lower and don't budge on it. By slashing price like that, you appear to be a dishonest business that preys off of people who can't stand up for themselves. Sorry for the rant, just thought I would save people some time. -Dr. Daniel


Went the extra mile

Bill was extra helpful and friendly! Very pleasant to deal with! Love my car!

Dealer response

Kimmy welcome to the Hodge Toyota family! Thank you for doing business with us and happy driving!


My best car buying experience

My car buying experience at James Hodge Toyota was the best experience I have ever had. I told them my specifications and expectations and the staff did everything quickly and professionally in order to get me in the car that I wanted. I will definitely recommend James Hodge Toyota to my friends, family, and everyone else. Once again, it was THE BEST experience buying a car I have ever had.

Dealer response

Shannon, Thank you for doing business with us and for the kind words. Please let us know if we can do anything additional or schedule your service appointments for you. James Hodge Toyota 918-687-1234

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