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(92 reviews)

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WASTE OF TIME!! Dishonest!!! I asked 3 times for breakdown of financing. I couldn't see what the fees were they wanted us to just sign. Price of car online was 9.998 online and from salesman's mouth. BUT they tack on 1300 for GPS, 990 for Tire nitro something, 1500 for windshield something and another fee for whatever else they are trying to hide. Then they say you have no choice for these 4,000 cost!! NO CHOICE, BECAUSE, IT COMES WITH IT. So car starting price is NOT 9,998 it is 14,000 PLUS!! THEN max, says we are aggressive in selling! IT IS DISHONEST SIR, not aggressive. SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT! These people lying and hiding the contract info from a customer is RIDICULOUS! You ruined my daughter in laws first car buying experience, shame on you for being SHADY!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!


Chevy Malibu

Silvestre Álvarez Was very helpful and in explaining everything about the car from Previous owner and Carfax was very helpful and tell me everything about the car wanted professional and polite



Horrible experience. They are complete crooks and bold faced liars. Completely full of xxxxxxxx. I will never step foot in the place again. They are shady and treat you like a complete idiot.


Bought a used car

Never go buy a car from there they are a fraudulently manipulative company whi added 2 useless warranties to my loan without my consent. I will be hiring a law group to investigate.


Trade in inefficient.

I trade in my honda to Mercedez Benz on May 17, I was told by the finance person to not pay the honda for this month which is due May 21 as it will be paid off, the funding went through by Capital One, but my bank debited again my account for the honda on May 22. I called Coachella Volkswagen Thursday last week to let them know that another honda payment went and the financer said it hasn’t been paid yet even to this date, May 26th. No one ever returned my messages. I called Coachella Volkswagen again earlier and was put on hold over 20 minutes. I don’t normally complain easily, but I have to on this one.


Car service

Ignored me on my first visit. My second visit even worst. Very upset. When purchasing my car everyone was super nice. Now that I have payed off my 2019 car I get the opposite.


Great People to do business with!!

I have done business with CVVW several times now and have ALWAYS had a great experience. They are under new management and the place has a energetic and professional feel about it. They were polite, attentive, and they offer some of the best prices for regular maintenance service in the area. TWO thumbs up!!



Awful... just awful. Made appointment through the Costco Membership program. All I wanted to do was purchase a Beetle Convertible and trade-in my car. What a terrible experience with these people! They gave me these worksheets - first one was approximately $3,000 below on my trade-in; - I kept asking for my car keys back and they wouldn't return them to me, but kept giving me all of these worksheets to approve. One worksheet had an extra cost under "Accessory," which was in the amount of $2,995 for an "ETCH" package . Told them that I did not want this package. (Come to find out you can purchase an ETCH kit on Amazon for $17.95). They tried charging me for a "Doc Fee of $80, then another "Fee" in the amount of $427. I finally got my keys back and left. They kept trying to get my social security number and other personal information even though I was paying cash. Sales people and manager are very shady. I have never reviewed a business, but this one, I sent complaints to everyone I could think of, including the District Attorney for Riverside County and to the Attorney General of California.


Gmc terrian..........,

Jose has been very helpful on internet sales. We are working on a deal. Plan on coming down to Los Angels to buy the car


Passat got serviced

The service dept is very helpful especially Anthony and George. They know the car problems in and out and make sure everything done by service dept is up to the mark. Thank you guys?