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This seller has been on since December 2020.
At Jaguar Land Rover Dallas you will enjoy a relaxed and respectful sales process known as The Land Rover Way. Our Sales Guides Service Advisors and entire team are Land Rover enthusiasts who understand your discerning taste and sense of adventure. Our test climbs take you to new heights demonstrating the world-class performance and capabilities of every Land Rover.
As part of the Jaguar Land Rover Texas family which was one of the original North American dealers Land Rover Dallas offers customers deep roots in the brand the largest selection of vehicles and Land Rover approved service and collision centre to maintain your investment.
British by Birth. Texan by Choice.

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(316 reviews)

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Dishonest dealership- no business integrity!

Dishonest dealership- no business integrity. DO NOT TRUST THEM.. I purchased a Range Rover from this dealership. I called about the car that was certified pre owned and was told it had gone through a 130 point inspection. The sales person sent me videos of a vehicle in pristine condition. Unbeknownst to me there was a large chip in the windshield, paint missing on the side of a door and a ripped back seat. None of these items were disclosed on the video nor internet online description. When I received the car (after wiring money and having it delivered) I called the dealership immediately to let them know the condition. They exclaimed all those things were “normal” wear and tear. I called Land Rover USA who was shocked and absolutely confirmed this was not part of a certified preowned warranty/product. In short -the dealership refused to budge so I returned the car and told my bank to reverse the wire payment. Do not do business with this dealership. They are extremely dishonest!

Dealer response

Hello, we regret to hear that you had a negative experience with us, but would appreciate the chance to turn your experience around. We would like to work towards a resolution, so if you are willing, please reach out to us at (214) 691-4294 to discuss this further.


Tommy my salesman was great with communication &

Tommy my salesman was great with communication & information regarding my purchase. Lucille went out of his way to make sure I understood all the technology in my new Defender .


Contacted them 10 days ago via cars.

Contacted them 10 days ago via w/email addy. No answer. Contacted them via CHAT on their site, also with email addy. Was told someone would contact me. Didn't happen. CHATTED a 2nd time the next day. Someone will contact me. The 2nd chat was last Thursday (it's Monday now). To date, NO contact. And yes, I checked my spam folder. Gave them 1 star. What else CAN I give them ?


Worst experience in my life!

Worst experience in my life! This dealerdhip has some team members that lack honesty and integrity. They are very comfortable using aggresion, manipulation, humiliatation, and intimidation to demean their customers and treat people like they are not worthy of professional customer services. Case in point - I found a car online that fit my needs. I contacted the chat team to gather more information and for help with my trade-in. Unfortunately, they needed me to bring my trade-in to get an amount. So, the next day Tommy Phan contacted me and said he would be my salesman and scheduled me an appointment. Yet, to my surprise he only felt it was important to talk to me until I arrived for my appointment. Once I arrived another salesman, sittting outside of the glass-enclosed offices, introduced me to Lucio, Tommy's assistant. Lucio did an exceptional job showing me the vehicle and discussing additional features during the test drive. However, when I got in the car I noticed the RR Sport was rising and falling continously on the passengers front side. Lucio quickly reassured me that this was getting fixed and that they were just waiting on the part. He then stated, it wouldn't take more then a day to repair. After the test drive we chatted to build a rapport and then he worked on getting the value for my trade-in. He then took me in the building and asked me would I be financing the car? I told him no, I have a pre-approved check from Navy Federal, he politely said, I don't think we work with that bank so, can you finance with us? I said okay after questioning his statement and started to fill out their application on his computer, then I stopped and shared with him I am not comfortable doing this until we have finished discussing my concerns about the vehicle's suspension, chipped paint. warranty and value of my trade-in. That's when Tommy came out his office to insult me with the vale of my trade and unwanted business with my credit union that provided me with a check to purchase the vehicle. He further explained the only way I could use my financing would be if I got a cashiers check from them. I contacted the bank to share this information and was told I would need to make the request in person. I went on to discuss my concerns with Tommy about the car and he said everything would be addressed on the car if I get a cashiers check from to purchase the vehicle while reiterating I am going to take caee of you- "your bday is coming up and I know that". He also informed me that I didn't need a warranty but if I had to have one - don't get it from the dealership. I left them around 4pm with a purchase order to catch the bank. Once I got there I was told it would take another credit pull to complete the process of getting a cashiers check and possibly 24hrs. I called Tommy explaining the steps and he asked me to put a deposit on the car to show I was serious so they could start working on the vehicle before my bday asking what color bow I wanted. So, I immediately sent them $1030.00 dollars via a link he texted to me. The next morning I recieved an email from my bank that everything was approved to pick up my check. I called Tommy and he instructed me to go get the check, take pictures of it and text it to him. So, I did. I also explained that after all this I expect to purchase my car today and willing to drive a loaner until it's undergone repairs to my satisfaction. He agrees to set this up and take care of me. Then his assistant Lucio sends me a text stating Tommy will be in training for the next 3-4 hours and he will be working with me. I spoke to him over the phone and told him the game plan. He later text me and asked me to bring to send him proof of insurance for the RR sport to help expedite the paperwork process. I did. When I arrived happy and excited, with my fiancé, the vehicle was parked outside the door. Tommy was in his office and Lucio was ready to start the paperwork. Right before we started lucio went to the car with my fiancé, to get the milage. I then walked over to Tommy to say, hello. My fiance saw me standing in the doorway of Tommy's office and came over to meet him. Tommy introduced himself and told him I noticed you were not here yesterday so we pulled the car up so you could see it and test drive it before we make repairs. I complimented him for being so thoughtful and we began signing the purchase order, the carfax, repair bills and that's when Lucio mentioned we would be taken the RR Sport I was purchasing home tonight instead of getting a loaner. Shocked and disappointed, I asked him how come? He further explained the parts were delayed so I would need to bring the Vehicle back for repairs, and an oil and filter change. That's when Jeremy Hauss walked up to us and introduced himself as the used car sales manager and Tommy disappeared for the remainder of the time I was there. Jeremy began to explain how I needed to take the new vehicle home because the parts were not available until the end of January. I further explained my concerns about the suspension and how it causes the car to rise and fall continuously. He stated he was not aware it was doing that and mentioned the car would not be safe to drive however he would not be putting me in a loaner until he knew for sure how long repairs would take. That's when the aggressiveness started. I explained everything to Jeremy while Lucio just stood there nodding in agreement. Jeremy went on to explain why he wasn't willing to give me a loaner and asked me to wait until tomorrow so he could contact the UK for the status of the part. I got my brother-in-law in the car biz on the phone and he explained the car could not and should not have been driven in its condition and how he needed to find out the status of the part because depending on the time-frame he might decide to wholesale the vehicle. THIS WAS THE TURNING POINT! After hearing this, me and my fiance were appalled to learn that they had me do all this leg work; put down a deposit, get a cashiers check in their name text a picture of it, take another day off, change my insurance coverage on my current vehicle, sign a purchase order, car fax and repair slip to be told first your taking the car tonight "As is" then to we may not even decide to sell the car anymore. At that time I had to take a deep breath because I was feeling an anxiety attack coming on. Certainly I felt taken advantage of a woman, disrespected, humiliated, embarrassed, and unworthy. Yet, I begin to demand a proper resolution; Jeremy continues to go back in forth with me as he uses his aggresion to go on and say you currently don't have a binding contract with us and we will not be accepting your form of payment anyway. After the back and forth. I explained my disappointment in how he managed this entire deal and refused to offer any solutions or alternatives including a loaner for the night, a taxi, or the purchase of another vehicle. Surprisingly instead Jeremy had the audacity to double down and say, :we should just part ways at this point." Shocked, embarrassed, humiliated, and insulted by the events and discussions not to mention Tommy and Lucio leaving me to defend myself while the entire staff listens. I therefore, decided to conculde the discussion by asking for an uber home. Jeremy agreed to pay up to $56 via Venmo if I ordered it through my uber app. I asked him what the next steps would be and he said we would juat have to wait until the morning. That was when I decided to take my chances leaving in my car with no insurance coverage. When I got home I text Lucio for a copy of everything I sighed and to my surprise there was no response. Ultimately, I am disappointed. I feel like i was baited and switched, taken advantage of, disrespected, and humiliated as a professional black female consumer at a prestigious dealership that clearly lacks accountability.


bad faith deal

I had a real nightmare experience with this dealership, BAD FATIH business. They planed to sell me a car with a not fixable hidden dent. The details would became a book with many facts, text messages and pictures. I'll file a claim on DMV.


I had a real nightmare experience with this dealership,

I had a real nightmare experience with this dealership, BAD FATIH business. I saw the post (White Denali 2018) on The car was posted as no damage or issue reported. I stoped at the dealer at the begging of September , did a test drive and indeed everything looked good. I applied the finance. And after three days got a message from them saying I was approved and them I did my first offer, they denied all of my offers for three days straight and we didn't not move forward with the deal. Some days later, after they clearly said NO, They contacted me back saying; "Hi, our sales manager asked us to call you back, he will now accept your offer". I was very happy with the news, they have suddenly NOW accepted my offer of taking off more than 3K on the price of the car. I've got the car, very quick and after 20 min driving, the parking sensors starting showing asking for maintenance. I stoped the car, took a picture and sent to the sales person. Because on the paper inspection that they gave me to sign, everything including this sensors were perfect and working. While stopped, I noticed a dent on the rich side of my car, on the back of the passenger door. I took a picture and sent to them sayin; "Hi, what this is about? you guys just gave a paper saying the car was spotless". Them I asked; "this was the reason you guys after denying my offer, three days later accept my offer?". They only answered; "Sorry, I'll check tomorrow and update you with the manager". Only after several attempts of contact at the next day, they answered; "I'm not mechanic don't want to give wrong info but I'll check" (Friday). Only on Monday, after several attempts to get updates, they answered; " service manager hasn't got back to me". Them some days later a service manager finanly called me, scheduling the appointment to receive my car to fix those issues next Thursday morning (October 6th). I left my car, two days passed and nobody called me, until I started calling them to get an updates, after 6 attempts of trying to talk with some one, and they were always transferring me to somebody else that don't know what was going on, a lady told me on the phone; "your car is here, but nobody is allowed to touch your car, or give you an update". I said; "what? this is a joke?" I spent hours trying to talk with somebody after that, until night when the service manager finally decide to talk to me he said; "the PDR professional took a look, and the dent is not fixable, they need to replace the entire part. and my service manager is not willing to pay for that, I need to talk with the sales manager on Monday to see what they say". I said; ' How you guys are saying to a customer that just purchased the car with you, that got a hidden dent secretly hidden that this dent is not fixable, and because is not fixable you are not going to to nothing?" Have said; "I HEAR YOU". Monday came, nobody answered my texts or phone calls, until I Decided to get an uber to stop by there. When I got there, after asking where is the manager of this store? The until unknown "sales manager" came to me at my table, and asked me what was going on. I said, we have only two possibilities of what happened; first, between when I came here first time and when you after some days mysteriously accept my offer, something happened with my car here during this gap of time, and you because of that "not fixable dent" decided to accept my offer, and for sure without saying anything about the damage on the car to me. Or, you had that damaged before, but you didn't know that was not fixable, somebody came during that period of time and told you; this is not fixable. And now knowing this, you asked your guys to call me and accept my offer. and for sure, do not mention anything about this. The sales manager look at me, moved his eyes like saying "you got it", and them said; "you purchased a used car 'as it is". we can not do anything. I said: "you now I'm right'. He didn't say yes or no. He jus said; "I'm gonna send some employees back home today". It goes without saying, they planed it all.


Terrible, frustrating service.

Terrible service. Getting someone to answer the phones is apparently a problem for them. Do not expect to speak to anyone without going through voice mail. May or May not receive a return call. Haven’t had same service tech twice. Turnover is huge. Need to have remote start fixed - again - and was told they would need my XJ for 7 days for diagnostics. Requested a loaner and told earliest would be September 19! Two months out. Meanwhile temperatures in Dallas are well over 100. They say all the right things but their actions do not match up.

Dealer response

Hi Cheryl, we appreciate your honest feedback, as we are always looking for ways to improve. Our manager would really like to speak with you more regarding this matter. Please reach out to us at (214) 691-4294. We look forward to hearing from you.


Worst Experience Ever!!!

Can't even give this place 1 star. I bought a used 2012 LR4 from here less than a year ago. Within one day of driving car home, my windshield started to leak. When I called they told me the car was not under warranty and they can't do anything for me. I just had my windshield fixed (because it took me 8 months to find someone to do it) and I was told the dealership should never have sold me this car, the windshield was illegal and was completely put on wrong and parts were not even glued to the car. I love my car but the experience with Land Rover Dallas has been the worst experience I've ever had, will never use them again!

Dealer response

Hi, we regret to hear that you had a negative experience with us, but would appreciate the chance to turn your experience around. Our manager would really like to speak with you more regarding this matter. Please reach out to us at (214) 691-4294. We look forward to hearing from you.


Top to Bottom bad experience!

I made a deal on a new vehicle from this dealership in early October 2021. I still have not received all that was included in the deal including paperwork that was supposed to be mailed. My wife text our salesman (Terry) about picking up items owed to us and he said he needed to round them up first. Next time we check with him no response. He just quit communicating at this point. So I called and have left several messages on Wayne Clouds (GM) and Dillon Harwood (GSM) multiple times. I have not heard back from anyone about the issues. I guess my next step is legal action. These guys are unbelievable and I would not consider buying anything else at this dealership. This was my first and last experience with these guys. Santa Fe New Mexico is where had had done all my deals in previous years and I would recommend them 100 times over this dealership.


My car has been in the shop since April to July is broken...

My car has been in the shop since April to July is broken down again and now they're saying it's more money first time to pay 7,000 now they ask for 3000 more in the car is not fixed

Consumer response

About my car being in April and paid $3,000 then you can to keep it from April to June paid another $3,000 National again he has a for another $3,000 you're a big rip-off

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